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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

STEALTHCRYPTO - Develop Decentralized Quantum Mesh Networks, Incentives, Sustainability, Based on Blockchain Technology

Foto StealthCrypto.

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about the StealthCrypto project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

About StealthCrypto

Quantum Cyber Security for a new age of communications – We are developing the largest decentralized, incentivized, self-sustainable, quantum mesh network based on blockchain technology. Using proprietary, end-to-end Dynamic Split Encryption, Dynamic Split GeoDistribution”, and quantum number generation, quantum key distribution and authentication. The Ultimate in Quantum Secure Cryptography for data protection, as well as blockchain, communications, smart city platforms, IoT and banking. The Team is creating a single Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI) ecosystem that will be far superior than any existing ID systems, that is secure, private and available on demand.

StealthCrypto and the Stealth Grid development team prides ourselves on strong technical expertise and unique market knowledge, with 2/3 of employees working in R&D, including an international team of security experts and a number of world renowned cryptographers.

Products ready for market

Stealth Grids Trust Center has a suite of unified, encrypted communication products ready for market that will be activated by the StealthCrypto token. Current market ready products include, IM, cloud storage and file sharing, email, voice, and video conferencing that use our proprietary Quantum cyber security technology, StealthCrypto, as well as “AI Cyber Security”. Using our patented , Dynamic end-to-end, Split Encryption, Dynamic Split GeoDistribution”, and quantum authentication technology for data protection, blockchain, communications, smart city platforms, IoT and banking. Stealth Grid is building an incentive based quantum mesh network that will radicalize present infrastructure based on our Qubit blockchain.

StealthCrypto Phone

StealthCrypto gives our users enormous power over his or her privacy and call anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi or data. Stealth Grid aims to decentralize mobile communication with technologies that enable smart phones to communicate without relying on centralized infrastructures using our decentralized our Quantum mesh network – a first of its kind in the telecommunications industry.” All phones feature a built-in privacy control center giving users full control of access and functions of their phone. StealthCrypto phone will be the most secure phone on the market and every app must be approved and downloaded from a secure StealthCrypto page.

Quantum Mesh Network

The StealthCrypto Cloud NAS System is fully decentralized, with files distributed and stored all over the world, on different containers. This allows the network to be robust to attacks, with no central point of weakness. StealthCrypto Cloud NAS with an embedded wifi router container that connects to peer-to-peer cloud storage, telecommunications, communications, IOT connections, mining, and powered by StealthCrypto incentive based Ecosystem. The system will Delivered Quantum Entropy engine, quantum key generation, key distribution and authentication.

Business Model

StealthCrypto has the experience and the expertise to protect your data using next-generation decentralized blockchain security technology to help defend against emerging challenges in an evolving threat landscape. Our high-performance network encryption for long-term data protection Quantum key generation and quantum key distribution

StealthCrypto makes cloud storage, IoT , and communications secure, and faster with StealthCrypto’s patented StealthCrypto.

Token Sale Details

  • Initial Price Per Token: $0.50 USD
  • Target Goal Raise Amount: $200,000,000 USD
  • ( 200,000,000 QMN Tokens Stage 1)
  • Min. Amount to Purchase: $500 USD
 ICO Roadmap

Quantum Cyber Security Solutions
Q1 2018 (projected)
Launching unified blockchain peer to peer communication products that include, IM, cloud storage and file sharing, email, voice, and video conferencing that use Dynamic Split Encryption, Dynamic GeoDistribution, authentication, and our proprietary Quantum cyber security technology.

StealthCrypto Distributed Network – Quantum Meshed Network
Q2 2018 (projected)
A StealthCrypto meshed peer-to-peer cloud storage network would implement end-to-end dynamic split encryption and dynamic geo distributed models with disruptive authentication algorithms using quantum number generators of decentralized IBE – key distribution through blockchain. Additionally launching our StealthCrypto phone.

Qubit Blockchain Development And Testing
Q3 2018 (projected)
Develop and Test Qubit Blockchain for implementation in our Quantum Mesh Network

Make technology acquisitions and submit patents for Qubit Blockchain as well develop channel partners and agnostic StealthCrypto software and hardware.

