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COINYSPACE - Platform Go-to For All Cryptocurrency Users

Hello everyone, If you're interested in joining the CoinySpace project, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:

Our mission is to become the go-to platform for all existing cryptocurrency users and the main gateway for the new adopters. We believe that cryptocurrencies will eventually become mainstream currencies, and Coinyspace will be at the centre of the action!

Coinyspace Platform

Enhancing the Technology vs. Expanding Community

There is no doubt that blockchain is the technology that can transform the world. It can be as revolutionary as farming technologies which made gathering and hunting redundant and led us to the dawn of the human civilization. Blockchain can lead us to its heyday. First time in history, we have a real chance to forget about drudgery and survival and move to the world of prosperity and economic freedom.

However, despite having the powerful technology behind it, the success of cryptocurrencies has been limited by their lack of adoption and acceptance. Coinyspace is the first platform that is focusing on the community building, as we believe this is the foundation that will elevate the universal acceptance of bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Coinyspace’s mission is enhancing acceptance, adoption, and use of digital currencies. The platform is designed to be a place where ideas can be shared, developers, merchants, and individuals can collaborate with one another, and lasting and productive connections can be forged.

Our ultimate aim is to make cryptocurrencies universally accepted across the world.

Platform’s features and benefits

We launched the prototype of our platform in 2016 (named moBUinet) and have been collecting user feedback to improve various aspects of the platform’s framework since then. We are going to use funds raised through the token sale to implement the user suggestions by removing redundant features while enhancing and expanding the requested functionality.

The platform offers a unique functionality that is specifically designed to facilitate further adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies. In particular, Coinyspace users will be able to: Utilize Basic Networking Functionality within the Cryptocurrency Community:
  • Create individual profiles,
  • Create pages for their projects, businesses and other organizations,
  • Publish updates and articles and send direct messages,
  • Connect to each other, manage subscriptions and newsfeeds.

Use Specific Cryptocurrency Features, for example:
  • Indicate in the user profiles/pages which cryptocurrencies a person/business
  • uses/accepts,
  • Showcase goods and services merchants sell for accepted cryptocurrencies, announce offers and discounts.
  • Search across different types of contents and pages for a relevant cryptocurrency (e.g. all x-coin users in a location Y, or restaurants accepting x-coin in a location Z);
  • Publish community requests to find developers, merchants and other partners (for instance a request to find a freelancer who will do a specific work in exchange for cryptocurrencies or tokens). Partner requests are published like regular posts and can be seen and shared by the community;
  • Initiate product or service requests, i.e. express willingness to buy goods or services using a specific cryptocurrency;
  • Create and promote ICO campaigns, including running airdrop and bounty campaigns, building and managing the community and expanding the ICO outreach;
  • etc.

Benefits of Coinyspace for different types of users are summarized in the following table:



Coinyspace Token (“CNC”) is a voucher, that can be exchanged for advertising or other services rendered by the Coinyspace Platform. Token holders can use CNC to bid on keywords or ad rank and get higher positions for more competitive bids. CNC is a utility token; it does not entitle its holder to any financial return, voting rights, discounts or any other privilege. The sole use case of CNC is being exchanged for the Platform’s services. Used tokens will be destroyed. Token Economics Coinyspace is to issue 1bn tokens, which will be allocated in the following way:

If the total number of coins sold during the Token Sale is less than 0.6bn, unsold tokens will be burned and the number of tokens reserved for User Acquisition and Marketing as well as for the Team and Advisors will be proportionately reduced. Tokens reserved for the Team and Advisors will be locked for at least 1 year.

Token Sale Parameters:

  • Soft Cap: 50m tokens,
  • Hard Cap: 600m tokens,
  • Token Price: 0.000035 ETH per a token

Use of Funds

Funds raised during the Token Sale will be used as following

Road Map 

Idea Creation: The Team envisages a platform which will make bitcoin accepted across-the board

Concept Development: The Core Team has been built. Key features of a cryptocurrency platform/network are outlined. Initial development starts.

The first prototype is being developed. Different ideas (marketplace, an experimental internal currency, specifically tailored networking concept etc) are being discussed.

A prototype of the platform has been launched. User feedback is being gathered.

The team analyses the feedback data to get the most out it and uncover the best insights. The concept of the Platform is being refined.

2018 1/2
Token Sale, Airdrop & Bounty campaigns are conceived and developed.
Private Sale Launch.

2018 2/2
Public Sale Completed.
Further Development Phase and
Bug Bounty Program. Initial Marketing.

Fully Functional Platform Launch.
All-Out Marketing Campaign.
New features are gradually rolled out to make Coinyspace the go-to platform for all cryptocurrency users.

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
ETH Address :


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