Monday, May 14, 2018

HAZEIAN - Creating Decentralized Markets Completely Featured In One Click

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Hello everyone, in this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Hazeian project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


Hazeian’s goal is to be the future of decentralized trade. Hazeian will enable anyone to create a fully featured decentralized marketplace in a single click, with security, account and group management, secure messaging, fine grained permissions and escrow services all handled by Hazeian.

Almost any type of marketplace can be created with Hazeian, such as online
stores, trading platforms, payment processors, auction sites, ecommerce platforms and event bookings. No knowledge of the underlying blockchain or smart contracts will be required and Hazeian will provide a beautifully designed and secure management portal, allowing marketplace owners to concentrate on building their brand and challenging established ecommerce businesses.

For developers, Hazeian will provide an API which works across marketplaces, allowing them to manage accounts, advertisements and trades with a single line of code. This opens the door for third party services to develop tools to manage trades and advertisements over multiple marketplaces and earn tokens. The Hazeian Token will form a central part of the Network, allowing marketplace owners to collect fees paid by the sellers and escrow service owners to collect fees for providing escrow services to marketplaces.

Hazeian Ltd is a UK limited company that employs 14 people, most of which are engineers in the development team. See section 9 for the team profiles. Hazeian is funded directly by the founders, Philip and Simon Hunt, using profits from their previous companies. Many members of the team have worked together for years with the founders and have built up their blockchain skills working for a variety of multinational clients. Hazeian also employs a world class blockchain developer, who has been working on the crowdsale and alpha version of the Hazeian Core since Q4 2017 and is scheduled for alpha release in Q4 2018. 


Security, account management, group management, secure messaging, smooth permissions and escrow services are all handled by Hazeian and backed by smart contracts.

Hazeian Connect lets you create a decentralized market in one click.

Get Hazeian Tokens by creating markets or building escrow services using our innovative escrow platform.


The Hazeian market itself was built with Hazeian Connect. Trade ERC-20 tokens (such as HZN) with Ethereum and Bitcoin use fully decentralized and secure platforms.


The backbone of the Hazeian Network. A set of ethereum smart contracts that drive innovative markets and escrow systems.


Hazeian will create an ERC-20 HZN token on the Ethereum blockchain, which will be sold to supporters at crowdsale. Crowdsale will start with a short pre-sale at a discount.


Earn Platform Fees

Running your own marketplace with Hazeian allows you to collect fees in the form of Hazeian Tokens. Fees are required to be paid by sellers to the marketplace owner. You can also earn fees by creating and running an escrow service, which can be used by marketplace owners and sellers.

Voting Rights

Every Hazeian token earns the holder one vote in network consensus votes. After the project has launched, Hazeian will run votes on the future direction of the network, including additional features, fee changes and smart contract updates.

Network Participation

Owning Hazeian Tokens allows you to participate in the Hazeian Network. The Hazeian Token is required by sellers as fees to marketplaces and required by marketplaces as fees to escrow services. Hazeian Tokens will be listed on an exchange sortly after the crowdsale and will be available to buy and sell on the Hazeian Exchange.


Check out our whitepaper for the detailed roadmap.

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