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Monday, May 21, 2018

SIMMITRI - Energy Economy Built For The Future

Foto Simmitri Solar.

Hello everyone, in this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Simmitri project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


SIM is the energy economy built for the future. Born within an elite solar company now known as Simmitri (simmitri.com), with the mission to restore a “balance of power” and continuebuilding on their strong community relationships as we move forward into the 21st century. SIM is the economic bridge that will fast track such relationship, providing a self-sufficient and decentralized network powered by artificial intelligence (AI), communicated through Internet of Things (IoT) and audited by blockchain technology.

SIM is the cryptocurrency token generated from within our “SimBox”, built to balance power between the consumer, prosumer, innovators and utilities. Each device acts as a node in our network - which we call the Energy of Things - whereas SIM provides the currency that will compensate users based on enhancing building performance.
The energy conservation efforts inside the building generates negative kilowatt hours “Negawatts” that convert to an automatic output of SIM tokens that can be used for your economic benefit. You can program the SimBox to alert for manual control, or the built-in AI software can automatically address your energy conservation needs while you focus on the finer things in life.

Either way, SIM provides the consumer and prosumer with the incentive to reduce individual energy consumption, distribute to those who are in need and lighten the footprint we all stamp on Mother Nature.


Delivered the electric fuse box to the 21st century.

The SIM token incentives cryptocurrencies are accepted in the smart energy economy where the grid becomes more efficient. To be more energy efficient, Simmitri developed a "smartbox" powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), communicating with all devices that require energy and audited through blockchain technology.

Kotak Token

Create a platform that rewards participants to save and generate electrical energy.

Excellent Customer Service Through Data

Collecting data points from our 4000+ clients has become the cornerstone of moving toward artificial intelligence as a new service from Simmitri. When analyzing user behavior data with other energy forecast data points such as; time, weather, location, provider and much more, data begins to show us best practices for conserving or producing energy. It provides a comprehensive energy analysis, enabling participants to systematically produce the greatest rewards.

Placing AI into the Electrical Load Panel

The smart box - powered by our artificial intelligence, Simi - makes SimBox a synchrophaser, smart meter, and crpytocurrency mining rig all in one. Ai measures the flow of electricity through building networks in real time, enabling users to actively manage and avoid interference and detect inefficiencies. Sensors throughout the network communicate with the grid and modify the use of electricity at busy times, thereby reducing the workload of the grids, lowering prices and compensating our customers.

Get Paid to Participate

The platform will use smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to increase Ai's transparency and automation. Because blockchain is used to store information about users and the use of household electricity per device, it will also execute parameters and initiate various performance-based gamifications, enabling users to instantly earn respectable revenue and exchange their cryptocurrency to fiat currency and transfer directly to the card debit.


economy token


Q1 2018
  • Design, technical and production line strategy specs for Simibox
  • Primary and secondary rules roster for SIMI AI functions
  • Simmitri Token (SIM) applied to be listed on crytpocurrency exchange(s)
Q2 2018
  • Customer wallet (dashboard) finalized for earnings and transfers
  • Integration testing of blockchain and data collection in open API networks
  • Established market maturity for implementation and partners (analysis)
Q3 2018
  • Manufactured Simibox prototype v.01
  • Launch smart home incubator program
  • Beta testing of local market sample group
Q4 2018
  • Integration of Simibox into current client list and pipeline
  • Analysis of deep metrics from beta testers
  • Applications filed for state incentives for renewable energy providers
Core Team

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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