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SLATE - Entertainment Utilities Protocol

Hello everybody, this new dipostingan I want to introduce about the Slate project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

SLATE is a blockchain-based entertainment utility protocol supported by cryptographically safe multilayer networks. The decentralized system will generate high-definition, high-speed, high-definition video globally and facilitate live event tickets in blockchain. Consumers will be able to spend SLATE cryptocurrency (SLX) on some of the world's best entertainments on offer.

The use of SLATE allows fair and transparent compensation between content creators, manufacturers and distributors. Creators are fairly compensated and consumers get higher quality entertainment. Tickets purchased with SLATE will fabricate, virtually eliminating fraud. Service providers holding SLX can generate more by storing and submitting content.

Blockchain Video on Demand (BVOD)

Cinemas, televisions, and cables are all distracted by the appearance of streaming video on demand. Now, Binge is poised to disrupt the streaming industry in a revolution fueled by blockchain technology. Decentralized delivery results in low-cost, high-speed, and high-definition media access to consumers everywhere. Binge's BVOD ™ service establishes a bridge that connects creators and distributors with audiences not yet explored internationally.

Tokenized Ticketing

SLATIX will use blockchain technology to create ticket systems marked with cheap tickets with attractive features. SLATIX's in-depth analysis will be designed to make tickets in blockchain a better way for places to connect with consumers directly and appreciate their loyalty. SLATIX tickets will withstand counterfeiting, virtually eliminating fraud. Small and medium enterprises can benefit from SLATIX's low installation and operational costs, while easy-to-use applications aim to make ticket distribution and DIY ticket swap.

Leading Industry Open Analytics

Significant data is the key to sound business decisions. The powerful Slate analytics tool is designed to simplify market discovery by revealing local, regional, and global delivery patterns. Movers industry will gain new creative excellence when producing content. Detailed demographics help match consumers with content they love. Slate Analytics will offer unexpected access to relevant network data. Creators can take control by accessing the database directly and customizing the analysis. Open Analytics Slate aims to set new industry standards.

Unlimited Global Access

We believe that consumers are the only authority that matters when it comes to content decisions. Not the government. Not a company. Blockchain gives people power. Binge's decentralized distribution system can not be stopped, preserving consumer choice. Slate cryptocurrency will remove barriers to international trade because blockchain mediates payments to content creators and licensees. Unconditional transactions mean quick payments that cut banks and bureaucracy, while respecting licensing agreements. Accessible content. Fair payment. The path to freedom is being paved by blockchain.

Slate (SLX) Token Pre-Sale

SLX is a cryptocurrency utility protocol that drives the Slate Entertainment Ecosystem. The SLATE blockchain network is a general ledger for SLX and machines from Slate Entertainment Services. Initial SLX sales will leverage the development of the SLATE Network and the Slate Entertainment Ecosystem. Initial sales also distribute SLX to participants in the SLATE Network as a service provider, consumer, or both.

Total SLX 950,000,000

The initial sale distributes 48% of the total network supply of SLX coins. The sale is structured so that earlier purchasers get fair bonuses. Receive up to forty-five percent (45%) discount based on pre-sale price of twenty cents ($0.20). The pre-sale bonus starts at 5% for the first ten days, then drops by 1% every ten day period. The intended token sale opens at twenty-seven cents ($0.27), and rises by two cents ($0.02) every four day period, to a peak of thirty-five cents ($0.35).

For more information and joining Slate social media please follow some resources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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