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Monday, June 25, 2018

ETHLIMITED - The Hierarchical Platform That Runs Smart Contracts

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called ETHL, based on some of the following criteria:

About Ethereum limited

Ethereum Limited is a hierarchical platform that runs smart contracts, apps that run exactly as programmed without the possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or any third party interference.

Features and Benefits of Ethereum Limited?

- Ethereum Limited is a very limited toll on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the token generated from the need; Do not disturb the outside and disrupt the transaction.

- Ethereum Limited is a platform built on the current Ethereum platform vulnerability and brings users to modify the blockchain version - with many features.

- Ethlimited allows users to run smart contracts as easy as repeating the alphabet. This eliminates the need for third party parasites.

In doing this, it gives more value to its users, much larger than Ether. This is very limited and in accordance with the Law of Supply and Demand, it is agreed that the less electronic money, the more valuable each coin.

- To ensure that Ethereum Limited exceeds the Ethereum value, it only has a maximum inventory of $ 10 million while Ethereum has a maximum inventory of about $ 100 million.
In simple mathematical terms, this means that 1 Ethereum Limited is worth 10 times more than Ethereum. Ethereum Limited targets Ethere um before 2019.

- Last transaction: We believe that the core value proposition of each blockchain is invariant; Valid transactions can not be deleted or deleted, accessible to anyone at any time.

- Decentralized Management: When something is decentralized, there is no centralized body that determines what is happening or not, and is not in a single location. Because Ethlimited interferes, it's natural to inherit all the advantages of a hierarchy that its users like

- Privacy inlucing: How to ensure privacy in Ethlimited?
With Ethlimited, privacy rights are guaranteed because transactional information does not have to flow to a single point, they can use many points to achieve it. With Ethereal, privacy is guaranteed because it is difficult to track information across the network.

-Easy to use: Our user-friendly smart contracting platform. Thousands of templates available to choose will be available for customization.
Minimum cost: Using our contractual templates and smart platforms will not harm your budget. You will spend less than one cup of coffee.
Market: Can not find smart contract template that does not fit your needs? Need a custom template, but you can not do it yourself? Hire other platform users through our Marketplace.

-Flexibility: We will accept Ethlimited, Ethereum and Bitcoin as payment for use of our platform. We can add some electronic money in the future.

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Advanced System Security
  • Coin multicurrency
  • Accept Fiat & Crypto
  • For Internal Security
  • No contracts at no cost

ETHEREUM information LIMITED marks

Contract address: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x99f87bc040101d2ae759fcbeefe7d50f56a951f06a25722bbe74189c7b3750e8
Amount of supply: 10,000,000
token: Ethl
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Preico Price: 1 Ethl = 0,5 $ Total sell 1,000,000
ICO Charges: 1 Ethl = 0,5 -1,50 $ Number sells 5,000,000

Distribution of Tokens

ETHL Development Platform (Road Map)

(April) Project Started
(June - August) Conceptualization and Planning
(October - November) Research
(December) Development
(January) Blockchain Beta Test
(February) Implementation and Deployment
(March) System Analysis
(April) Bug Fixing
(May) Penetration Test & Security Debugging
(June) AirDrop
(July) Pre ICO
(August) ICO CrowdSale
(October) CoinMarketCap Listing
(December) Wallet Release

 (February) Additional External Exchanges
(September) 1 ETHL = 1 ETH

To find out more. You can connect more with ETHL on the link below:

BitCointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address: 


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