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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

BUZCOIN - Most Popular People In Russia

Hello everybody, this new in the post I want to introduce about Buzcoin project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

How it all began

Fame came to her more than 10 YEARS AGO
When in 2004 she became a participant, and soon the leading reality show DOM2 - one of the most popular among Russian youth.

Olga understands that we live in the era of the Internet and digitalization and therefore decided to create a platform that will combine several simple and important functions for people, using modern technology blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Having invited to her team real professionals who have already worked with blockchain projects, Olga decided to create a project - BUZAR and release her own cryptocurrency BUZCOIN.

Bit of history

A bazar is a marketplace where goods and services are exchanged or sold.

The term originates from the Persian word bāzār. Although the current meaning of the word is believed to have originated in Persia, its use has spread and has been accepted into the vernacular in countries around the world.

Evidence for the existence of bazars dates to around 3,000 BCE. Bazars initially developed outside city walls where they were often associated with servicing the needs of caravanserai. As towns and cities became more populous, these bazars moved into the city center and developed in a linear pattern along streets stretching from one city gate to another gate on the opposite side of the city.

Over time, these bazars formed a network of trading centres which allowed for the exchange of produce and information.

Marketplace and communication P2P-Platform
Buzar is a new online platform where any Internet user can find the most important thing he is looking for in the network: a boyfriend or a girlfriend, arrange a private life, make new acquaintances, find old friends, business partners and associates, get away from loneliness, which is so much in the modern world.

On the other hand, we will create a universal trading platform where everyone will be able to exchange values, buy something, bypassing intermediaries, or on the contrary to sell something urgently.

How does it work?

With the development of the Internet and ongoing digitalization, people’s needs for communication are growing. At the same time, e-commerce sites such as AliExpress, Amazon and WeChat have made tremendous progress in the field of electronic commerce, and their turnover is already estimated at billions of dollars. BUZAR combines these two active trends and creates a new unified platform on the Internet that will combine the functions of the communication p2p platform and the universal Super-Marketplace. 

Modern technologies and new opportunities

One side Communication P2P-Platform

Social network

Messenger : Messaging, calls and video calls over encrypted channels

Video : Hosting and video broadcasting

App in app : Direct user access to the services of hundreds of companies and applications through the BUZAR

Events : Purchase tickets for concerts and other events

Music service

Second side Platform of marketplace

Bulletin Board and online auction

Purchase & sale of goods and services with guarantee of transactions security through smart contracts technology

Job service : Publication of vacancies and job search service

Real estate : Service for rental and sale of real estate

Creation of online stores

Cryptocurrency exchange : This function will be introduced after the appropriate license is received.

Token Distribution

Purpose of use

Major terms of token sale

Exchange rate for token sale 1 BUZ = 0,1 USD in ETH
Minimum amount of participation 10 USD in ETH
Token Availability For ETH contributions will be distributed immediately
Hard Cap 210 mln USD in ETH
Emission of tokens BUZ tokens are created after transaction
Public token pre-ico 18 April 2018 — 18 May 2018
Public token sale 18 June 2018 — 16 Sept 2018
Period of the token sale ICO will run for 90 days or until the hard cap is reached
Platform Ethereum ERC20


April 2018. PreICO
June-September 2018. Initial token offering (ICO)
September 2018. Generation and distribution of tokens
4th quarter 2018. Drafting technical tasks, purchase of equipment and software development
1th quarter 2019. Testing of the first services of the platform: ticket sales, beta version of the
Bulletin Board, loyalty programs
2th quarter 2019. Testing the mobile version of the platform
2th quarter 2019. The launch of messenger, text messages and mobile versions of the platform
2th quarter 2019. The launch of the B2C and C2C segments of Super marketplace
2th quarter 2019. Adding audio calls to the messenger
2th quarter 2019. Introduction of the onlines tores to the platform.
2th quarter 2019. Launching the program to reward participants for actions on the platform
3th quarter 2019. Integration into instant messenger p2p payments
3th quarter 2019. Running on the platform of video hosting and streaming
3th quarter 2019. Adding video calls to the messenger
3th quarter 2019. Activation of group buying
4th quarter 2019. Testing the beta version of the «app in the app»
4th quarter 2019. Starting a recruiting application
4th quarter 2019. Running the app to search for realty
4th quarter 2019. The implementation of a new model «app in the app»
The beginning of 2020. The launch of the
B2B segment of Super marketplace. Further development and expansion

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
ETH Address :


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