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Sunday, May 13, 2018

TRIWER - Revolutionary Package Delivery Platform

Foto Triwer.

Hello everyone, in this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Triwer project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Delivering the Future

Triwer is a revolutionary package delivery platform that eliminates inefficiencies in cargo shipments, while aiming to reduce its carbon footprint. Token Triwer is the original utility token for Triwer platform operation.

Triwer is here to make a difference

Triwer was created to meet the demands of modern e-commerce businesses and consumers who expect personalized, easy, fast, cheap, and secure shipping for their online purchases. Triwer also discusses inefficiency and congestion in Courier Express Parcel Markets (CEPM), enabling logistics and courier companies to use backup capacity better.

The Triwer application empowers buyers and online businesses to fully control their shipping needs and achieve the best shipping rates through our internal price comparison engine. Online buyers will be able to personalize their profile with their viewing preferences and bring that profile across multiple online stores to set up the best shipping options. They will be able to pick pickup and delivery at their convenience while standardizing the tracking with built-in communication features and change management in the delivery options on the last mile, through the dispatch of the crowd.

Decentralized Blockchain Technologies, Smart Contracts, and Token Triwer, TRW, are the core of Triwer's delivery management platform, and bring benefits to consumers and shippers, from transparent agreements to direct and direct payments. Thank you for taking this trip with us, it will be a good trip!

Triwer also for e-Commerce
Triwer will be your best choice to receive everything you order online, offering full control and tracking through our Applications.

Triwer, Triwer token, and Blockchain
Security and transparency with smart contract

The Triwer package management platform, built to provide an open ecosystem for all participants, uses decentralized Ethereal Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts to publish key process concepts such as partner contracts, ship to goods and recipients, while medium and personal information such as tracking and points -the hot spot is being handled on a private stranger.

The Triwer platform will enable and encourage the integration of supplier services, and reduce the inefficiency of wasted capacity to unused resources. The Triwer platform will also provide transparency and security for all participants in the supply chain, reduce disputes and losses, lower administrative costs, and increase working capital due to immediate payments.

Triwer Token Sale

Are you ready to invest in Triwer? Here are the details!
Soft Cap: $5MM Hard Cap: $25MM
Token Symbol: TRW - ERC20
Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
Available during token sale: 375,000,000
Accepted payment types: ETH & BTC

Crowd Token Sale
Date: May 15th 2018
Price: $0.08 per TRW token
Available bonus: 15-25%
Round Ceiling $25MM

Good reason to join the crowdsale token Triwer
We understand that you as an investor have many investment opportunities, but we will tell you why trusting us is a great idea!

  • Triwer is an existing company with functioning products
  • Commercial application of TRW token utility
  • Operating in a growing market driven by e-commerce
  • Customers focus with suppliers and clear partner benefits
  • Aggressive business development to support tokens
  • Legal business model and peer review
  • General Data Protection Rules are appropriate
  • Aims to reduce environmental emissions

Future EU data protection directions

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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