Tuesday, May 15, 2018

SMART TRIP - Minimizing Time Spent For Research And Maximizing Authenticity of Experience

Hello everyone, in this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Smart Trip project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

An ecosystem that supports blocklets that connect travelers and travel service providers to create an unforgettable trip.

About the project

Smart Trip Platform (STP) is a decentralized ecosystem that will connect travelers and service providers, combining all the functions needed for safe, comfortable, and authentic travel - vacation or business. This is a new travel model - minimizing the time spent on research and maximizing the authenticity of the experience.

Smart Trip Platform will offer:

Good price for travel service.
Travel planning tools A to Z
A vibrant and professional tourist industry
Smart Trip Platform will provide a wide range of services: from air ticket sales to reserve of forest tracks, from detailed information on local attractions to finding travel companions.

Who is this for?

In addition to booking tickets, rooms and cars, Smart Trip Platform allows travelers to:

Plan the entire trip, make reservations, and find travel companions
Instantly contact the best guide and driver.
Participate in a lively and welcoming tourist community with your own knowledge base and experienced travel experts!

Travel Service Provider
Regardless of the efficiency and convenience offered, Smart Trip Platform allows service providers to:

Accept a steady flow of bona fide customers from around the world.
Use new channels to reach your audience and get feedback.
Conducting your business in a safe economic environment

Global Community Community

Smart Trip Platform is more than a travel planning tool - it's a dynamic global ecosystem where travelers can meet, share experiences, and plan trips together.
  • Post reviews, photos & videos
  • Become a travel teacher
  • Build knowledge base
  • Help others & get ratings
  • Share rides & tours
  • Create & edit pages for places & attractions
  • Join the chatroom
  • Find travel companions
  • Ask for travel advice
  • Participate in arbitration

How does TripCash work?

TripCash is the official ERC20 -compliant utility token of Smart Trip Platform and will be used to order travel services on the platform. Users will be able to store TripCash and various cryptocurrencies in their Universal Cryptocurrency Purse (UCW), instantly exchanging between them; in the second phase of the project, the Debit Card (TripŠ”Sash Card) will be introduced, enabling it to use TripCash to make online and offline purchases.

Smart Trip Platform is a product that is easy to explain, easy to understand, and easy to market - as well as TripCash.

Token Allocation


Q2 2017 Inception of the Smart Trip platform project
Q3 2017 Planning of the ICO campaign
Q4 2017 - Q1 2018 Creation of the White Paper and the official website
Q1 2018 Development of Ethereum-based smart contracts
Q1 2018 Pre-sale, work on the demo version of the platform
Q1 - Q2 2018 Main round of the ICO, work on the final version of the platform, development of iOS and Android Smart Trip Platform apps
Q3 - Q4 2018 Testing the Smart Trip Platform, integration of the TripCash token, creation of personal cryptocurrency wallets
Q4 2018 - Q1 2019 Launch of integrated debit cards
Q4 2018 AND BEYOND The Smart Trip platform becomes fully operational; extensive marketing campaign.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80