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Friday, June 15, 2018

YAPPADAPPADOO - App Store That Connects With Blockchain

Foto yappadappadoo.

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Yappadappadoo, based on some of the following criteria:

Yappadappadoo is a Blockchain linked App Store, bringing Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) to all mobile devices worldwide. By combining the advantages of two young, future-proofed technologies, Blockchain and PWAs, yappadappadoo will establish itself as a David against the market-dominating Goliath app stores of Apple and Google and will achieve a significant market share.

The First App Store for PWAs

The yappadappadoo Store is much more than "just another App Store". It is the first and currently the only store for Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) with links to the Blockchain for payment, smart contracting, app selection and reviews. PWAs work on all smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, on all operating systems, without eating up data volume and irrespective of network quality. yappadappadoo is the only App Store, to reach all 4.5 billion users of mobiledevices and tablets. 

Until now, apps have been prisoners of their own separate ecosystems. Finally, the app world is making the long-awaited break for freedom. A new generation of applications will revolutionise the App market: Progressive Web Applications (PWAs).

Just as has already happened with Video- and MusicStreaming, Cloud Storage and Data Transfer, Progressive Web Apps stand for Freedom! The days of being tethered to Google Play Store or Apple App Store are numbered. PWAs are Multi-Platform. No download or installation is needed, no updates required. They are lightning fast and clever enough to work offline. On average, PWAs are less than 1% of the size of native apps.

From now on, organizations will require only one app for all devices and operating systems, offering massive time- and cost-savings for development and maintenance! PWAs are also significantly more efficient, yielding higher user-engagement, better conversion rates and longer usage times. These Apps beat native apps in all disciplines! 

yappadappadoo Token We will create 500 million tokens, 55% will be offered for sale, 30% in our Token Sale event beginning June 4th. Thereafter we will release 5 tranches each of 5% upon reaching specific targets set out in our Whitepaper.

The price is lowest at the beginning of the token sale and will increase over time. Funds raised during the ICO will be used for development, marketing, people & platform promotion, infrastructure and community, research and to cover operating costs and loan repayments. The Payment Tokens can be used to purchase apps and content in the yappadappadoo App Store. Our tokens (Flints) are ERC20 standard, based on the Ethereum platform and can be bought using major cryptocurrencies.

The Token Allocation will be as follows:

Token Sale

  • Start Date: 4.06.2018
  • Phase 1: 30% Bonus
  • Phase 2: 15% Bonus
  • Phase 3: 05% Bonus


Q4 2019
glide Game Suite public Beta
Developer Conference India
Developers Conference USA
Q3 2019
fly yappadappadoo Suite V1.0
Strategic Partnership Network Operators
Q2 2019
jump yappadappadoo Suite public Beta
Developer Conference Europe
Partnership Chinese Market
Game Suite private Beta
Q1 2019
run yappadappadoo Suite private Beta
Roll-Out OEM Communication
Partnership Indian Market
Business Unit Spain
Q4 2018
walk yappadappadoo Store V1.0
Extension of Development & Support
Expand Marketing Team & Advertising
Q2 2018
crawl yappadappadoo Store Beta
Initial Coin Offering

Urs Kipfer CEO
Beat Kipfer CTO
Jana Lindeck CMO
Paul Smyth CCO
Michael Brendel Chairman

Sergei Inyushkin
Boris Otonicar
Jason Hung
Amarpreet Singh
Sydney Ifergan
Daniil Morozow

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address: 


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