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Saturday, July 7, 2018

CRYPTASSIST - The All in one Crypto Solution

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Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about Cryptassist project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Everything you need on one platform

One of the main problems in the cryptosphere is that over time, cryptocurrency has become more and more difficult for novices and even experts to understand and is not yet widely useable as a currency on a daily basis.

Cryptassist (CTA) will solve this problem by making cryptocurrency usable for everyone in everyday life.

Users will be able to upload CTA and the top 50 cryptocurrencies onto a prepaid debit card which can be used anywhere in the world that Visa or MasterCard is accepted for online and offline purchases.

The Cryptassist platform is a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information. Whether you are a beginner or an established crypto expert, Cryptassist will provide you with the required tools and information for you to succeed and the potential for even greater profits.

Cryptassist solves the scalability issues that many other cryptocurrencies face

Cryptassist will have a variety of tools and will send personalized notifications to users who have unique profiles, objectives and investment strategies. Users will be able to use their CTA to access these tools and notifications as well as to upload onto their debit cards, along with the top 50 cryptocurrencies.

Cryptassist Features

  1. Cryptassist Debit Card
  2. Cryptassist CryptoGo
  3. Cryptassist Cryptstarter
  4. Cryptassist Exchange
  5. Cryptassist Multi-Coin Block Explorer
  6. Cryptassist ChatPay 
  7. Cryptassist Philanthropy Innovation
  8. Cryptassist Arbitrage Opportunities Alerts
  9. Cryptassist ICO Assistant
  10. Cryptassist Where To Spend Crypto Database
  11. Cryptassist Webshop
  12. Cryptassist Freelancer
  13. Cryptassist News Updates
  14. Cryptassist OTC
  15. Cryptassist One Trading Tool
  16. Cryptassist Social Media Scanner
  17. Cryptassist Community Forum
  18. Crytpassist Trading Alerts
  19. Cryptassist Crypto Compare
  20. Portfolio Visualization & Manager 
  21. Real Time Statistics & Exchange Metrics
  22. Customizable Graphs
  23. CoinMarketCap Integration
  24. Upcoming ICO’s
  25. CoinWarz Integration
  26. Exchange War Integration
  27. Cryptassist Cryptopedia

Cryptassist ICO Assistant

One of the most innovative tools to be included on the Cryptassist platform will be the Cryptassist ICO Assistant. This feature will help project founders to launch an ICO in order to raise capital for a project after a thorough screening process.

Cryptassist will offer various packages based on the needs of the individual project creators. For a percentage fee, project creators will be able to create tokens through a simple process and will be able to list them on the Cryptassist exchange.

Cryptassist will require KYC for project founders to offer security to backers of the projects.

All projects will have a profile on the Cryptassist platform where potential backers will be able to see the teams, their previous experience and extensive information on the projects. There will be a live chat feature so that project creators and backers can communicate, and news and regular updates on the ICOs can be given. The profiles will also have links to the ICO websites, Whitepapers and Roadmaps.

Cryptassist Token Creator Features Will Include:

  • Escrow Service: Cryptassist will act as an escrow service and hold funds to demonstrate transparency to backers, creating security for all parties involved.
  • ICO Auditing: Cryptassist will carry out a thorough screening process of all aspects of the project to ensure that the structure is comprehensive and can function as proposed. If the project is not found to be feasible, the project will be dropped.
  • Translations: Cryptassist will translate the website and whitepaper of projects to maximize exposure of the projects to international markets.
  • ICO Consulting: Cryptassist will review each project proposal to assist creators in launching the most successful project possible.
  • Website Creation:Cryptassist will create visually-compelling websites that communicate the projects’ unique visions to potential investors.
  • Community Management: Brand advocating on social media to gain more potential customers.
  • Technical Advice: Cryptassist will review your technical specifications and infrastructure and make suggestions if improvements are needed.

Cryptassist Webshop

Cryptassist aims to make cryptocurrency useable in everyday life. TheCryptassist platform will include a Webshop where Cryptassist will offer products and services and merchants can easily add their products or services to the Webshop for a low service fee and dropship them directly to their customers.
Customers will be able to pay for the products and services with any of the top 50 cryptocurrencies. Merchants will receive payments in either fiat into their bank account or in CTA into their dedicated Merchant Wallet or a combination of both.

Features of the Cryptassist Webshop include:

  • Affiliate marketing facility.
  • Gift cards paid for with CTA for major retailers and businesses.
  • 24 hour 7 days a week customer support.
  • Quality products and services.

The Cryptassist Webshop will allow both customers and merchants to buy and sell products and services on a user friendly platform that they can use with confidence.


Cryptassist Funds Distribution

The proceeds of the crowdfunding will be used as follows:

  • 25% will go to Operational Expenses,
  • 18% will go to Marketing & Business Development,
  • 20% shall be reserved for Research & Development,
  • 18% of the proceedings will go into the Cryptassist Product
  •  Development and updating the application and all other products of Cryptassist,
  • 12% is reserved for Team Salary & Expansion of the team,
  • 2% will be dedicated to nonprofit organizations dedicated to reforestation and ocean conservation
  • 5% will go to the Legal & Miscellaneous aspects of Cryptassist.

The pie chart below illustrates how Cryptassist is going to spend the proceeds from the initial coin offering. 


To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

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