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Sunday, June 10, 2018

ASTRA - Decentralized Computing Platform For Scientific Discovery And Building Collective Social Truth

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about Astra project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Over the past 70 years, computing technology has evolved from Mainframe, Mini, Personal Computer, to the current era of Monopoly Cloud Computing. Now we start the fifth generation of a computing infrastructure called Trustworthy Computing. This will empower People and Unknown Machines around the world to collaborate and conduct business together. This will increase Global Economy coverage and open up opportunities for everyone.

Astra is building the 5th Generation Social Supercomputer. This will allow common people and data centers to confidently offer their backup computing resources for noble purposes such as Cancer Research, Drug Discovery, and to build Artificial Intelligence Machines. Astra is targeting a profitable $ 500bn cloud computing market. Although Astra's Social Supercomputer can be used for any commercial computing task, it will initially be targeted at three underserved markets or virgins, which require enormous computing power. This is:

  1. High Performance Medical & Scientific Computing
  2. Trust Automation (Mining) to Promise currency-Crypto
  3. Build Machine and Robot Artificial Intelligence

Astra has brings together a team of world-class Computer Architects, Artificial Intelligence experts, Computer Network veterans, and Blockchain pioneers to architects, designs and builds Trusted Social Supercomputers.

So, What is Astra?

Astra is a community-oriented Social Supercomputer where everyday ordinary people get together to build one of the strongest Supercomputers in the world. Initially, Astra plans to use this decentralized computing platform for Scientific Discovery and build a collective Social Truth. People share their computing power for Medical Research, Scientific Discovery and to build a Public Data Repository that Can Be Trusted (or Blockchains), and earn valuable Digital Currency.

4-REASONS Why You Should Contribute To Astra Project

 Universal * Inovative * Democratic * Trustworthy

  1. Building the World's Fastest Supercomputer to Fight Life-threatening Diseases, such as, Cancer, Malaria, and Ebola!
  2. Building the World's Fastest Supercomputer to Advance Worldwide Science Borders!
  3. Build a Reliable Computing Fabric so Unfamiliar People and Machines Around the World can collaborate and do business together so as to enhance economic diversity!
  4. Owned by Community Members - Supercomputer Rakyat.

Astra Building Community for Decentralized Computing

And Targeting The First Two Virgin Markets

Target Market First

Medical and Scientific Discovery
AI Powered Platform for Leading Inventories in Medicine, Science and Humanity!

Medical Discovery
Helps find the cause and cure for many horrific diseases that still affect humans, such as Cancer, HIV / AIDS, Alzheimer's, Malaria, etc.

Global warming
Run a mathematical model of greenhouse gas emissions and their likely impact on Earth's surface temperature, rising sea levels, and hazardous weather patterns.

Clean energy
Millions of molecular simulations to find materials that absorb maximum sunlight for next generation solar panels.

The Subatomic World
Helping scientists uncover the secrets of the Subatomic World by analyzing data from particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider.

Mysterious Universe
Analyze data from distant stars and galaxies for a better understanding of our mysterious universe and verify the laws of physics.

Economic Model
Run simulations to learn about global poverty patterns, economic opportunities, and wealth creation.

Produce a Valuable Digital Currency while Doing Good Karma!

Second Target Market

AI Based Social Mining
Find the Most Promising Coins to Include and Build a Trustable Public Blockchain!

People's Currency
Verify transactions to maintain a Reliable Public Data Repository for innovative People Currency as opposed to Restricted State Currency.

Confirmed credentials
Share computing power to create a repository of authenticated personal and business credentials that can be safely referenced.

Asset registrants
Help create a list of trusted universal assets for credible credit and global trade.

Universal Identity
Lend computing power to create a Universal Universal Secure Identity for all citizens of the world for their trust, health, well-being, and collaboration.

Proven Products
Immediately check the origin and flow of commodities, products, and services for their integrity. Make sure it is safe from food from all over the world.

Transparent Government

Publicly auditable data on revenues and expenditures of corporations, governments, and activities for transparent and corruption-free governance.

Produce a Valuable Digital Currency while Doing Good Karma!

Astra is building a network of communities and computers (Astra Network) for discovery of scientific and social truths. The economic incentive system in this  network  will be run using the Astra Network Utility Token called STAR (STARs for plural). The STARs will be used to motivate members to join  communities  and make proactive contributions. In summary, the STARs will be used for the following purposes within the Astra Network.

  1. To motivate people to join various communitiesand proactively participate.
  2. To share their idle computing resources and get rewarded in STARs.
  3. To buy and sell computing servicesand resources in peer-to-peer transactions without any intermediary.
  4. To motivate community members to create rare digital assets and trade them using STARs.
  5. Access to new computing services that may be introduced by the Collaborative Astra Network in future.


2.1 Billion STAR Tokens will be created at Token Generation Event
50% of STAR Tokens are reserved for future computing infrastructure providers and ecosystem development. They will be locked up for 2 years.
15% of STAR Tokens will be offered during Initial Coin Offering.
10% of STAR Tokens will be used for Ecosystem Development in the first 2 years.
25% of STAR Tokens are reserved for Team, Advisors, and Early Backers. Team is allocated tokens with 4 year vesting period.

65% of the funds will be used for R&D and platform development
15% of the funds will be used for Marketing and building World-wide Communities
10% of the funds will be used for Administration and day-to-day smooth running of operations
5% of the funds will be reserved for legal expenses
5% of the funds will be reserved for any contingency

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80
ETH Address :


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