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Monday, June 25, 2018

SEELE - Fourth Generation Blockchain Technology

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Welcome my friends to an exciting new Project today and let's take a look at their great idea:

Seele is a fourth generation blockchain and It is very applicable for various scenarios. Warning: Public sale ends. We do not accept or give ETH!

Government structure

In the development of blockchain, for some problems that can not be solved by algorithm, one has to make agreement on some subjective issues. Otherwise, many unexpected problems will arise throughout the system.

Some examples are as follows:

A serious dispute between the core team of bitcoin and miners has led to the division of the whole community so that various fork coins arise with the appearance of bitcoin.
The Bitcoin or Ethereum account will be completely discarded once you forget the private key. Therefore, bitcoins under many addresses will always be lost forever and will not participate in the entire system's circulation.

Forks caused by DAO in Ethereum history
Accident stolen and frozen from Ethereum parity

The current bad solution to this problem has caused many serious consequences, and thus many people have lost confidence in blockchain technology. We still need to take some steps to resolve such problems, according to some real-world solutions.

At Seele, governmental power comes from token holders who delegate power to block builders. Block creators are given limited and supervised rights to freeze accounts, update damaged apps, and make changes to the underlying protocol.

Seele is growing day by day And has achieved substantial progress in technology as well as aims to extend a more significant influence on the entire blockchain industry. And for that, to All Seelers, your enthusiastic support and full confidence in Seele is indispensable for this success! To continue to develop a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, which has always been one of our goals as Seele's team is committed to encouraging more people around the world to join our big business.

We launched the first phase of Seele - Seele Bounty global incentive program to enable everyone interested in Seele to share our values ​​around the world and earn rewards with Seele tokens at the same time.

It is our sincere belief that every individual has the power to promote the growth of blockchain. Everyone can also speed up the development of Seele, and everyone who shares this belief can benefit from Seele Bounty directly.

Seele As a fourth generation blockchain, Seele maintains closest relationships with its community and With Seele Bounty, we hope to find more encouragement to help us fundamentally change the status quo of the blockchain industry. Inviting more people to join the Seele ecosystem is beneficial not only for the growth of blockchain but for every participant in the long run. Our total prize pool is 5,000,000 SEELE.

For the Seele-specific token distribution plan and reward mechanism, please visit the official website as Seele welcomes the participation of developers and service providers in the world to join the ecosystem and build a new ecosystem for win-win innovation, development and cooperation.

To find more relevant details from the Seele project please follow some resources for the following references:

BitCointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address: 


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