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Friday, July 6, 2018

GABROTECH - Solving Market Difficulties Loyalty Rewards Program

Welcome my friends to an exciting new Project today and let's take a look at their great idea:


GABROTECH is a Decentralized Blockchain Platform where they are solving the difficulties of Loyalty Rewards Program Market. On an average each household enrols around 25 Loyalty Program Operators(LPO). In Loyalty Program Market, customers are frustrated because they do not have enough points to redeem the goods they want, and these points will get expire after some time which become worthless. On the other side, Loyalty Program Operators making difficult for members to transfer points between one another and setting up barriers of ‘Blockout Dates’ – where travel rewards and other discounts are not available.

So, GABROTECH is come up with their decentralized platform to eliminate these inefficiencies by enabling users can manage their accounts to easily track and verify the number of tokens being traded or used.

GABRO Platform
GABROTECH is come up with their unique 6 in 1 solutions in the Loyalty Rewards Program Market.

GABRO Digital Wallet 2.0
This is a multi-currency wallet where it allows users to store their supported digital assets in a secure and safe environment. Here users enjoy the convenience of managing different digital assets securely at their fingertips.

GBO is a utility token, designed to work within their ecosystem. When users start using their wallet through spending, conversion or referrals to friends, they get rewarded with GBO token instantly. For Merchants, it serves as a payment mechanism. For Users, it serves as to unlock special discounts and to exchange reward points under the platform.

GABRO Pre-paid Card
This will allow users to spend at more than 30 million merchants and withdraw money from 2 million ATMs worldwide. To own this GABRO Card, user can place the request directly the GABRO Wallet App or website. Users have ability to order virtual card or a physical card.

Multi-Currency Conversion Engine (MCCE)
MCCE is a protocol system where it utilizes liquidity pool of the platform to rapidly convert any blockchain asset to fiat currency at market value in real-time.

O2O Analytics Platform
This is for a campaign performance evaluation. Merchants can design their own campaign to drive online traffic to their physical store through API. On the side, End-users can receive real-time offer notifications from the merchants based on their credential details like interests, demographics and spending behaviour.

Loyalty Central
This will allow users to convert their rewards from one brand to another. Customers can select their favourite loyalty program from drop-down menu and they can also exchange GABRO for reward points with other merchants. This will all performed through their Digital Wallet 2.0 App.

Token Matrix
Token – GBO
Total Token Supply – 1,000,000,000 GBO
Token Price – 1ETH = 5000 GBO
Accepting Currency – Ethereum (ETH)
Hard Cap – $50M USD
Token Sale – 31st July to 31st Aug 2018


We at Gabro are passionate about blockchain technologies and believe our solutions will provide our users the best experience and allow them to manage digital assets at their fingertips:
Gabro wallet offers instant switching between crypto and fiat currencies
Easily manage an array of different loyalty programs and reward points
Options to use idle points from one program to top up another to redeem a full flight
Cutting edge security keep all digital assets safe
Gabro Card to spend assets in over 200 countries with 60 million outlets
GBO as the fuel and reward currency of the network
With our GBO Token Sale, you would have the opportunity to participate in our long term growth and embark on a journey to disrupt the loyalty reward industry!

To find out more. You can connect more with Gabrotech at the link below:

BitCointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address: 


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