Saturday, May 26, 2018

HAI PROJECT - Giving Opportunity To Small Business Owners To Compete With Large Companies

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Hai Project, based on some of the following criteria:

The world has been changing with an unprecedent growth in most of the industries but such an immeasurable growth creates some issues. The Vision for the HAI Project is to create the first Hybrid Artificial Intelligence capable of detecting new cyber-threats, opportunities both traditional financial markets and data applied to business intelligence. Multiple infrastructures in every industry have flaws or misconfigured elements, allowing malicious users to abuse their systems or even try to attack them in order to get a personal benefit at the expenses of other people, this is why we need more than just men power.

It has been proven in multiple competitions that Artificial Intelligence is superior to humans when it is guided through the entire learning process this way it helps transforming raw information into usable knowledge. The most critical industries that the HAI Project Team identified were Financial, Cyber Security and Business Intelligence sectors.

What is HAI Project

It is the first Hybrid Artificial Intelligence to combine 3 critical sectors that rule the economy of our environment even though we can’t see it so clearly. The main purpose of HAI is to provide the chance to small business owners to compete against big companies with millions of dollars destined to market research and marketing, have the chance to do profitable trading and finally to protect themselves and their business from criminals of all over the world.

Creating a powerful Hybrid-AI combined with an ecofriendly infrastructure there are no boundaries, providing the opportunity to operate this HAI system through the use of the block chain technology (ERC20 tokens & Smart Contracts) all users with HAI tokens will be able to benefit from the project.


A traditional AI system is very expensive and not available for normal users, with HAI the game changes, providing a cheap and powerful AI capable of:

  • 1- Market Prediction
    In order to have a successful trading experience, many hours or even days of research are needed to decide when to make a trade, normal people don’t have that time, you don’t have that time. HAI does the heavy lifting so you can spend time doing what you really love, but if you are deep into market research HAI can help you to take better decisions, 1 HAI and 1 brain are better than just a brain.
  • 2- Threat Hunting
    Attackers are becoming smarter and enhancing the complexity of their tools, it will be HAI the one who is going to protect you and even your business from these criminals, using threat hunting, malware analysis and behavioral analysis techniques.
  • 3- Decision Making
    Business Intelligence can help small business to increase their sales providing a strong analysis of possible scenarios, market research and product development. