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Monday, May 21, 2018

TRUSTLOGICS - Platform To Ensure Identity Protection In Professional Data

Foto TrustLogics.

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about the Trustlogics project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


TrustLogics TM
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In the highly complex labor market, TrustLogics TM aims to streamline the global recruitment process by creating platforms to ensure identity protection in professional data and normalizing the needs of verified profiles in the recruitment industry.


No Concrete Background Information


Users can choose from TrustLogics TM partner validators
Users at TrustLogics TM can obtain Education, Employment, Medication, and Credential history details

"Since verified profiles have more authenticity than unverified profiles, we not only anticipate TrustLogics TM to be an industry standard, but also the norm.This will make more users adopt TrustLogics TM."

Smart Verification Platform


Reputation Building System



Honest searchers skip jobs when dishonest Job Seekers present fake data on their Resume


A Job Seeker may request support for their Education, Employment and Skills data
TrustLogics TM The AI-based algorithm notifies suitable peers in the TL ecosystem

"Because profiles that are judged to have more authenticity than unrecognized profiles, we not only anticipate TrustLogics TM to be an industry standard, but also the norm.This will make more job seekers adopt TrustLogics TM"

ISP Digital Portfolio for Ratings & Reviews


There is no one-stop platform for Individual Service Providers (ISPs) to get background information verified and build a shareable digital business profile


TrustLogics TM rating system will generate URLs per request
ISPs can maintain and share their digital portfolios, which contain ratings and reviews, anywhere

"Since no platform currently has such information, we aim to make this more organized."

Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Model



The cost and time needed to find the right candidate for a position is huge


TrustLogics TM The AI-based algorithm notifies appropriate peers in the TL ecosystem when a recruiter posts a job
Recruiters are expected to receive the most appropriate Job Seeker profile

"The process is effective, because the cost is only involved in success and a candidate is employed by reference, which is more reliable."

Special features

Scan and Send
QR codes are generated every time job requirements are posted by recruiters. By scanning, Job Seekers no longer need to fill out the job application over and over again.

Availability Status
Due to the lack of global availability status, many recruiters waste a lot of valuable time, and job seekers get annoyed with unwanted calls and emails.

A Job Seeker can create a number of Recruiter groups and authorize who sees what and control what data should be sent during the job application.

In order for Job Seekers and Recruiters to connect, TrustLogics TM supported networks will help users invite each other using a unique TL # alphanumeric.

Block domain
Taking into account the fact that job searching is personal, jobseekers can block certain domains if they choose not to be contacted by recruiters.

The TrustLogics TM smart verification system filters out any users who claim to be a Recruiter before they post any jobs or data requests.

Token Details


Distribution Tokens

Funds Allocation


  • Completed market research and 1st draft of requirement draft - March 2017
  • 2nd draft and Web UI/UX finalization and implementation - May 2017
  • Business pitches to International Governments -July 2017
  • Mobile UI/UX finalization and implementation -September 2017
  • Web application beta launch -November 2017
  • 0k registered user milestone achieved successfully Android and iOS mobile application launch Started analysis on implementing Blockchain for TrustLogics - January 2018
  • Several Partnerships signed - MoU signed with Republic of Suriname, a South American country. - Partnered with several certified validators -February 2018
  • Whitepaper finalization and TrustLogics.io website launch – March 2018
  • Token sale proceedings and Building partnerships - Building partnerships for TrustLogics - April 2018
  • Pre-Sale & Earn coins feature integration to existing platform – May 2018
  • Crowd sale - August 2018
  • Token distribution and Blockchain POC -September 2018
  • Verification system implementation -December 2018
  • Peer to Peer hiring model implementation Peer to Peer hiring model implementation and Expanding TrustLogics system to signed governments -May 2019
  • Reputation building system -August 2019
  • Digital Portfolio for Independent Service Providers -December 2019

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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