Monday, June 11, 2018

DENCH MUSIC - Music Production Service Company Complete

Hello everyone, If you're interested in joining Dench Music project, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:


Dench Music is a full-service music production company that produces music and music videos, recruits and manages musical talent, and provides a full suite of music production and music distribution services for the domestic and international markets.

Dench Music is also a talent scout and management company that recruits and develops new talent. In addition to direct music revenues Dench Music retains between 15% and 25% percent of all revenue from artists under management. We work with international A-list stars and are always seeking to recruit and develop new talent.


Our vision is to enable everyone to participate in the creation of songs by their favorite A-list artist who are teamed up with emerging new talent; personally interact with the music world; enjoy access to never previously offered interactions and benefits; use decentralized processes and Blockchain technology; and to earn profits while enriching the world with outstanding music.


Fund the Songs
With our ICO, the general public is able to fund the creation of songs and music videos by their favourite artists. The ICO will fund approximately 40-50 songs when the Hard Cap is reached. Our Soft Cap will cover the expenses of the first song and music video

Profit Sharing
Dench Music's ICO is innovative and fully legally compliant. Investors will receive returns of up to a 30% profit share (directly proportional to the amount of ETH invested) through an Investment Agreement. Profit sharing will be distributed quarterly over a period of 6 years.

Free MIC Tokens
Participants also receive free "MIC" tokens that can be exchanged on our Blockchain driven Dench Music Retail Platform for benefits and opportunities offered exclusively to token holders.


The MIC Token is the ERC20 token you will receive free of charge with your revenue share. For every 1 ETH invested into Dench Music, you will earn 2,500 MIC tokens (as a base quantity), plus relevant bonuses. Token will be transferable 15 days after the end of ICO or 15 days after Hard Cap is reached.


Dench Music will distribute up to 30% in profit sharing quarterly between now and December 2023 with the total number of investors, according to their investment pro rata to the percentage of total Hard Cap achieved. ie If 100% of Hard Cap is achieved, then 100% of the 30% profit share will be paid. However, if only 80% of Hard Cap is achieved, then 24% of the profits will be distributed among investors. An Investment Agreement containing a share-sharing right is wholly non-transferable


Pay per view & Download Income
Revenue from platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, iTunes, and other national and international channels.

Order and Performance Income
We actively promote our talented artists and order them for places that complement their creativity including performances around the world, major club events, concerts, festivals, world tours and more.

Doing the Right Organization
All songs registered with PRO revenue worldwide and can be distributed are paid to Dench Music whenever a song or video is played or publicly displayed worldwide.

Dench Music Platform Revenue
We host events, launch parties, VIP parties, special meetings and greetings, and even lifestyle opportunities like star auctions, wardrobes and prop video sales, attendance at video sessions, past the back stage, cameo video appearances, and more.



Q1 2017 Publishing fund with CTM / IMAGEM Group formal establishment Dench Music BV
Q2 2017 Facilities in Laren cooperation with Aces Music Amsterdam
Q3 2017 ICO main concept finalizations whitepaper
Q1 2018 Negotiations with A-list artist Chris Brown start of the ICO process
Q2 2018 Token coding website test runs token rounds
Q3 2018 Development/preparation release with Chris Brown

Q4 2018 Songs releases first profit sharing

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