Sunday, May 6, 2018

TRACETO - New Decentralized Platform In Blockbuster From Ethereum Ecosystem


Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Traceto, based on some of the following criteria:

ICO Traceto is a new decentralized platform on the blockbuster of the Ethereum ecosystem. This is KYC (Know Your Client), or in other words, a protection mechanism for clients and various business structures, banks. Novelty contains complicated operating algorithms. For now, novelty has no analogs.

First of all, KYC allows the financial structure to protect their interests, namely:

  • Verify client identity;
  • Install filters to optimize the number of transactions and types, ensuring optimal risk control;
  • Determine the level of risk to client activities (often used by security services);
  • Track all transactions, calculate dubious transfers.

The new platform, according to the developer, will provide more transparent and secure interaction between customers and various structures. This project is done by leading Crypto and IT experts from the famous Cynopsis company.

Project features

The platform is based on a KYC processor. All interactions between client and structure using KYC will be displayed in block space. So, on the platform can interact:

  • Customer - the company or structure that orders the verification, monitoring of individual users from the server;
  • User is a client who passes the verification provided by the customer;
  • Service providers, ie, Synopsis;
  • Community - employees who specialize in user verification, data, social networks.

The platform will run on T2T tokens. Work process must be paid directly by the customer. In addition, it also pays for the work of participants and suppliers.

According to the developer, the new platform will complete the following tasks:

  • Ensuring more efficient operation of KYC;
  • Will attract a large number of employees who will work for tokens;
  • Will provide increased client control, which will lead to case minimization associated with scammers, extremists, terrorists;
  • Facilitate registration on the platform;
  • Provide correct customer information, which provides a high level of security.

Traceto is an exciting development and, no doubt, useful from Singapore companies, which will allow exchange-and-crypto companies to use smart contracts and artificial intelligence.

The platform algorithm is as follows: clients who wish to register in any crypto project will be automatically redirected to Traceto. Here he needs to download certain documents for the next KYC verification. All data will be stored in encrypted form in a decentralized application, and monitoring operations, application control will be performed by artificial intelligence.

Token distribution
  • 40% - Sales
  • 25% - Counselor and team
  • 25% - Airdrop, Bounty, Partners
  • 10% - Reservation


With Project Name: Traceto
Token Symbol: T2T
Crowdsale Hard Cap: $ 30 Million USD out of total supply: 1 Billion
Distribution Token: 30% for TGE, 30% for Company, 25% for team,
15% for Marketing, Operations and by Admin Tuesday,
The price per Token is: 1 T2T = $ 0.10 USD
Maximum Market Cap (with crowdsale price): $ 100 million USD
Accepted Payments:
ETH Countries Excluded: US, China, Canada.


For more information and join Traceto social media please follow some resources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80