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Thursday, July 12, 2018

GOODS DIGITAL PASSPORT - Recording Product History And Proving Authenticity

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about the GDP project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Goods Digital Passport uses blockchain technology to record the history of products and prove their authenticity.

  • Origin
  • Authenticity
  • Ownership

Provide certainty of a product’s authenticity and origin. Make counterfeiting goods impossible.


The black market for stolen and counterfeit goods costs producers and consumers over 4 trillion a year as well as causing untold harm to brands and fuelling crime. All because of a lack of information – blockchain technology means that it’s possible to track the history of all products at low cost meaning no one will ever have to buy a counterfeit or stolen product again.

Manufacturers are already spending a whopping $82.05 billion each year trying to prevent goods from being counterfeited, but that figure is also set to skyrocket. Counterfeiters have moved into almost every sector of manufacture, from fashion labels and luxury watches to bags and batteries. Every item bought and sold faces the problem of identity. And with $23.45 trillion worth of goods being sold worldwide each year, it’s a colossal problem. It demands a universal, worldwide method of authentication, not just for new goods, but for all goods. In order for manufacturers, distributors and customers to buy and sell with confidence, we must be able to answer these three questions with certainty:

Is it genuine?
Where did it come from?
Who owns it?

The Cost of Counterfeit

  • $4.2 Trillion Counterfeit goods and piracy to cost the Global Economy $4.2 Trillion a year by 2022.
  • $82 Billion Spent each year on brand protection and trying to prevent goods from being counterfeited.
  • $1 Billion Estimated counterfeit watch sales in 2013 alone.
  • 50% Of art
  • 50% of art in circulation is either forget or misattributed.

This creates many issues for


  • Dangerous/Poor quality products;
  • Unsafe Products;
  • Unfair buying price;
  • Illegal to resel.


  • Riskier products;
  • False claims;
  • Inaccurate valuation.


  • Dangerous/Poor quality products;
  • Unsafe Products;
  • Unfair buying price;
  • Illegal to resel.


  • Criminal;
  • Sustainability;
  • Loss of tax and duties.

For Manufacturers & Agents

Once registered, manufacturers and their authorised agents can register products quickly and easily, via a secure Application Program Interface (API) or Web portal.

An authorised goods producers/retailers can also register authorised agents to issue GDP’s on their behalf, either for new or existing products that have been authenticated by the agent.

Register your agent
Once registered, manufacturers and their authorised agents can register products
quickly and easily.

Upload product(s) details
Upload the information in bulk or upload information individually for each item,
using the API or Webportal.

Generate QR code
Each item uploaded will automatically generate a unique GDP with an individual QR linked tothat item.

For Retailers

Retailers can choose to either scan an item’s QR code onto the system when it is received at a store location (helping protect the store from shrinkage), or to scan the item at point of sale. The Retailer App will record the date of sale, price of sale, and the email address of the customer. This system works whether they are selling an item online or in a shop.

In the future, the Retailer App could also be used for sending ‘restock’ request to manufacturers, making systems more efficient for everyone involved.

  • Register inventory received from the manufacturer
  • Register inventory returned to the manufacturer
  • Register sales and record customer details
  • Register thefts

For Consumers

Every time a customer makes a purchase with a GDP, the retailer will register them as the product owner.

The customer can then download a free app, to check the authentication of the product, and ensure his or her own details are accurate and up to date.

Download the mobile app
Download And Install our app that is available on both Google play and the
App Store.

Scan the QR code
Using the GDP mobile app to Verify product authenticity.

Verify product authenticity
The app will show you results about your product. Where it was manufactured. When. By Whom … etc.

Secure your products
Secure all your products in your wallet. Find/Share your wallet with your insurance company List for sale, Or transfer ownership.

Token Sale Objectives

Funds raised during the ICO will be used to tackle this global issue. We have many opportunities for growth in multiple sectors.
The success of this ICO will enable us to progress with our planned future developments much faster. Budgeting has been allocated on the assumption of a successful soft cap being achieved as follows:

47% Development of the GDP platform and associated apps
42% Expansion and operations including global PR and marketing
8% Allowing experts and influencers to enable fast growth within brands and insurance. We have a global market and need to have a global presence
3% Legal and compliance costs

Token Supply
  • Total Token Supply 100,000,000
  • Total Token Supply for Sale at ICO 85%
  • Team, Community and Growth 15%
  • Unsold Tokens Burned
  • Soft Cap 1000 ETH
  • Hard Cap 35,000 ETH 

GDP Tokens will sell 85% of tokens during the ICO period. Unsold tokens from that period will be burned. 15% of tokens issued to the team will be locked in for a period of 24 months.


To find more relevant details of the GDP project please follow some resources for the following references:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

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