Qubit Blockchain Launching
Q4 2018 (projected)
Launch Qubit Blockchain to be used within the Stealth Grid Technologies, StealthCrypto ecosystem and its Quantum Mesh Network

Qubit Exchange Launching
Q2 2019 (projected)
Launch Qubit Exchange and develop a Alt coin for the exchange.

Our Team
Larry Castro
Chief Executive Officer
William Eilers
Executive Vice President And General Counsel
Jay Dills
CIO And VP For Engineering
Darin Andersen
Chief Operating Officer
Jorge Andres Ramos Eguinoa
Development Team
Project Leader / Software Architect
James Scott
Development Team
Security Architect
Randy Hest
Development Team
Security Architect
Daniel Saavedra
UI and Design Team
Project Leader / Creative Director
Carlos Costantini
UI and Design Team
Graphic Designer
Gurminder Singh Khalsa
Advisory Board & QUBIT Blockchain Development
Darren McVean
MVP Asia Pacific Inc.
Chief Executive Officer
Robin Pinzon
MVP Asia Pacific Inc.
Project Manager, Software & Web Dept.
Jay Turla
MVP Asia Pacific Inc.
Lead Engineer & Smart Contract Specialist
Sheryll Manguerra
MVP Asia Pacific Inc.
Operations Manager
To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

KVANTOR - Providing Real Freedom to Global Market Economies Agents


Hello everyone, If you're interested in joining the Kvantor project, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:

Premises for the Project Implementation

The historically established model of the international financial system, in which the USA is the main player using the dollar as the main reserve and settlement currency, has a number of serious problems. USA control over the system of world currency regulation creates not only significant risks for national economies but also a significant advantage in favor of the USA economy. In this situation, the principal task of an increasing number of countries and financial entities is to get out of control of the United States.

Moreover, the rapidly developing web-centricity and data-centricity of the modern business and state control systems provide the elimination of intermediaries between participants of economic activities, ‘uberization’, maximum transition to direct transactions using modern informational platforms. The distributed ledger technology (blockchain) and digital tokens based on it are becoming an object of scrutiny and the promising investment niche for the business community.

The world’s major banks and financial institutions have already formed several consortia creating technology platforms for the corporate market, among which the most famous are: HyperLedger, Ethereum Enterprise, Ripple, Corda. But none of the platforms, which are being developed in the world1, doesn’t solve the task to leave conventional dollar- and USA-oriented financial mechanisms, to provide actual freedom of transactions, price formation, to release economic and national interests from political pressure exerted by conventional financial institutions.

Goals and the Idea of the Project
The goal of the KVANTOR project is to give a real freedom to economic agents of the global market.
  • To use the advanced technology of settlements;
  • To make fast transactions for competitive and acceptable prices uncontrolled by cartels and corporations;
  • To reduce costs for the army of clerks, lawyers, «contract management specialists» and issuing of multiple unnecessary documents;
  • To transfer capitals simultaneously (in most cases, automatically) to those development points, which give the largest profit with minimal risks.
The platform will allow decreasing money transfer terms down to minutes, transaction expenditures and risks of mistakes — almost down to zero, and volume of required documents — down to minimal possible one. Using KVANTOR, currency and commodity exchanges will be able to provide their clients with services based on the technologies of the future, and banks will become not just financial institutions but full business partners.

This platform is designed to provide full confidentiality of transactions (only parties involved in transactions are allowed access to information), as well as quick and secure settlement without SWIFT.

The project was developed by a team of professionals, based on their own experience and the international experience of the specialists. Our task is to create products that enable both individual companies and all countries to free themselves from their dependence on existing external external economic and financial controls, but not in violation of local laws or laws of the partner's country of residence.

The platform is implemented as SaaS and as a "box" solution. The SaaS format allows system participants to interact freely, make payments almost instantaneously, and ensure the implementation of obligations through smart contracts. The box solution is represented as a stand-alone system with the ability to connect to a global platform via a convenient, broad API.

