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Friday, June 22, 2018

INS - Decentralized Consumer Ecosystems Using Blockchain Technology

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called INS, based on some of the following criteria:


INS ECOSYSTEM is a decentralized consumer ecosystem that uses blockchain technology.
The project INS ECOSYSTEM, of course, began its own robot, making a person's life much easier and more convenient. INS makes a leading decentralized consumer market center, which is used by a large number of audiences, remaining to maintain an excellent ecosystem status for consumers who want to buy everyday products at a lower price, and also help suppliers who want to sell their products directly to consumers and outperform intermediaries.

Objective of the project

The ecosystem of INS seeks to overcome the retail monopoly. for the direct connection of producers and consumers of food products throughout the world.

Problems and solutions

One of the problems that needs urgent

solution is the current practice of grocery retailers and an ineffective procedure for trade promotions that are already obsolete and quite expensive to use.

The second problem that INS will try to solve is The food market, dominated by retailers. Retail chains have tremendous power by capturing a very large number of shares through income from products and also have a very strong or strong influence on producers. This leads to a lot of problems for the consumer and the manufacturer.
Retailers have the right to dictate how products are processed and grown, stored, protected, valued, packaged and advertised. Therefore, we go to the grocery store to buy our daily goods, as we indirectly face these problems, and we are all victims of this undying problem.

Third problem, outdated, ineffective and expensive practice of encouraging trade.
The results of recent studies have shown that some manufacturing companies spend more than $ 50 billion on promotions and campaigns that have never had access to the consumer at all. This is an unfair practice of encouraging trade, which, as we see, is currently on the rise and is a serious problem for producers.


Ecosystem INS means solving problems in full execution of functions, by all participants of the platform.
  • Consumer
  • Manufacturer
  • Platform
  • Fullfilment

Consumers can buy products of well-known brands at a much lower price, and the manufacturer does not have to spend and experience a heavy mess of trading stocks.

The manufacturer will be in complete safe, for the product they released, when they will have the supply of goods directly with the consumer, without any intermediaries. Also, for manufacturers, a number of advantages will be presented:
  • Full control over pricing and product listing;
  • Marketing and promotion directly to consumers;
  • Fast and detailed feedback from customers.
It will completely eliminate costly and ineffective promotions, which do not even reach the consumer.

Fullfilment in this case, the operators of fullfilment-centers, they will act as full owners or tenants of existing warehouses, perform direct functions to receive the goods of the formation of the order.

Employees fullfilment-centers - it is hired by the operator, an employee, to perform the following tasks, such as assembling and grouping products into orders and further transfer directly to the couriers.

Couriers are contracted by the company contractors to perform the following tasks assigned to them, this is a dispute of already ready orders and their further delivery to the customer (customer).
The INS system will give them the opportunity to create individual marketing systems that they could reward their regular or regular customers directly. These systematic programs also work on smart contracts to directly connect producers and consumers of food products around the world, as well as the operation of the INS token, which is a certain remuneration.


It is worth noting that the launch of the ICO on December 4, 2017, is going well enough.
From the declared sum on Hard cap about 60 000 ETH, already collected more than 30 yew. ETH, which is 56.9%, which means that the project has its own audience, for which it is interesting, promising and causes full confidence, also from investors.

Token distribution:
  • 60% to ICO participants
  • 15% of the team
  • 5% to advisors, first advisers, bonuses
  • 20% reserve fund
Total number of tokens (max): 50,000,000 INS


Peter Fedchenkov, an MBA from Harvard Business School, has a wealth of experience in retail and technology. He also has experience working with Goldman Sachs and IBM and teaches retail lessons at the Stockholm University of Economics in Riga.

Team robots experience

The founders of this project and his team already have a good experience of robots in a similar project called Instamart-acting and quite successful business in the delivery of goods of daily use (food, chemistry, etc.).

The project has long been working in the consumer market, more than 5 years. At the initial stages, 10 mil. $ USA investment funds.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address: 


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