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Friday, June 8, 2018

SVANDIS - Trade Assets Cryptocurrency And Investment Analysis To Users

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Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce about Svandis project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Svandis is a data-based blockchain platform that will provide trading of cryptocurrency assets and investment analysis to users. The platform concept works to revolutionize the way crypto investors receive information by implementing practical solutions that can meet the growing crypto market demand in real time. In addition, the Svandis ecosystem will consist of a visualization platform for predicting and analyzing crypto assets.

Simply Unlike traditional markets, cryptocurrency requires constant renewal of ever-changing numbers. Overall, Svandis offers a new generation tool to enable traders and investors to stay ahead in their strategy. However, while analytical tools do play an integral part of fundamental analysis but decisive sentiments will depend on the individual. However, Svandis remains a great tool that should be checked by crypto merchants.

Svandis is equipped with some features such as, the following:

  • ICO and Token Sale Screener to select and analyze the upcoming ICO who wish to participate.
  • Cryptocurrency and Token Screener to select tokens that are potentially useful for trading
  • Various visualization tools that offer the trader a simple visual snapshot of all valuable information. These features include Svandis index, heat map, chart, group, and catalyst analysis
  • News feeds in real-time to keep users updated 24 × 7
  • Customized User Interface that gives traders the freedom to enter their settings for technical indicators, price alerts, create watch lists among other criteria options.
  • Market to facilitate the liquidity of Svandis tokens.

Then Svandis Blockchain Investor Data For Benefits Crypto Trading:

Language Processing
Using machine language processing Svandis will enable the identification of emerging market trends that can help diversify the trader's portfolio

Machine learning
Svandis uses machine learning algorithms very important in increasing the speed of delivery and accuracy of information within the ecosystem

Use of Correlation Analysis
The automation process for the Svandis ecosystem is easily accessible to all users, and it helps to have accurate indicators and price variables.

Background Rxperience
Svandis is the idea of ​​Hermann Finnbjornsso, and as a veteran of the technology world, there is a lot of legitimacy that this fact adds to the platform.

Token Utility

The issuance of Svandis utility tokens is conditioned by the need to create an internal economy in the ecosystem that will establish transparent and fair relations among all participants making up the system: Svandis research community (external analysts, researchers), Svandis development community (external developers, data scientists), token holders, clients and partners (traders, analysts, hedge funds and institutional investors, proprietary trading firms, venture capital funds, token sales contributors, exchanges), and the Svandis team.

Svandis token holders will be able to obtain various levels of access to the above products. The access level of each product will depend on the number of tokens held by the individual token holder. Moreover, the business model “buy
products for tokens” will be developed in the near future after the product has launched. 

Tokens received for products will be under vesting until 1 July 2020.
Our products will be available only to token holders, and to obtain access to Svandis Research platform, one of two options can be used:
Buy tokens at any time and hold them. 
The products will be available as long as the participant holds a certain number of tokens (access levels will be published later).
Buy access to one or several products with tokens.

On the other side, Svandis research and development community as well as partners will be rewarded with Svandis tokens and free access to Svandis Research Platform.


HARD CAP .........................................................$12,000,000
TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY ........................................400,000,000
TOKEN PRICE ....................................................$0.05



You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address :


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