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Sunday, June 3, 2018

UMC - Solving Key Advertising Management Issues In One System

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining a UMC project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:

Universal Marketing Company (UMC) is the first platform for managing paid content and creating SMART-advertising in instant messengers.

The UMC platform is created to solve the main problems of advertising management within a single system:

  • Lack of convenient systems for prompt and understandable analysis of the pros and cons of products and services
  • Inability to reliably check the quality of the target audience
  • High time spent on organizing the development and promotion of sites / products / services
  • Additional indirect financial costs and commissions
  • Failure to comply with agreements between advertisers and owners of advertising platforms. The complexity of controlling the obligations execution
  • The complexity of selecting suitable advertising channels
  • Problems with the mass launch of advertising campaigns in messengers
  • Many others.
  • UMC is an all-in-one platform

Technically, the UMC platform will be implemented on various messenger platforms in the form of BOTs, as well as in the form of WEB-site. Financing of the project is carried out at the expense of funds raised through the ICO. The UMCC token is an advertising futures contract, an ERC20 token. The total number of issued tokens is 500 mln. 320 mln of them will be put up for the public sale at a price of $ 0.1019.

Marketing research

SMM (Social Media Marketing) tools today are becoming more and more in-demand in messengers today. This is due to a record audience of messengers growth, and relative ease of adaptation of SMM tools for marketing purposes in messengers. However, even the most popular and advanced messengers currently do not have rich instrumental functionality, comprehensive analytics, or an ergonomic interface For example, consider the main stages of the process of advertising in Telegram channels using existing SMM-services:

  1. Self-studying of statistical information, for which third-party applications are used, such as: Telemetr, TGstat and others
  2. Suitable channels choosing, searching for connection with their owners
  3. Discussing of advertising conditions
  4. Payment for advertising. At this stage, there could appear difficulties and secondary costs. Especially if the channel owner is a private person, or if he is in another country: currency conversion, commissions, card blocking for transactions and other possible problems
  5. After the publication of the advertising post, it is necessary to check its compliance with previously agreed conditions: the time and date of publication, the exposure of the ordered items, the time of removal and so on
  6. In-depth analysis of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign: in general, and segmented (for each channel separately)


The decentralized UMC platform operates on the basis of smart contracts. They are the guarantor of the implementation of any agreements concluded within the ecosystem.

Big Data Storage
Big data storage for the huge amounts of information. In the future, processing and computation will be carried out through superfast artificial intelligence.

Integration into the most popular instant messengers
Considering the technical features of each of them. At the moment, there is already a high-grade BOT prototype for Telegram. The development of appropriate versions for the other messengers is underway.

Built-in payment processing module
The possibility of quick and profitable exchange of fiat money or crypto-currency on UMCC within the UMC platform. It becomes the own internal crypto-exchange in the long term.

Universality and comfort
UMC is able to support simultaneously 2 kinds of interfaces - via Messengers or WEB-platform.

Marketing in instant messengers will never be the same again. The Universal Marketing Company platform is the ability to place advertising posts in one click or absolutely automatically. Choose only the most high-quality sites, individually for your needs. Be confident of compliance with all arrangements. Get full control over the performance and effectiveness of each advertising campaign.


  1. It is possible to pay absolutely any advertising and any paid services in the UMC ecosystem. All the financial transactions in UMC are made exclusively in UMCC tokens.
  2. You can be at any point of the World and easily and conveniently order advertising. No extra commission, no differences in exchange rate!
  3. UMCC is an absolutely transparent mechanism of mutual settlements among all participants of the ecosystem, the value and demand of which is potentially growing.


Have time to buy UMCC tokens in the early stages of ICO and get the highest bonuses!


Team and concept of the UMC platform
Q4 2017
Team building and development of the UMC product concept
Development of the UMC platform

January-April 2018
Development of Beta 1 of the first platform product - Telegram BOT (main functionality)

May-June 2018
Development of Beta 2 of the first platform product - Telegram BOT (additional functions and integration with fiat payment systems)

July 2018
Development of GM for the first platform product - Telegram BOT (integration with blockchain)

August-September 2018
Development of the “Exchange“ functionality

October-December 2018
Development of WEB-interface of the platform
Development of the “Bots’ exchange”

January 2019 - ....
Introduction and development of Artificial intelligence Going to the Big Data Scaling the UMC platform

August-October 2018
UMC on WeChat

November 2018 - January 2019
UMC on WhatsApp

February 2019 - ...
UMC on other messengers

January-May 2018
Private sale
ICO WEB-site development

June - July 2018
Smart-contracts programming

June 2018

August 2018
Public sale
Tokens distribution

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
ETH Address :


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