Monday, May 14, 2018

LET IT PLAY - Create, Distribute And Commercialize Content Audio Version

Hello everyone, in this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Let It Play project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Internet audio layer

We create a decentralized ecosystem with an attention economy that enables every news portal, community, blogger or website to create, distribute and commercialize audio versions of content

The LetItPlay ecosystem will connect not only Content Providers and general Consumers, but also Service Providers i.e., those who put in their effort to produce audio content, including voiceover artists, audio recording studios,
translators, editors, and so on.

This means that any news portal or individual blogger can afford to create audio content and do it at minimal cost. It is as easy as choosing a studio and voiceover artist. The LetItPlay ecosystem is designed to be as open as possible. We will actively bring in new Distributors and support every effort to create new applications including but not limited to podcasts, audiobooks, audio guides, etc. In future, the LetItPlay attention economy may be implemented in many other areas such as music, videos, games, and even software.

Finally, the Advertiser in the ecosystem will play by the rules of attention economy where Consumer attention is evaluated and should compensated directly by Advertiser. Internal digital currency Play will serve as a utility token that will be used to reward Content Providers for the attention of the Consumers, as well as to facilitate transactions between all ecosystem participants.

Our mission

LetItPlay prepares the Internet for it’s audio future by creating a decentralized ecosystem with attention economy which allows any news portal, blogger or community to easily create, distribute and monetize audio versions of their content.

The crisis of visual perception

Youtube and TV, books and blogs, facebook and video games have overtaxed our sight. Visual Perception is exhausted! Audio is the new point of growth in the future or content consumption. People on average have 3 hours per day for audio. IT-giants got this trend and started to create audio assistants and invest into voice recognition and voice synthes technologies.

Audio is the new point of growth

The majority of content can be heard rather than seen without any information loss: news, blogs, books, articles, etc. Lack of the monetization platform discourages a content growth. Such platform should be as big and free as Youtube but more fair for Content-providers and Consumers.

Balanced ecosystem

In LetItPlay ecosystem all key actors are gathered together to create a new industry of audio layer. 
  • Consumers – consume content
  • Content-providers – generate content
  • Service-providers – help CP to create audio
  • Distributors – create apps for content distribution
  • Advertisers – pay customers for their attention
  • DAO – develops an ecosystem and solves issues

Attention economy

In LetItPlay we implement the attention economy to make audio production profitable. Content-providers will make profit on Consumers attention: listens, likes and shares. Blockchain makes the economy rules clear for everyone and all changes controlled by the Community. 

An utility token for payment transaction in the ecosystem Play tokens will be emitted as a reward to Content Providers according to Consumers attention: listens, likes, shares

Determines user’s influence in the Ecosystem
Main competitive tool to win the Consumers attention
Determines the weight of vote for decisions in decentralized governance.


Tokensale schedule
Tokensale stage I (ETH) : 1 MAY 2018 – 15 JUN 2018 
Token price : 1 ETH = 10 000 PLAY
Bonus stage 1 : +20% PLAY UP TO 7 MAY 2018
Bonus stage 2 : +10% PLAY UP TO 14 MAY 2018
Bonus stage 3 : +5% PLAYUP TO 21 MAY 2018


A two-year roadmap is designed to facilitate balanced and gradual development of three main directions: platform, blockchain, community and content. A number of important events is omitted from the roadmap i.e. integration with in-car multimedia systems and Smart-TV because they heavily depend on third parties and their timelines are hard to predict.

Founders team

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80