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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Foto Able project.

Hello everyone, If you're interested in joining the Able project, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:


The ABLE project has been proposed to provide an alternative to banks’ conventional lendingdeposit spread structure, and to solve problems with initial cryptocurrency banking services.

  1. Banks have a business model based on a lending-deposit spread (i.e., the difference between lending and deposit interest rates), in which the bank acts as an intermediary between depositors and borrowers. This structure allows banks to receive deposits at low interest rates and lend money at high rates, profiting from the difference.
  2. Existing cryptocurrency-based banking services are provided through a centralized structure. The combination of unsustainably high interest rates and centralized services renders banks directly vulnerable to managers’ moral hazard and the hacking of central servers. The lack of integrated solutions in the crypto market withholds users from experiencing diverse banking services.

The ABLE project aims to solve these problems by applying decentralized blockchain technology. By developing a matching engine that connects investors and borrowers on a peer-to-peer basis, the project directly connects investors and borrowers without any intermediaries. With intermediaries and lending spreads eliminated, cryptocurrency interest rates will be determined by mutual agreement between users in a free market, and said rates will serve as market interest rates. Investors can receive higher interests than they would in a centralized market, while borrowers can lend money at lower rates, creating a win-win scenario. Since investing and lending occur governed by smart contracts, the project will eliminate exposure to managers’ moral hazard and the risk of central-server hacking.

Current cryptocurrency banking services provide deposits and loans separately rather than linking depositors and borrowers. The services have shortcomings such as inability to provide high deposit interest rates in a sustainable way. Such services cannot mitigate or eliminate intermediary risks because their structure is based on a centralized model. On the other hand, the ABLE project directly links users, primarily through an account, and enables a variety of financial activities such as payroll and investment, based on smart contracts.

The ABLE project primarily aims to apply decentralized blockchain technology to financial and wealth management features; to directly link demand and supply through an account on a peer-to-peer basis; and to establish a reliable system. It aims subsequently to build an in-house decentralized exchange, and then to evolve into a platform on which to develop and use smart contracts for finance and wealth management services. 


The ultimate goal of ABLE is to provide users with a great user experience, while simultaneously allocating value to ABLE through all the benefits described above. In finance, the project aims to create a systematic ecosystem and develop a better user-accessible system by applying blockchain technology to any area deemed necessary. ABLE intends to integrate into one system all the financial solutions currently dispersed across the blockchain market, by offering a solution to existing banks’ problems, and an alternative to centralized deposit-lending systems.

The P2P investing-lending system, which is the core of the ABLE project, is particularly significant because it creates personalized accounts for cryptocurrency assets. Existing micropayment and fund solutions suffer from numerous shortcomings due to the lack of an integrated account, and users have substantial trouble using those solutions. Additional solutions will be created in the integrated system to provide various services to users through their account designed for them.

The ABLE project aims to improve accessibility for the general public to easily use institutionalgrade products with low service charges and high returns on investments, as well as low lending rates, by utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology. Personal accounts will enable users to receive transparent services difficult to earn through personal wallets. Through the account and micropayment system, cryptocurrencies can be used to make actual payments, and users can participate in smart contract-based financial products. Financial products provided by ABLE offer increased access to products in which individuals have difficulty making investments. ABLE plans to allow users to use products to which access is typically limited, such as the presale of unlisted coins with relatively high minimum-investment amounts; and intends to provide users with the opportunity to actually utilize cryptocurrencies.

By applying blockchain technology to various financial services, such as depositing cryptocurrency, using cryptocurrency coins in real life, and making investments with cryptocurrency, we will create a system that meets the expectations of those anticipating the fourth industrial revolution in this age of blockchain.

To learn more about Able visit Link below:

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