Sunday, May 20, 2018

WINSTARS - Decentralized Gaming Platform Built On Blockchain And Smart Contracts

Foto WinStars.

Hello everybody, this new dipostingan I want to introduce about the Winstars project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Winstars is a decentralized gaming platform with a catalogue of gambling resources, with its core built on Blockchain and Smart contracts. We stake on simple and attractive games designed for everyone, not even a gambler, with transparent and guaranteed fair results. Blockchain technology and crypto currencies have opened new possibilities in terms of safety and fairness of games. Using this simplicity and safety, we strive to create such simple and multi-player games for everyone. The technology of fair gaming results which is created inside the platform, according to an international encryption method, Blockchain based giveaways of prize funds and jackpots open new possibilities for gambling. 

Considering reality of ICO market, one of the most important goals of our team is a prompt launch of the platform, which is scheduled to 3rd quarter of 2018, as well as monthly release of intermediary versions according to the Roadmap. Many Blockchain teams allocate 2-3 years till the first release, while our task is the project’s enlargement at a maximum speed, and a prompt benefit to the users who believed in our platform. The purpose of Winstars project is to create an international, absolutely transparent online operator built on the basis of Blockchain technology (in particular, Ethereum), with the ability to check the history of each bet, game and the algorithm for determining winnings.

Even though the majority of online gambling market companies are obligated to pay to independent audit companies and regulatory bodies for confirmation of their own fairness, such regulation cannot solve the problems of unfair attitude towards the end user. Use and integration of Blockchain technology in the gambling operator’s structure would allow creating an absolutely transparent system that would prevent blocking of a player’s account or obstruction of withdrawal of one’s personal funds. Every user has the possibility to check the history of all bets and any monetary

transaction, including payment of a win, and to assure oneself that the operator is honest. Blockchain provides the trust of users to an online casino’s history, and all relations between operators and user take place in the form of smart-contracts.

Apart from solving the trust issue, the use of a decentralized system would allow reducing operational and transactional costs associated with financial part of the platform’s operation, which would facilitate to a considerable degree the solving of the company’s scaling problems and would foster international expansion. All of this would allow Winstars to receive a strategic advantage over other companies at the market.

Basic functionality

Winstars is an international online gambling operator built on the basis of integration of new IT-solutions in online gambling and Blockchain technology. Winstars gives a unique possibility to make a bet for every amateur of gambling games regardless
of his/her location and income. The basis for the operation of Winstars platform shall be the decentralized system of smart-contracts responsible for ensuring fair distribution of random numbers and playing cards at casino’s tables and poker rooms, as well as for distribution of funds to clients’ accounts.

Winstars is building a system which would guarantee transparency and fairness for all gambling games presented. Thanks to the advantages which are to be implemented at the Winstars platform, many industry’s problems associated with the trust issues, entry to international markets and protection of users’ personal data will be solved. Any person can get acquainted with the operating activity of the platform thanks to open access to public registry with mathematical proof of identity. Using of Blockchain technology in the online gambling operator’s structure allows creating a completely transparent system. The result of every single game or a number, dealing of a subsequent playing card are random and are determined by random generation multifactor model, when the finalval ue is determined based on several indicators of input data.

WINS token plays the most important role in the platform operation. The token is the platform’s payroll unit and will be used for accepting of bets or fees for admission to gaming table. Thanks to use of crypto currencies in the operator’s system, every lover of gambling games worldwide has the possibility to make a bet with minimal transaction fees and bureaucratic costs. Using of tokens in the system minimizes bureaucracy formalization, reduces time for receipt of funds in the client’s account and commission fee, as well as provides high liquidity of funds and the possibility to effect transfers worldwide. Winstars has an enormous potential for attraction of international clients. By providing perfect service of gaming, guaranteeing payment of winnings, Winstars gives chance to gamers from all over the world to play favourite gambling games with minimal entry commissions (Ethereum gas), with no worries about blocking of funds.

  • Total Token Supply: 150.000.000 WINS
  • Pre-ICO: 22.500.000 WINS
  • ICO: 80.500.000 WINS
  • Pre-ICO Token price: 1 WINS = $0.16
  • ICO Token price: 1 WINS = $0.20
  • Pre-ICO soft cap: $500.000
  • ICO soft cap: $5.000.000
  • 10/05-20/05 - Pre-ICO
  • 03/06-03/07 - ICO
Token Distribution:
  • 69% - Token Sale
  • 10% - Team
  • 8% - Game Fund
  • 8% - Bounty & Referrals
  • 5% - Advisory Board
Budget Allocation:
  • 40% - Platform Development
  • 20% - Marketing
  • 15% - Operational
  • 15% - Referrals & Partners
  • 10% - Reserves

Participation in Token Sale

To participate in Token Sale, each investor shall need to register a personal account at Winstars site. To purchase tokens, an investor can replenish an internal account of the personal area through the direct transfer of BTC or ETH. Wins shall be available for purchase during the official dates of the crowdsale at announced prices. All bonusess hall be added automatically. After the end of the campaign, the tokens can be transferred to an external ETH wallet, which supports the storage of ERC-20 tokens. Citizens and residents of the United States of America, as well as residents of the areas under control of the United States of America, are allowed to participate in Token Sale. We recommend these online wallets:

Q3 of 2017: analysis of online gambling market, search for key problems in the sphere, organization of players’ interviews, team building.
Q1 of 2018: development of project concept, definition of technical implementation, interaction with the Blockchain community and the community of players to draw up the correct project concept, presentation of the project to strategic partners to find solutions to the main problems.
Q2 of 2018: launch of the marketing and PR campaign of the project, announcement of the project team and project’s advisers, Token Sale, start of online casino development, listing of the WINS token on the announced exchanges, presentation of the prototype platform to the community. Build-up of a massive marketing and PR campaign to promote the project.
Q3 of 2018: presentation of the fully working platform with running games to the community and investors, optimization after feedback.
Q4 of 2018: launch of the poker room, official launching of Winstars online casino. VRcasino development if Token Sale goals are achieved.
Q1 of 2019: official presentation of VR-casino to the community (if Token Sale goals are achieved). Holding of a global conference to present Winstars functionality with the participation of all involved team members, partners, and community.
Q2 of 2019: placement of the tools for third-party developers willing to cooperate with our platform, mobile apps.

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The bitcointalk name: Aray80