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LIGHTBITATOM - The First Cryptocurrency Exchange Using Cross-chain Atomic Swaps And Lightning Networks

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Hello everybody, this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Lightbitatom project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


First cryptocurrency exchange which offers exchange of one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency using cross-chain atomic swaps and lightning network without needing to trust a thirdparty. Cryptocurrency has been renowned as one of the leading technology in financial sector today and with the success of this technology most financial sectors start adopting the blockchain technology to smoothen their financial transactions. After the success of bitcoin, several other currencies came into the market and with their own blockchain and fills the gap between other complexities of blockchain.
  • This is a new emerging market where investors are seeking for a unique and better opportunity as it is extremely attractive market for start-ups. Though the market of the cryptocurrency is not completely under control because of identification and security factors, so many users consider it as a burden for themselves.
  • Many exchanges in the market offer trade facilities among cryptocurrency but most of them are limited to specific geographic regions, because every country have their own regulations for cryptocurrencies. To overcome the geographical barrier and necessity of using fiat currency to buy cryptocurrency, we are designing a new platform which is fulfilling the present market need of all crypto traders and investors.
  • Having easy-to-use, robust, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange technology that enables p2p exchange between one cryptocurrency & another cryptocurrency, secure operations with digital money, and secure offline wallet storage of users' different cryptocurrency funds while offering novice users a unique technique to enhance their skills is the main aim of safe & secure trading platform.

We are lightbitatom exchange with a decentralized platform for successful trading at and we are presenting an opportunity for investors to participate in a token crowdsale for our new social trading platform – LIGHTBITATOM EXCHANGE


  • Secure offline wallet, user friendly application (use your existing wallets on the LBA exchange: import a private key into the browser extension, and use the assets for trading or investing) AND SECURE trade is the main aim for LBA EXCHANGE. No identity verification needed.
  • Buying/selling your choice of cryptocurrency instantly and securely as lightbitatom is backed by strong algorithmic mechanism to give users a choice among best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.
  • With LBA exchange, access and security are the new factors and will become the unique standard because we at LBA exchange believe everyone should have global access to top trading and top ranking crypto currencies.
  • We have a unique expertise in cryptocurrency exchange with professional team of experts, letting us offer the world a new platform for cryptocurrency exchange which will be operated globally be it in Asia Pacific, Europe, South America or North America, where users will be able to convert their cryptocurrency to the type of asset that they want to buy.
  • We strongly believe in the platform which is built using the latest Blockchain technology enabling users a secure trade and wallet with 2fa methods. No identity tracking and verification system in order to provide high privacy and avoid theft of identity. Moreover allowing users to keep custody of their funds and atomically swap for other coins instead of keeping coins on the exchange.

Universal Peer to Peer Exchange for Blockchain Industry

Our innovation will be meaningful for decentralization

The exchange is decentralized
  • Next generation platform with combined network and atom exchange technology.
  • Attack and theft protection
  • Exchange without self-confidence that accepted the entire host and used for digital rights.
  • Cross-functional trading
  • Global market for all asset classes and instruments.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

We have an experienced address, standing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you solve problems, and your problems to trade.
  • Fast transaction
  • Reduce conversion operations.
  • 100% asset control
  • Available transactions Safe-mode hot-wallet exchange except storage.

Start fast
Registration is simple and starts working with the system in just a few clicks.
No identity verification required

Network Guaranteed
Unlike exchange of assets and other digital bitcoins, you do not need an account wallet to use Lightbitatom

Access from anywhere
Use the hassle-free wallet purse from any device with Internet access.



The budget outlined here and is available to public, out of 1 084 500 000 tokens through token sale the usage are given as below:
Lightbitatom Exchange core Development: 30%
Outlined Budget Marketing: 45%
Operations: 20%
Legal & Licensing: 5%

  • There will be five stages for stakeholders to earn different bonus percentages for their tokens purchase.
  • This bonus refers to the amount of LBA tokens the stakeholder will receive.
  • The percent of the bonus will be given instantly as per the duration in terms of token only

Soft cap: $1 Million USD
Hard Cap: $8 Million USD

  • Innovative exchange with safe & secure platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency through own digital wallet.
  • Allowing trade with multiple cryptocurrencies worldwide.
  • Low exchange rate as compared to other exchanges running worldwide.
  • User friendly trading platform with ease of access.
  • Designed for professional traders.
  • Robust trading engine.
  • Excellent margin trading, order placing, profit leverage
  • Ability to operate ERC20 tokens with no third parties or control
  • No need to transfer funds to the exchange wallet to start trading
  • Funds are integrated in smart contracts in the way only owner can operate them
  • Cutting back on conversion operations as the exchange has all major crypto currencies which makes it cross functional.

Core team


To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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