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Friday, June 1, 2018

XCOV.COM - Sharing 55% Of Profits With Investors

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining Xcov.Com project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision, the following:

Trading platform you are a partner in it!
A new smart digital currency trading platform that shares 55% of its profits with investors in its digital currency in the ico phase


Yes, Xcov.com Signals is real,and it’s already working.
The majority of ICOs are companies that are just starting up and the viability of the project is not always reached. In our case, we started ourproject in 2014 and now we want to improvethe businessand establish ourselves as a company. In 2014, after years ofexperiencetrading Forex market, the Xcov.com Team started to work on an algorithm based on technical and fundamental analysis. Some monthslater, in 2015, Xcov.com Signals started giving trading signals. The platformis specialized in binary options, where the algorithm(with the supervision of our traders)send to the users signals of market opportunities with high accuracy.

If it works, whydoyou need an ICO?

The next step for Xcov.com Team
After years working on our first project, Xcov.com Binary Signals, we finally decided to expand our service to offer Forex and Cryptocurrencies trading. From the beginning our goal was to offer a complete service for Forex, as in this market we don’t have thelimitations of capital and the disadvantages that Binary Options have. Also, most of our current users are requesting us to change to trading Cryptocurrencies following the recent trend.

Since some months ago, we realised this was the time to changeandwe want to continue using our algorithm and our traders in the Cryptocurrency and Forex markets. Now is the moment to take this ambitious step forward. Welcome to Smart Trading, welcome to Xcov.com Trading ICO!

Most of our current users are requesting a change to cryptocurrency We receive a lot of requests from our users wanting to receive signals and use our automated system trading Forex and Crypto currencies. We are currently developing and testing the algorithm in order to be able to satisfy both our current customers and potential new ones.

The ICO will allow us to improve our servicestructure and trading algorithm, register our company, comply with all regulations, pay our traders team, be advised from experts on cryptocurrency trading, and also hire a big development team; being able with all to reach customer demands in a timely fashion.

Blockchain technology significantly lowers costs to participants Contributorsof Xcov.com Trading ICO will have all the advantages of other cryptocurrencies along with the benefits of the Xcov.com Trading Platform.

  • Lower fees for trading on cryptocurrency are directly increasing the profits.
  • Transparent distribution, all extra tokens not sold are going to be burned.
  • With Blockchain technology the earnings of the robot are completely transparent.

In addition, in the future we planning that the platform is being decentralized, and any user can include their signals/algorithmto by copied.


We want to provide our contributors with a trading service that will be limited and exclusive. Ensuring that the algorithm of the robot is not used by many people will maintain the correct performance and also create a token that should develop into a good investment, linked directly to the performance of the robot.

User dashboard and app

With Xcov.com Trading token investors can access the exclusive signal service for Forex and Cryptocurrencies, sent through the web dashboard and the IOS/Android app. Users will receive notifications with all information about the signals when our traders place each order.In the dashboard, users will also see the global performance of the robot and the profitgenerated by the Trading Pool from which they can recover ICO contribution.

Algorithm Trading

Xcov.com Trading system is built on one algorithm created by programmers and traders, based on two years of results in the Forex industry, which has been renewed and adapted to Forex and Cryptocurrencies trading. The algorithm is based on MetaTrader 4 (main Forex trading platform) and programmed in MLQ4. The algorithm provides our traders with clear market opportunities, but they’re the ones who finally validate and execute the orders, and send signals to the customers.To avoid losing performance on the algorithm, the service is only going to be provided to a limited number of customers. The algorithm will also work with an amount destined to the Trading Pool.

Trading Pool

One of the main advantages of participating in the Xcov.com TradingICO is the opportunity to contribute to the Trading Pool and can recover initial investmentwhen we generate profits with it. While the Trading Pool has losses, users simply receive no compensation.A 15% of the total crowdsale is allocated from the liquidity fund to this, then awarded proportionally to the participants.

 Token Sale The launch of Xcov.com Trading and the corresponding Xcov.com

Trading token (XCV) creation process is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.The distribution processwill consist of two stages, a Presale of tokens with extra 35% bonus reward and the Main token sale 1 stage. The process will start with the Presale of the token, which begins on 1st June 25% bonus in 15 June 2018 at 15:00 UTC. For more information on 2 stages, see the DETAILS and PRICING section.15% bonus in 1 Jul 2018 at 15:00 UTC. For more information on 2 stages, see the DETAILS and PRICING section. 

Participants who want to purchaseXcov.com Trading tokens can do so by sending ETH to a specific contract address(verify it on https://www.clearify.io/), and they will automatically receive it into their wallets. Be advised that we'll never send the Crowdsale Contract addressvia email or direct messages. By participating, the investorsare requestingto receive XCV tokens at the prices listed in the price section below.

As utility token, the number of XCV distributed depends on the number of users interested in access to the platform. Really during the ICO contributors are “purchasing” a lifetime license to the service. It’s why there’s so difference between softcap and hardcap, allowing more users to purchase access to the platform, but with the minimum required to develop the project already reached. This extra contribution will do better the platform, allow us to hire more developers/traders, listing token to more exchanges due their high prices, improve and develop more trading algorithms adapted to different type of investors, add more indicators, introduce trading guides/courses, etc.

  • SOFTCAP $1500,000
  • HARDCAP $7500,000

 XCV Allocation

  • There will be a total supply of 350,000,000 XCV tokens, all of which will be issued during the distribution stages. This is the final amount of tokens, and no further tokens can be issued.
  • 350 millions Token
  • 150 millions Token sale
  • 7.5 millions Hard Cap
  • $0.05 - Token price
  • 45% Distributed to Community
  • 25% Reserved Funding
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 3% Advisors
  • 2% “Bounty” campaign

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
ETH Address :


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