Interbank transfer

Interbank transfers provide channels for banks to exchange messages about current transactions between participating banks.
  • All transaction data is stored in the KVANTOR blockchain, which provides the required transaction processing speed and protection against logical attacks directed at the network.
  • The message exchange mechanism of the program is based on the legally significant functionality of electronic document management, which relates to the legislation of countries in which KVANTOR ecosystem participants live.
  • The software mechanism is installed in the bank and interacts with the ABS bank via a special API. The message exchange process occurs on an encrypted channel.
  • All money transfers are implemented using a protocol that is compatible with the SWIFT system, which allows to minimize changes in the existing ABS.
Commodity Exchange

The exchange of commodities allows users to transact with raw materials, insure them, organize transportation, prepare all necessary documents, receive financial instruments (warranties, loans, etc.) and make instant payments with monetary instruments (fiat or digital) through convenient channels SWIFT).
  • Actual transaction and implementation controls are performed using smart contracts.
  • In addition to transactions with raw material suppliers, this platform enables simultaneous transactions with complementary service suppliers (transport and insurance).
  • Platform technology allows the realization of a number of units simultaneously in a single system (ruble, yuan, tenge, and others).
  • Features of the exchange are available for fiat currency procedures, online transaction protection using an eskro account with the convenience of allowing the exchange interface.
Economic Model of Token Release.
The sales model based on calculations in traditional currencies.

  • Stage 1.
    Kvantor.Tech company, the owner of exclusive rights to KVANTOR software (the licensor), enters into the contracts with national KVANTOR partners (licensees) on granting non-exclusive rights to KVANTOR.KEY software—the software product for the management of KVANTOR. BANK, KVANTOR. NODE, and KVANTOR.MARKET licenses, exclusive rights to which also belong to the Licensor.
  • Stage 2.
    The national partner (Quantor Tech Rus, LLC) executes distributor agreements with legal entities and individuals.
  • Stage 3.
    Distributor, X, LLC, concludes a reseller agreement with Kvantor.Tech (Cyprus).
KVANTOR Tokens Emission Rules

Token standard: ERC20.
Initial number of KVANTOR tokens: 100,000,000 pcs.
The initial value of the KVANTOR token token is 1/1,300 of the value of an ounce of gold on the day of the smart contract creation (tokens release) and is determined by the daily exchange rate in the London Interbank Market11 in USD, EUR, GBP with one decimal point. The rate of purchase in other currencies is determined by the cross rate of the currency exchange chosen before the beginning of ITO12 to GBP at the date of the token purchase.
After completion of ITO, all transactions with KVANTOR tokens are frozen for 2 months. 

Pre-ITO and ITO

Distribution of released tokens:
  • 15% - founders, team, initial beneficiary
  • 5% - partners of the project
  • 80% - beneficiaries of the KVANTOR project, including:
  • 20% of released tokens are intended for sale in the 1st round of sales;
  • 40% of released tokens are intended for sale in the 2nd round of sales;
  • The remaining 20% of issued tokens are reserved for subsequent sale (the possibility of exchange trading or selling to a strategic beneficiary will be considered).
Soft Cap - The Soft Cap is 3,000,000.00 GBP. Alongside with the ITO activities, the company is seeking to raise money from venture funds and individual investors. Hard Cap - equivalent of 32 million GBP. According to our current business plan, this amount (taking into account the costs of system development, marketing, promotion, etc.) will allow the project to recoup the borrowed funds within the required period and start making profits.

Pre-ITO - not carried out. ITO - is held in three rounds.

1st round of sales
From 26.04.2018 to 25.05.2018 - 20% of KVANTOR tokens are sold. Within this phase, the tokens are sold under a private pre-order (Private Token Sale). Tokens can be purchased by sending an e-mail to ceo@kvantor.com. Based on the analysis of interest in the project by potential beneficiaries, the project team either continues the main sale in the Private Token Sale format or begins an open subscription to the tokens.

2nd round of sales
From 25.06.2018 to 24.07.2018 - 40% of KVANTOR tokens are sold.
3rd (additional) round of sales It is held not earlier than 3 months after the end of the 2nd round.

  • A 40% discount on the nominal value of the token is provided in the 1st round of sales.
  • A 20% discount on the nominal value of the token is provided in the 2nd round of sales.
  • Discounts are provided in case of high volume purchase:
    - 5,000 - 24,999 KVT (25% of token nominal value)
    - 25,000 - 49,999 KVT (27% of token nominal value)
    - 50,000 - 249,999 KVT (30% of token nominal value)
    - 250,000 - 499,999 KVT (35% of token nominal value)
    - >500,000 KVT (40% of token nominal value)
  • Discounts are not provided in the 3rd round of sales on a regular basis.
  • Minimal purchase package is 100 tokens. 

