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MOSTERBIT - Analog Cryptogame Famous With Attractive Additions To Both Players

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Hello everybody, this new dipostingan I want to introduce about MonsterBit project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

MonsterBit – is an analogue of famous cryptogame with interesting additions for both players. We did not reinvent the wheel. We took the successful project and made made it stronger from the point of view of functionality and more vibrant from the point of view of design. To the normal reproduction and a unique DNA, we have added the maturity of heroes at the expense of feeding them. Also, there were implemented many interesting features, which we are going to reveal further.

The game has always been a rapidly expanding field, which, among other things, regulates the pace of technical development of personal computer equipment. The developers of computer games with every new release of their software improve the requirements for gaming machine performance.

But that does not stop anyone, game lovers who love to upgrade their PC and continue to continue their favorite game. Passion, excitement and involvement in virtual space do not stop players and online games, when for the next stage of the game you need to buy new weapons or armor for your hero, increase his magic level or improve his health. In the game room, sales of heroes and attributes that are pumped for them are very popular. All this is natural for the most real money. Seriously, game lovers invest thousands of dollars in virtual entertainment. All of these cash flows eventually flow to game developers.

And this is the era of blockchain and the economy of crypto currency. Decentralization is being introduced into all sorts of areas of human life, while proving its undeniable advantage over well-established centralized models. This phenomenon does not escape and the game room. Not long ago the decentralization game on the Ethereum network - CryptoKitties - suddenly exploded in the life of crypto fans. And everyone learns about it, even those who do not play, because of the fanatical popularity of this game because of the large number of transactions on the network is simply overloaded this network. All operations in Ethereum are very slow and expensive. Can you imagine how many users are breaking into CryptoKitties, what is a real collapse in the network !?

And now a little essence, what is the meaning of crypto, and who needs it all?

Of course, that means income. To play you need to buy yourself a hero, in this case it is crypticot (no matter how strange it sounds). Then they are resurrected, crossed and brought new breeds, which are then sold for thousands of dollars. Madness! - You will say. Maybe. But this is the same game, enthusiasm, someone is ready to pay to receive pleasure, and someone is ready to make money from it.

For every in-game transaction, the developer takes a commission. So CryptoKitties developer - studio AxiomZen, managed for a week to earn about $ 2.7 million users has made 25,000 transactions, sold 20 500 crypts of tibia at an average cost of $ 108 ..

Do you like these numbers? For me, very much! But over time, in any project, popularity is gradually declining, which means the user needs to offer something new.

So, the development team is in a hurry to introduce new decentralized game MonsterBit. The essence is the same as in cryptotics, only the heroes are monster enough. The team carefully analyzes all minus and plus CryptoKitties projects. Function, developer error, user displeasure. And all of this is taken into account in addition by extending the functionality in your MonsterBit project. In this case, you grow your little monster, buy food, guns. In the future, your hero can be sold and not bad in this case. I believe that it's important to attract advertisers to the platform. Suppose you are a player and do not want to pay real money for food to your monsters, you have an alternative - you can see ads instead of paying.

In total, it is planned to sell 6,000,000 MB tokens in three sales rounds.

1 round = 1 000 000 MB tokens. The sale is already in progress and will last until 20.03.2018.
Token fee in Round 1: 1MB = $ 0.2
2 rounds = 2 000 000 MB tokens. The sales period is 11.04 to 25.04.2018.
Token fee in Round 2: 1MB = $ 0.5
Token round 3 = 3,000,000 MB. The sales period is from 26.05 to 10.06.2018.
Token fee in Round 3: 1MB = $ 1- $ 2
The fully functional MonsterBit game is scheduled for release by the team on 01/07/2018.

And other interesting features - your monsters will be able to advertise the goods,

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
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