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Thursday, June 28, 2018

BINEURO - Making Segments of Ads More Effective

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about Bineuro project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

The decentralized BiNeuro platform is one project that really deserves investor attention. This platform is designed to maximize effective nerve advertising. BiNeuro creators are confident that their platforms are able to make the ad segment as effective as possible. The prospective projects are huge - the company actively works with Google, which lets you get support from famous brands.

BiNeuro is an artificial intelligence that is able to receive, and also accumulate certain experiences. Each new ad campaign allows BiNeuro to be "smarter". Inside the platform, not only is there neural optimization, but also expert judgment. Modern companies can save millions of dollars on advertising projects if they take advantage of BiNeuro's decentralized ecosystem and the most profitable and effective proposals.

How BiNeuro works

Thanks to its innovative artificial intelligence, BiNeuro can easily accumulate experience. Developers have managed to do more than 80,000 ad campaigns in testing, now their platforms can boast nearly 800 years of ordinary people's experience. The software used by BiNeuro has no weaknesses - it keeps growing, ready to accept any changes regardless of the situation. This approach allows you to make your ads as effective as possible - one can not cope with such expenses and show similar results.

The project is based on block technology, which makes it possible to make work within the platform safe and efficient.

Who can use BiNeuro service

This service is available to companies that are trying to promote their products, freelancers specializing in this segment, small advertising agencies. Why can not small institutions compete normally in their segments? It's all about the big expense - full-time professionals in a centralized office need a big salary. This approach is outdated and does not allow progress. But BiNeuro's decentralized platform will allow you to meet a large number of orders, using quality freelancer services (thanks to rating, customers will be able to understand the skill level of players).

Token Sale


Currently, the benefits of using artificial intelligence are very clear - every company that applies this technology in its work receives dividends. Advertising segment is no exception - currently there is no transparent competition, large companies do not allow small development. However, the emergence of a decentralized BiNeuro platform can alter the alignment of forces in this area.

Developers provide a unique opportunity to advertise - each customer will be able to use the platform functionality to find the artist for his project, based on previous experience of his work.

To find more relevant details of the Bineuro project please you follow some sources for the following references:

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