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Friday, June 8, 2018

LET IT PLAY - Audio Layer Of The Internet

Welcome my friends to an exciting new Project today and let's take a look at their great idea:

Audio layer Internet

Let It Play creates a decentralized ecosystem with an attention economy that enables every news portal, community, blogger or website to create, distribute and commercialize an audio content version

Visual perception crisis Visual Perception is exhausted!

Youtube and TV, books and blogs, facebook and video games have weighed down on our eyesight. But content is growing more and better and we have no time to appreciate it.

Good old audio
The average person has 3 hours per day for audio. How about you?

Much of the content can be heard rather than seen without loss of any information: news, blogs, books, articles, etc. Let's say you drive and ask LetItPlay "Give me a 30 minute summary of the latest news" or "Suggest a play movie this weekend". LetItplay then composes a 30 minute playlist based on your personal requests and preferences. And time spent driving never wastes time.

Where to get so much audio?

Less than 1% of the information is available as audio: podcasts, audioguides and audiobooks

While the remaining 99% of the internet is silent: news, blogs, books, articles, etc. Blockchain LetItPlay will solve this problem with the help of attention economics.

Economics of advanced attention

In LetItPlay we apply economic concerns similar to Steem but more complex and balanced to take into account the interests of all the parts acting in the ecosystem

Basic economic concern:

The consumer with his attention determines the value of the content
Valuable content should be rewarded
Consumers are different and their attention has different values.

Consumers are a major part of the acting on the Internet and time and attention are the main limiting resources Content Providers and Advertisers compete for them.

Play and PlayPower


A utility token for payment transactions within an ecosystem
Playing tokens will be transmitted as a gift to Content Providers by Consumer, listening, liking, and sharing


Determine the effect of users in the Ecosystem.
It is also a powerful competitive tool to win the Consumer's attention.
PlayPower numbers also determine the sound weight for decisions in decentralized government.

PlayPower function


PlayPower determines the value of Consumer's attention to content and Ads.


PlayPower affects the rating of service providers in the market search results.


A Gift for Distributors to deliver content to Consumers depends on their PlayPower.


The amount of prizes emitted depends on PlayPower. High PlayPower increases the likelihood of content being recommended to Consumers.


Advertisers compete with each other for Consumer's attention through PlayPower. Higher PlayPower is more likely to deliver ads to Consumers.


PlayPower determines the sound weight for decisions in a decentralized government.


MVP Works

More than 100 Content Providers have joined our platform and created content for you every day
Our web widgets have been used more than 1 million times
Over 2000 audio tracks are added to LetItPlay per month: news, blogs, education, fun, and more
All of this can be found in our mobile apps for iOS and Android that are available for download


Having consumers, manufacturers and service providers in one ecosystem will drastically change the audio content market.


New freelance opportunities will be created for narrators, editors and translators
Service Providers will gain access to global markets
Service Providers will get a stable source of commissions.


Consumers will get a lot of quality content


Audio production costs will decrease in order of magnitude (down below $ 1 per minute)
Audio version creation time will be reduced to 30 minutes
Content Providers will get a fast and affordable way of producing audio


Distributors will get an integrated source of content for use in their applications.


The two-year roadmap is designed to facilitate a balanced and gradual development of three major directions: platform, blockchain, community and content.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address :


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