I quarter • The project is initiated
II quarter • Top and middle management hired, base of the development and sales team formed
III quarter • Formation of the team completed
 • Key technological partners determined
 • Technological and methodological basis of development of the platform finalized
IV quarter • major regional promotion partners determined
 • Beta of Interbank transfers function released

I quarter • Commercial version of Interbank transfers function released
 • Agreements with regional promotion partners executed
 • Support structure of developed services formed
II quarter • First contracts for provision of interbank transfers service signed
III quarter • beta of Banking services function released
IV quarter • regional «anchor clients» serving as basis of development of the platform and generation of income determined
 • Beta of Exchange trading services function released
 • Commercial version of Banking services function released

I quarter • Commercial version of Banking services function released
 • First contracts for provision of banking services signed
 • The Client Club for clients’ feedback and strategic planning of development of the platform established
II quarter • Beta of Exchange trading services function released
III quarter • Commercial version of Exchange trading services function released
 • First contracts for provision of exchange trading services signed

The Project Team

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

EVER_ID - Products That Interfere With Existing Prototype

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about Ever_Id project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

EverID’s Decentralized Identity Platform

EverID has built a decentralized digital identity system to store and confirm user identity data, documentation, and biometrics. The platform is available to all human beings from birth until death. It does not require a mobile device to join, is encrypted to protect users’ privacy, and is interoperable with other systems. Institutions, corporations, and government organizations can effectively, cheaply and quickly validate user identity, at scale. Value can then be transferred securely to the correct recipient with reduced transaction costs, lower losses from leakage, and innovations in service and value transfer. 

EverID is a disruptive product with an existing prototype, a highly experienced team, and is working with a large Bretton Woods banking institution4 and UN Agencies. It is building the biggest single opportunity for expanding financial inclusion amongst.

Unlocking opportunity with identity

Over a billion people in the world currently do not have a verifiable identity. 2.6 billion people live without a bank account, and close to 5 billion do not have access to a smartphone. The combination of these factors prevents investment, enterprise, and institutional development in emerging markets. The lack of verifiable identity also prevents individuals from accessing the global economy. It leaves close to half the population unable to realise their full economic potential and is a major contributing factor to why 40% of the world currently represents only 20% of the global GDP. 

Empowerment through identity

EverID is a device-free, universal identity and value-exchange platform that allows anyone to prove their identity, store value, and transfer funds. It utilizes biometric identity and an immutable ledger that allows the seamless exchange of value between governments, banks, NGOs, insurance companies, hospitals, and other organizations. It reduces fraud and leakage. It makes identity verification at scale more cost-effective than ever before.

Users receive social and economic benefits from their digital identity. No device is needed to access these benefits. An inclusive and secure identity means seamless value transfer and access to global economic services such as banking, credit, and insurance. 

The ID token

IDs are a utility token that allow access to the EverID network and the applications and services built upon it. The 800 million issued ID tokens will be purchased by banks, governments, NGOs, large organizations, and users (i.e. remittance senders) that want to access EverID’s network. Institutions are given varying levels of access to the platform based on how many tokens they hold while users will not be required to hold IDs in order to receive value.

A device-free digital identity would empower almost 5 billion people to become part of the global economy, thereby facilitating external investment in emerging markets. Universal and inclusive identity will be the catalyst for trillions of dollars worth of transactions, value transfers, and identity verification costs.

Value of identity

A verifiable digital identity will enable emerging market economies to grow into a $40+ trillion opportunity.
  • Target: $20M 
  • Pre-sale: August 2018

Use of funds

 Token Allocation

Roadmap and Traction

EverID is made up of an experienced team with multiple successful IPOs, acquisitions, and startup and blockchain projects behind them. 


