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SEELE - To Innovate The New Era of Internet Values

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Welcome my friends to the exciting new ICO today and let's take a look at their great idea:

Seele is "soul" in German, which refers not only to the human soul itself but also to the core of a person's ideas or actions. Seele implies our goal: to innovate new era of Value Internet.

Mission and Goals

  • Standards promoters, network builders, and eco-preachers of Value Internet infrastructure;
  • To integrate the essence of the layered model of Internet fundamental protocol and provide a solid agreement guarantee for the interoperability of resources and the collaborative computing of heterogeneous networks;
  • Providing a powerful foundation platform and high-speed pipe for the free and safe circulation of resources and positioning, discovery, and transfer of value and transformation within and across the global chain;
  • Adhere to the ecological-oriented, win-win cooperation strategy for developers, service providers and users of data assets registration, value delivery, and exchange of open platform. Dedicated to building operating system of Value Internet that provide developers with an integrated and flexible service design, development, testing and deployment service chain, provide the most efficient channels of service to customers for service providers, and the simplest channel for value transfer and exchange for users;
  • Using the token economy to encourage community contributions to share and create ecosystem rather than a centralized software platform;
  • Build new relations of production of Value Internet, promote the development of the blockchain in depth and release future productivity.

Design Principles

Open System Architecture (OSA): meet the requirements of portability, customization, and interoperability in fundamental protocols and standards, functional framework and upper-level applications; Efficiency First: provide efficient and stable business platform, fast and accurate value transfer; Dynamic Expansion: support dynamic expansion of blockchain network structure to achieve the dynamic planning and adjustment of computing resources and storage capacity for different business requirements.

Resource Isolation: adopting the partition hierarchical multi-chain mode and the blockchain as a business to avoid multi-service interference; Experience First: provide full-scale multi-perspective development and service support for users through standardized communication protocols, module interface specifications, SDKs and IDEs, community support, developer conferences, industry application associations and others.

As pioneers and practitioners of the next generation of blockchain, we work together to create value system and ecosystem with our partners by combining heterogeneous forests, neural network consensus algorithms, computational power sharing between inside and outside chain, and scalable TPS.

Seele is officially listed on HADAX


Seele always enjoys a grand vision. As the fourth generation blockchain, Seele created the “Neural Consensus Algorithm” and “Heterogeneous Forest Network”. In addition, Seele designed the proprietary VTP/VHTTP and QVIC protocol for integration, storage, and computing. Through these innovations, transactions can be transmitted securely, quickly, and cost-effectively across the internet.

Seele will continue its progress in the field of technological development and community building. At the end of April, Seele successfully achieved 3000 TPS in the experimental environment, reaching the forefront of the field. In June, Seele will officially launch the test net. To further our efforts in enhancing Seele’s global brand and operations, our team has initiated the Seele-Bounty program to continue foresting a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

Seele’s listing on the HADAX exchange is just the beginning. Seele will employ various methods to attract more supporters in the future, and we look forward to exploring the new world with everyone in the ecosystem.

Lock-up Announcement


There’s a lock-up period for private-sale investors. Investors will receive 40% (160,000,000 SEELE) of their tokens when we’re listed on the exchange. Three months after the exchange, investors will receive another 40% (160,000,000 SEELE). And six months after the exchange, investors will receive the last 20% (80,000,000 SEELE). In addition, the tokens, which account for 30% (300,000,000 SEELE) of the total supply, will be locked in the contract and will be unlocked when the mainnet is online (2018/09/30). Seele Tokens have been placed in escrow at this address: 0xbe26e353a7ee0614aebd159dadcd116b8aa1608d
Please note that no lock-up period for public sale tokens. 

  • Highlights
  • Heterogeneous Forest Network
  • Neural Consensus Algorithm
  • Computing sharing between on-chain and off-chain
  • Million TPS

Neural Consensus Algorithm

Seele created "Neural Consensus Algorithm". It transforms the consensus problem into an asynchronous request, processing and sorting data in a large-scale environment based on "micro-real numbers". It will not only ensure safety and low energy consumption, but it will also ensure strong linear augmenting ability. The performance is linearly accelerated as the node size increases to satisfy business requirements.

Heterogeneous Forest Network

Heterogeneous forest network is made up of different subnets. Each subnet can be seen as a stratified tree, which can handle the different service scenarios independently and interact with each other through cross-chain protocol.



You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
ETH Address :


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