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Monday, June 11, 2018

SEELE - Promote Blockchain Development Deeply And Release Future Productivity

Foto SeeleTech.

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about SEELE project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

In recent years, various blockchain systems and its applications continue to open up boundaries, to a wider area and deeper application development. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other public chains and digital cryptocurrencies continue to emerge, as well as consortium chains, such as Fabric and Corda, creating a highly competitive environment.

With the development of blockchain technology and its applications, the problems are gradually exposed. Issues such as the inability to scale for largescale performance, the inability to support diverse business scenarios and the inability to exchange information and share assets across different blockchain networks are becoming more prominent.

In response to these problems, we back to the core value of the blockchain and try to solve these problems from several core issues in the blockchain: consensus algorithms, ecological topologies, Value Internet protocols, underlying network protocols, collaborative convergence computing and application ecosystem, etc., to promote the wider application of blockchain and Value Internet.

In response to these problems, we try to make progress in different aspects of the blockchain, such as the core issues of the blockchain, underlying communication protocols, network infrastructure, cross-chain agreements, consensus algorithms and the upper application ecosystem, and strive to promote the development of the blockchain and value-added Internet widely used.

  • A novel neural consensus algorithm is proposed to improve the fault tolerance from 33% to 40% without any loss of performance compared with the Byzantine Agreement (BA) algorithm;
  • Proposed Heterogeneous Forest (HF) Network architecture with good scalability potential for a wide variety of application scenarios, as well as perfect mechanisms resource and security isolation for any generic or customizable demand;
  • Proposed Value Transport Protocol (VTP) and Value HTTP (VHTTP Protocol) to realize the naming, discovery and addressing service of Value Internet assets and entities, and seamlessly integrate with the Internet resources to build underlying protocols and infrastructure services for blockchain ecosystem;
  • Proposed TCP/UDP-based low-latency Quick Value Internet Connection (QVIC) protocol that can better adapt to and meet the requirements of blockchain network than traditional Internet TCP and UDP protocols used in current blockchain networks. There are several obvious advantages in handling more connections, security, and low latency, especially in the transmission of packets of a specific block size (1M, 2M). Compared with UDP, the transmission efficiency is improved nearly 1 order of magnitude.


Seele is "soul" in German, which refers not only to the human soul itself but also to the core of a person's ideas or actions. Seele implies our goal: to innovate new era of Value Internet.

Mission and Goals
  • Standards promoters, network builders, and eco-preachers of Value Internet infrastructure;
  • To integrate the essence of the layered model of Internet fundamental protocol and provide a solid agreement guarantee for the interoperability of resources and the collaborative computing of heterogeneous networks;
  • Providing a powerful foundation platform and high-speed pipe for the free and safe circulation of resources and positioning, discovery, and transfer of value and transformation within and across the global chain;
  • Adhere to the ecological-oriented, win-win cooperation strategy for developers, service providers and users of data assets registration, value delivery, and exchange of open platform. Dedicated to building operating system of Value Internet that provide developers with an integrated and flexible service design, development, testing and deployment service chain, provide the most efficient channels of service to customers for service providers, and the simplest channel for value transfer and exchange for users;
  • Using the token economy to encourage community contributions to share and create ecosystem rather than a centralized software platform;
  • Build new relations of production of Value Internet, promote the development of the blockchain in depth and release future productivity.
Design Principles
  • Open System Architecture (OSA)
  • Efficiency First
  • Dynamic Expansion
  • Resource Isolation
  • Experience First

Neural Consensus Algorithm

Seele synthesizes the advantages and disadvantages of current mainstream consensus algorithms, and proposes a new ε-differential agreement (EDA) based on "micro-real numbers", which transform the consensus problem into an asynchronous request processing and sorting of data in large-scale environment, and has a very strong robustness for the overall connectivity of the network, for non-fully connected networks, and even each network connection is less than 50% of the proportion of the system can operate normally. One of the most important features of the consensus algorithm is the linear scalability, that is, the performance increases linearly with the node size. The larger the node size, the faster convergence and the better performance. In the 100K node network environment, TPS reached 100K, the transaction confirmation delay decreased to several seconds.

  • Consensus process changed from discrete voting to continuous voting In the traditional consensus, the voting on the block between nodes represents the node's opinion with 0 or 1, and its voting is discrete.
  • Efficiency parameters can be adjusted for different environment Parallel consensus will be to improve the operating efficiency of asynchronous systems, give full play to the parallel system of distributed computing capabilities. With asynchronous system multi-node design, you can further enhance the system's concurrent performance.
  • Energy saving There is no head node selection process in the scheme, and there is no PoW or PoS required to fully reduce the energy consumption during the operation of the non-central system. In addition, in addition to extracting abstract information, floating-point arithmetic needs to be performed in the scheme. The rest of the operations and sequencing are based on integer arithmetic, which requires extremely low performance of nodes and further reduces the social and economic costs.
  • Low transmission overhead The scheme does not need to connect with most nodes during the consensus process and obtains the vote (PBFT), which can save the overhead of system data transmission and reduce the node's dependence on the system network structure as much as possible.

Our consensus algorithm has a good feature that the more nodes involve in, the higher the consensus efficiency is and the shorter the transaction confirmation time is. Giving that, we shall encourage more nodes to join in the network to improve network performance and its security.

To this end, we introduce a token mechanism. It will be mainly used in two aspects: the first is to reward participated nodes with tokens, which is also a way of final currency issuance; the second is to charge transaction fees. We need to prepare for Sybil attacks by charging fees, because the bandwidth and computing resources will be consumed during the transaction. The charged fees will be used to reward consensus nodes.

Token Sale

Ticker: SEELE
Token Type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 SEELE = 0,0324 USD (0,00008000 ETH)
Fundraising Objectives: 12.1 million USD (30,000 ETH)
Sale on pre-sale: 10,000,000 USD
Total Token: 1,000,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 48.25%
Whitelist: YES (26 FEB - 5 MAR, JOIN)

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address :


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