To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

Monday, July 30, 2018

OAX - Integration Of Decentralized Exchange Protocols Emerging In the Mechanisms That Deliver Transparency

Hello everyone, If you're interested in joining an OAX project, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:

New breakthroughs in the ever-increasing era of digital technology, evolving in an effort to revolutionize the future of development, in order to fulfill everyday needs, as well as to improve the quality of various aspects and goals, and to create a life that will be better and also more developed for the present and also in the future, here we will introduce a new breakthrough in technology development that is OAX a platfrom that has multi function and also has various benefits in creating and also display various aspects of the improvement in the fulfillment of needs.

OAX is a design and structure and concept that has been applied to a platfrom media that is in order to create a decentralized network well, in the activities of various payment transactions ranging from transaction activities either outgoing transactions or incoming transactions, which is supported by the network Blockhain and also OAX base is using ETH smartcontract standart ERC20, where this technology has grown very rapidly and also has good network quality, OAX keeps improving its development on its platform which in this case is to establish a network integrity that is safe to use and also convenient, in order to have an increase in various levels of aspects ranging from increased sales transactions, greater network interaction, as well as communities that contribute increasingly more and more,

The purpose of the OpenANX Core is the integration of decentralized exchange protocols that emerge into mechanisms that provide transparency to the quality of counterparty partners of service providers. While price discovery and trade transaction execution can be achieved through smart contracts, the practical reality is that not all trade exchange functions can be decentralized.

This service is required for the exchange to reach the best solution and the next is to provide an appropriate risk assessment tool on this Asset Gateway. By making available risk assessment indicators available. Importantly, unlike the centralized model, Asset Gateway never holds crypto keys for both assets - for example with a fiat gateway, the gateway only stores fiat currency in any transaction scenario; users retain crypto rights, significantly reducing the user's risk.

Therefore, participants can make optimal decisions regarding not only the price trade but also the counterparty risks they are willing to assume for non-crypto couples trading.

This openANX feature allows the execution of more than just crypto trading pair and will therefore attract trade participants to encourage volume, price efficiency and liquidity, which in turn attract other market participants that provide additional beneficial functioning of the economic network.

1. Market Infrastructure
Market Infrastructure The openANX platform will consist of:
  • User exchange
  • Asset Gateway
  • Order book ordering
  • KYC / AML Services
  • Dispute dispute
  • Voting Member
2. Credit Risk Market

Credit risk determination is a key activity in financial markets. Institutional trade results from each agreement broken down into smaller internal compilers; some trades focus on pricing some asset market risks, while other trading desks focus on credit risk. The profitability of an agreement is then attributed to credit and market risk separately. The ability to exchange credit risk is largely lost from the current crypto market.

openANX will support the "Credit Risk" order book. In this way, ANXUSD tokens can be traded against another gate token (say maybe AcmeUSD). For example, ANX may have a strong public brand, and a high level of warranty that is enclosed in DAO relative to token issues, while Acme has an unknown brand and a low level of warranty The order book is opened by DAO at the request of the sponsoring user. Often the Asset Gateway itself will sponsor an order book for its tokens, for example the ANX gateway opens the ETH / ANXUSD order book.

3. Liquidity of Aggregation

Liquidity has a strong network effect, once an exchange or place becomes the biggest in terms of liquidity, it quickly attracts more liquidity until other bourses can not compete. This arguably produces a small group of centralized crypto exchange dominating the market for a period of time, until such time as a legal, security, or credit event stops operations.

The openANX platform resolves this issue through the implementation of aggregate order books, plus credit risk trading books.

Consider a situation where there are three order books:
OpenANX users

OpenANX users looking for onboard cardboard currency to blockchain will initially require the services of an asset gateway. Availability of public credit risk and Assurance metrics should help users choose the appropriate gateway. Users can be expected to register through a dedicated online service for each gateway, similar to the current situation with centralized exchange.

Gateways in most jurisdictions will require multiple levels of KYC and AML; users will then be redirected to such services, either within the Asset Gateway, or to the provider's external services if the Asset Gateway utilizes a third party. Upon approval of KYC / AML (if requested by Asset Gateway), users may use a payment method supported by Asset Gateway to deposit funds. The Asset Gateway will then file a specific token of ERC20.

The user will then have the option to trade through a decentralized user interface provided by openANX or trade a new token directly printed with the available decentralized ERC20 exchange. It is expected that users typically use the openANX trading interface, to order
Book of aggregation.

