Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Hello everyone, If you are interested to join the Bitxoxo project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:

Bitxoxo is the fastest growing Bitcoin exchange. We are the first Bitcoin exchange to launch physical Bitcoin Pre-Paid gift card. Here in Bitxoxo we always make sure to give the finest services of buy, sell, hold and use bitcoin for all bitcoin users worldwide.

  • Experienced Founding Team : The founding team has a collective experience of more than 15 years in the cryptocurrency trading.
  • Fast Execution : Our system is designed with high concurrency to process thousands of trades per second.
  • Real time Trade : Using our automated system, all our Buying/Selling trades are processed instantly.
  • Flexible Interface : Our intuitive interface allows our users with a great trading experience.
  • Mobile Optimised : Allows users, referrers and authorisers to work from any mobile device.
  • Blockchain Technology : Financial system technology which uses an Internet network that does not depend on a single server.
  • Incredible Support : Bitxoxo offers 24x7 Customer Support to its users.
  • Successful Track Record : Bitxoxo is successfully running since 2016 and growing rapidly to become a leading exchange.

Security of funds and user information is our top priority. Our security team is continually improving our end-to-end security measures, improving auditing processes, and reducing the 'attack surface' of our infrastructure.


The projects which will be funded with the money raised from this ICO.


At Bitxoxo exchange, we offer the widest spectrum of services for the people in India. You can easily buy or sell and even gift Bitcoins to your friends and family within minutes. Bitxoxo is the World’s first company to launch Bitcoin Physical Gift Card. Also, we will be incorporating more services on Bitxoxo; like PoS System for Merchants, Bitcoin Payment Gateway for e-commerce websites, travel portals, recharges, and shopping, etc. Very soon our users will be able to spend their bitcoins as well on bitxoxo.com.

We believe there are many companies offering the same services as we do. However, they are only competitors if we deliver the same level of services they do. Our greatest competitive advantage at Bitxoxo is that we catapult above all others in the industry by delighting every customer by doing far more than our customers would dream we'd do. Bitxoxo delivers wow by exceeding every of our customer's expectations by providing our customer's unique Bitcoin trading platform with 100% satisfaction.


Bitxoxo is the first bitcoin exchange in the world to launch Crypto pre-paid gift card for its users.

It is a physical gift card similar to the cards available with E-commerce website for shopping. Any bitcoin users can buy a gift card for self, friends and family from Bitxoxo website.

The gift card can be redeemed on our website. The user needs to scratch a unique code printed on the gift card and enter the same code on the Bitxoxo website. Once it gets validated, user’s Bitxoxo wallet get credited with the denomination of your gift card that can be used to buy cryptocurrencies instantly from Bitxoxo.


Recently, Bitxoxo launched its trading app. The app available for free for both the Android and iOS users. The app has been tried and tested through an expert team of company’s developers and has a very easy interface which will make users trading experience hassle-free from several steps and will be updated with cryptocurrency price every time for buying and selling.

Bitxoxo is committed to provide The Best trading experience to all its users through its app on both iOS & Android Platform. Now Bitxoxo users can buy or sell cryptocurrency on the go..


Bitxoxo launched country’s first ICO Launchpad service for it users and ICO/Pre-ICO blockchain projects. Through Bitxoxo’s ICO Launchpad, our users can invest into ICO’s listed on our ICO Launchpad. These ICO are selected and shortlisted by our team of Blockchain and cryptocurrency experts. We only select those projects which may have high future potentials and having team fully dedicated towards their project. Also we scrutinize the technology and available codebase, as well as project maturity and progress. Furthermore, we utilize industry leading advisers and aggregate data sources to further evaluate the core components of what makes a successful project before, during, and after the token sale.

Currently, only Indian users who have KYC verified account on Bitxoxo.com can invest in the listed ICOs on our Launchpad using their Bitxoxo’s Balance. But very soon users around the globe can invest into ICOs on our ICO Launchpad. We are currently developing a system to integrate international KYC and Anti-Money Laundering safeguards so that international users can also use our platform to contribute in live ICOs.

Not only users but our ICO Launchpad made fundraising simpler for blockchain projects. As all the contributors on Bitxoxo already holds KYC verified accounts, so it skips the whitelisting process which is very difficult to manage in most of the ICOs. Bitxoxo also markets the ICOs listed on its launchpad to more than 100,000+ Bitxoxo.com subscribers as well as advertise it on all its partner websites having more than 10 million impressions per day.


Apart from BTC Marketplace, Bitxoxo will be launching country’s first Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Marketplace for all its users in Q3, 2018. Most of the altcoins can be traded using BCH as a base currency. Also users can convert their Fiat money to BCH in real-time.

At Bitxoxo, we strongly believe that BCH is a future Bitcoin. Only BCH can overpass the value of bitcoin as it the next version of Bitcoin. To promote BCH, we will be launching BCH Marketplace in all the countries where Bitxoxo will be expanding in near future. Also, BCH Marketplace will have less trading fees as compared to BTC marketplace.


Since the inception of Bitxoxo, we are actively involved in arranging seminars, meetups and events throughout the country in order to spread knowledge and awareness of cryptocurrency & blockchain technology. While connecting with people we found that more and more people are interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. So, we envisioned to launch e-University Certification Program which will help youngsters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

Initially, We have planned to launch BCH specific course material along with a certification program where anyone can download our course material. Upon completion of the course material they can opt for an online exam passing which they can obtain a "Bitxoxo Certified Professional" from Bitxoxo e-University. Following BCH we will keep on adding more course materials for all the people around the globe. Our Certification Program will have a global recognition. We will also be creating a one on one networking platform where users can ask questions related to our course material with and get the answers from our professionally trained e-Professors.


Cryptocurrencies are the best form of payment. Usage of cryptocurrencies in our day to day life could make our life much easier. In Q2, 2019, Bitxoxo will be launching first of its kind PoS App for BCH. Using our PoS app, any merchant around the globe can accept BCH for their product or services. Our PoS app will generate a QR code for any sales made by the merchant and the buyer can easily scan and pay using Bitxoxo Wallet App or any other BCH Wallet which supports QR code scanner for sending BCH. The merchant can further convert its BCH into Fiat currency instantly using Bitxoxo Exchange and transfer it to his/her bank account. The merchant can also select an option for automatic conversion to Fiat currency in order to avoid rate volatility risk.


We always believe in sharing and caring. Our vision is to help new blockchain startups by incubate them with our advice and funding. We know the complexities and challenges which every startup has to go through in the initial phase of setting up a business. We had also gone through those phases.

The main objective of our incubator is to provide seed investment to blockchain startup around the globe which has an efficient team and very high future potential. Bitxoxo will also provide all relevant assistance to these startups so that we can help in making our world a better place. Bitxoxo Incubator will be directly managed and monitored by our company’s board of members, so that none of the project gets neglected.


Plastic currency is still the most used form of money throughout the world. As a value added service for our PoS merchants, we will issue an International Debit card through which they can directly withdraw their payments received through sales, from any ATM in the world. Also they can use this Debit card for shopping. Later we will be issuing Bitxoxo Debit Card to all the Bitxoxo customers throughout the world expect in few countries where financial jurisdiction will not allow us to issue Debit Cards. Using our Debit card, our users will be able to withdraw money in currency of their resident country anytime. The relevant amount of cryptocurrency will be deducted from the users wallet as per the market exchange rate at the time of fiat withdrawal.


Some important information about our XOXO Token.
Contract Address: 0x222139425Bcb172721dd4c22c29DD841D4358f69

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

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