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Thursday, June 21, 2018

IAGON - Platform To Utilize Processing Strength And Storage Capacity

Foto Iagon.

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce about Iagon project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

IAGON is a platform for harnessing processing power and the storage capacities of multiple smart devices over a decentralized blockchain grid. 

Iagon has a fully secured and encrypted platform that seamlessly integrates blockchain, tangle, cryptography, and AI, enhancing the overall usability.

Our vision is to create a Global Supercomputer, powered by Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain/Tangle Technology. This is accomplished by integration across all smart devices, thus creating a seamless experience that effectively and efficiently serves the needs of its users

IAGON utilizes enables to store big data files and repositories, as well as smaller scales of files, and to carry out complex computational processes, such as those needed for artificial intelligence and machine learning operations, within a fully secure and encrypted platform that integrates blockchain, tangle, cryptographic and AI technologies in a user friendly way.


Decentralized and Secure Cloud Platform
Developing a one-stop solution for decentralized cloud based services.

Artificial Intelligence
We use a combination of machine learning algorithms, neural networks and blockchain technology to secure our platform.

Integrated DApps
Our trusted and integrated decentralized applications are on a single platform for every type of user.

Generate revenue by sharing your computer’s resources including processing power and storage.

Smart Contracts
Anyone can create their own smart contracts on an easy to use user interface without writing any lines of code.

Decentralized Secure Storage
Our unique, proprietary, secure and encrypted distributed storage solution utilizes the blockchain and sharding protocols.

Blockchain / Tangle
Utilizing a hybrid of Blockchain and Tangle technologies, we aim to revolutionize decentralize storage and processing.


Our token-based economy is based on computer, server, and data center owners who join the storage and processing power grids. 

In return for sharing the capabilities of their machine, they will be granted IAGON tokens that can be traded back to fiat money, while any party who wishes to utilize their capabilities will purchase IAGON tokens to distribute them to the parties that provide their services to the grid.

The storage mechanism will be based on blockchain encryption and delivery of encrypted file fragments to many storage facilities. Contributors to the grid can publish their skills and free capacity and offer their service on the basis of their experience, available resources, and storage space and bidding on price. 

Advanced machine learning and AI algorithms will assist in recommending prices to parties involved in this venture and classifying them according to their price levels and assuring continuity of services and access to all files. 

As more and more companies will recognize the benefits of IAGON’s platforms for storing files and processing them, the demand will increase and so will be the demand for the token – the way customers pay grid participants. 

IAGON’s token and platform are proven services with our Ethereum-based blockchain beta version, proving the concept of blockchain-based distributed computing and storage grid. 


Stay connected with this thread for regular updates, and join us on Telegram for the most immediate updates.

PRE-SALE DATES: begins on May 27th, 16:00 CEST and lasts for 30 days. 

The pre-sale offers 20% of the tokens at a price of:
  • 0.06 USD per IAG token - for contribution >  25 ETH;
  • 0.07 USD per IAG token - for contribution >  10 ETH;
  • 0.08 USD per IAG token - for contribution >    5 ETH;
  • 0.09 USD per IAG token - for contribution > 0.1 ETH;


Individuals who participated in the Dragonchain pre-sale will have the right to buy according to their DSS score, which will be locked according to when the previous contribution was made and pegged  ETH price. Otherwise, they can take advantage of the new prices.

Total amount of IAG tokens for pre-sale phase: 200 000 000 tokens 

OFFICIAL TOKEN SALE: begins on July 7th and lasts for 30-60 days. 

Purchases can be made via all ETH, Bank Transfer or debit/card (We also use Changelly as our API and this allows for us to convert other curriences to ETH on site, before purchase ) according to the following rates:
  • 0.12 USD per IAG token for all 500 millions tokens

In addition to the pre-sale, the crowdsale offers 50% of the IAGON tokens to the public 500,000,000 tokens.

Total amount of IAG tokens for 2 phases : 700,000,000 tokens 

Other 30% of the tokens (max. 300,000,000 tokens) will be dedicated to:
  • 10% for IAGON’s team
  • 10% for advisors and bounty hunters
  • 10% for development

IAGON’s team work hard to support the reputation of IAGON as the leading platform for storage and processing services, enhancing its adoption among users that allocate their computational resources and among potential customers. 

The development of the IAGON platform and miner’s client software will continue immediately after the completion of the token sale. 

The introduction of the beta version of the platform and the client are expected by Q4 2018.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

BitCointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address: 


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