OpenANX Platform Technology

The openANX platform technology is as follows:
  • Specification of the market operation model as described in the previous section
  • Smart Contracts Ethereum to govern and operate the market as determined
  • Integration with one or more exchange channels (mainly Swap, Raiden, or 0x) to support matching
  • API for any off-chain intersections with gateway, trading, KYC function, book enrollment order, dispute resolution, DAO governance and service enhancement
  • Standard, user interface reference implementation to enable account and trading management (it is expected the community will also provide additional user interface implementation as a fully open platform).
Supplier Distribution Detail token OAX:
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockhain, Exchange, Dex, Crypto, Cryptocurrency
  • Total Token Has been sold is 25.009. 249.58 OAX
  • With Rate eth 478 OAX / ETH
  • Softcap is 13,000,000 OAX
  • Total Supply token total is 30,000,000 OAX
ICO OpenAnx

The pre-deposit period starts on June 22, 2017. Over an hour, more than 13 million coins were sold, which exceeded the krausejla goal. This again shows the success of the project.
On July 4, 2017, the project team announced the premature termination of the application of OAX digital coins. More than 11 days the organizers managed to sell more than 25 million tokens worth more than $ 20 million. More than four thousand investors participated in the auction. Ken Lo thanked each participant who contributed to the development of the site.

OAX Token distribution model

Restriction on the use of the funds

To remain in line with the spirit of the project’s open and transparent philosophy, all funds shall be tracked and reported according to the Foundation’s guidelines. A custodian will monitor the usage of the digital tokens and share it with the community periodically.
  1. Financial planning and reporting
    The Foundation shall develop financial planning and review financial performance of the previous quarter.
  2. Digital tokens management
    The digital tokens belonging to the Foundation shall be managed by authorized personnel. The security of digital tokens is ensured by multi signature technology.
  3. Digital wallet protocol
    The Foundation’s digital wallet shall be protected by a multiple signature technology mechanism.
  4. Disclosure
    On a regular basis, the Foundation shall disclose on the topics regarding community matters, including status of development, operations, and the usage of tokens, as well as whether the Foundation operates in accordance with the governance policy.


You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80

METAHASH - The Fastest And Safest Cryptocurrency In The World That Works At The TraceChain Protocol

Foto MetaHash.

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about Metahash project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

About Metahash

MetaHash is the fastest and most secure cryptocurrency in the world working on the TraceChain protocol. More than 5 billion transactions per day, The validation rate is under 3 seconds

Replacing smart contract
Decentralized applications running in real time like any regular web services that are written in any programming language including Solidity, PHP, C++, etc.

Gateway to a decentralized internet A multi-asset wallet that won't overload your computer.
A decentralized app directory and browser.
The MetaHash network is infinitely scalable as the capacity of its resources grows


MetaHash is a decentralized network for digital asset exchange and a platform for building decentralized applications that work in real time.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies in 2017 caused thousands of blockchain projects of different scales and focus to appear. However, the growth of most of these projects was limited by the technical capabilities of the existing blockchain / operators / networks. The low speed, closed nature of blockchain networks, and their inability to interact with each other, are the real problems slowing down the development of this technology in general. 

MetaHash is designed to create a single solution that allows blockchain systems of the future to unite into a single decentralized network, capable of recording each and every transaction. The self-regulating MetaHash network, in fact, creates a basis for the emergence of a fully-fledged branch of the decentralized internet. It doesn’t depend on individual creators once launched and is managed by open voting1 of users or MetaHashCoins2 holders.

A fully decentralized internet would bring freedom from the control of large corporations. Project management would be in the hands of end users. The key distinction of decentralized projects running on open source3 code is the fact that they are built the way users need them. Projects are created for users rather than for maximizing benefits to a limited group of stakeholders, which harms both the market and the users.

MetaHash enables the creation of:
  • Decentralized applications that work in real time like ordinary web services and applications and can respond to events both in any of the blockchain networks and on the regular internet;
  • Independent sub-chains protected by the main MetaHash network that also operate on the basis of the TraceChain protocol. These sub-chains are created so thousands of MetaApps can cost-effectively operate without overloading the main network and slow other applications. Lots of applications are waiting for a solution to build isolated, cost-effective and secure chains that would let them transfer the required data;
  • Digital assets in the form of tokens in the MetaHash network for sharing within the network and converting to the tokens (digital assets) of other networks. Any asset in another blockchain system (ETH, ERC20, Bitcoin) can be converted to MetaHashCoins.
  • MetaHash supports the concept of blockchain interoperability assuming that the future of the internet lies in the ability of independent networks to interact and integrate with each other.
How did we attain such swiftness?
  1. Transactions begin at the outer radius and then run into the core network using the fastest route.
  2. Each stage approves a transaction on its way to the core.
  3. The fastest nodes of the core network synchronize transactions between themselves.
  4. Core network returns the balance of the wallets to the network, which verifies the correctness of the calculations.
  5. Backup data goes into the classic Blockchain, verifying network integrity.
  6. Anchors (hash from the longest chain of blocks) are stored on the Bitcoin, Ethereum and other networks.
You cannot corrupt or modify the information stored in MetaHash. To do so, it would be necessary to successfully attack the #MetaHash network as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other networks.


Up to 3 seconds to confirm a transaction with cores More than 5 billion transactions per day 1 node can handle more than 100,000 transactions per
second Machine learning algorithm that defines the roles of nodes and their distribution across the network

Each transaction is protected by 5 different consensus algorithms It's impossible to gain control over the network even with a budget of billions of dollars Real decentralization amongst real people rather than groups of dominant pools with gigantic mining farms.

Blockchain Interoperability
Send transfers from MetaHash directly to other networks Digital assets (tokens) of other networks can be used in the MetaHash network - even Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 Any asset can be converted into a MetaHashCoin MetaHashCoins (MHC) can be transferred to the Ethereum or Waves networks and sent back through mirrored smart contracts.

MetaHash advantages
After searching for and failing to find any projects working on creating a fully decentralized and synchronized circuit capable of quickly processing the amount of data necessary for the world, we decided to make MetaHash.

Comparison table of the main Blockchain systems


A network library for receiving signals, working on C++ and capable of simultaneously receiving and sending more than 100,000 requests per second to one inexpensive standard server
Show more

Q2 Development of #TraceChain protocol (Alpha version)
Q3 Development of #TraceChain protocol (Beta version)
AdNow team joins us
Q4 Agranovsky IT team joins us
Formation of Business Development team
Formation of Operational Team

Q1 #MetaHash website official launch
Start of the Operational Team office construction
Onboarding of experts and advisors
Show more
Q2 Development of #MetaChains (v.2.0). API featuring transaction history and balance of wallets associated with different blockchain platforms. Decentralized application containing information about transactions in the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks which is necessary to provide blockchain interoperability in #MetaApps
Release of #MetaGate (v.2.0). Encrypted messenger for public notifications and messaging between wallets
Show more
Q3 #MetaICO (v.4.0). Release of the #MetaToken application, tokenization of ETH, ERC20, Bitcoin to #MetaHashCoin for use in the #MetaHash network
#TraceChain (v.6.0). #MetaStorage, service for decentralized applications
#MetaApps (v.2.0). The platform for self-deployment of third-party decentralized applications
#MetaGate (v.3.0). Final release of #MetaGate wallet for Mac/Win/Unix/Android/iOS with #MetaApps catalogue
Q4 #TraceChain (v.7.0). Start of forging
ICO Round B start or conclusion of the Listing Agreement with the duly organized and regulated cryptoexchange
Further plan announcement

Q1 Extensive security testing
Source code release upon the completion of testing
Launch of a fully decentralized system

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address: 


Saturday, July 28, 2018

HORIZON;S - The World's First Internet Service Provider Uses Decentralization Blockchain Technology

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Horizon's, based on some of the following criteria:

BLOCKCHAIN is the future of finances and data. WIRELESS is the future of communications. Horizon Communications will be a high speed Internet Service Provider (ISP), headquartered in Bermuda before expanding worldwide. Horizon will utilize LTE fixed wireless for last-mile delivery to end users.

Our service offering will include Internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps in 2018 and 300 Mbps and faster in late 2018 / 2019. Alongside high speed Internet services, we will provide High Definition TV services as well as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephone services. This wireless network infrastructure will be delivered over a software defined radio system custom built using 4G LTE-Advanced (Release 14) standards. On completion of a successful capital raise, Horizon is scheduled to launch our business in Bermuda and BVI in mid to late 2018. Using the same technology, we will be expanding to the Caribbean, other Central American countries and then internationally.

Customers in Bermuda and many other markets are paying up to $250 USD a month for a 200mbps internet service that can oftentimes be unreliable. A competitor recently launched a $385 package for internet and IPTV. There is a huge opportunity for a new provider that can provide better service at competitive pricing.

Our competition is using antiquated copper networks with huge overhead to maintain 400 miles of cables, requiring hundreds of employees and constantly battling salt corrosion and wind damage. The technology Horizon uses allows the company to remain efficient, keep staffing needs at a fraction of the competition and be extremely competitive and forward thinking in our markets. Horizon Intends to have full exclusive rights to this technology in our target markets, as Horizon continues working with our vendors. This gives Horizon a unique advantage to deploy this cost effective network at a price point much lower than was previously possible.

Fixed Wireless is an internet industry term to describe the network technology used to connect our customers homes and businesses to a wireless infrastructure that will be owned and operated by Horizon. The term “fixed” is a system that provides broad band internet access to a single location using radio waves, eliminating the need for overhead or underground phone and cable lines. Horizon customer's will have an exterior mounted antenna to capture Horizon's service, ensuring a very high quality of connection. Although many customers within 1-2 miles of our towers will not need an external antenna, Horizon will install one to ensure quality.


Using cutting edge fixed wireless technology that is currently being used to supply high speed internet around the world in major markets, Horizon once capitalized, can quickly deploy its fixed wireless solution, with very minor capital requirements compared to traditional telecom companies while driving down the cost of maintaining the network well below our competitors.

Once Horizon is actively using the available spectrum (wireless real estate), the company will have legal right and protections. This gives us tremendous advantage to competition and another hard asset to our balance sheet. Due to the long range, proper distribution and relatively flat terrain our 3rd party experts and surveys show Horizon can cover 95% of Bermuda and BVI with fewer than half a dozen towers.

This enables us to keep our infrastructure cost low, while still providing redundancy in the event of unscheduled power outages (and concurrently, damage or equipment failure). Our technology can, at launch, provide 150mbs + per customer, which are speeds unheard of in these nations except for a select few. Horizon have partnership agreements with TV content providers and VoIP networks to have a full “triple play” product available at launch.

  • Small and nearly invisible installation on a customer's home
  • Towers are highly resilient
  • Each with diesel / battery backup
  • Customer Unit is 7 x 6.5 x 1.6 inches & attaches to an exterior wall
  • Outdoor cat5e is run inside to the customers network

The Horizon token is a unique, new Ethereum based token built on the blockchain. It is designed to be used to access services, and service discounts within the Horizon ecosystem.It will be the ONLY method accepted form of payment for Horizon telecom services (internet, cell phone services etc).Horizon will have the ability for customers to purchase the HRZN Token on our website to pay for services.

This means that as Horizon expands, potentially hundreds of millions of USD worth of the the HRZN Token will be transacted yearly, underpinning the Token's value by customers using our telecommunication services!It is meant for anyone that wants to benefit from the value induced by a world class service company. Horizon tokens are easily transferable between token holders using compatible ERC20 wallets and can be traded on exchange(s).


ICO will be held on the https://HorizonComm.co/ website.
Hardcap 100,000 ETHToken Price 0.0010 ETHToken Supply 100m HRZN TokensMinimum Purchase 0.1 ETHPayment Processor via Coingate.com Top Cryptocurrencies accepted


Q1 2018 Pre Sale
Q2-Q3 2018 Company startup in Bermunda equipment ordering staff onboarding Q3 2018 Data center installation mounting equipment on towers
Q3 2018 BDA begin on boarding large companies government contracts
Q1 2019 Deployment of team to the caribbean
Q2 2019 BDA cell phone expansion starts 
Q2 2018 Ico
Q3 2018 Deployment of team to BVI
Q3-Q4 2018 BDA Begin marketing on the boat and yacht community
Q4 2018 ICO Ends
Q1 2019 BVI network online customer onboarding
Q4 2019 Deployment of team 1st central american country

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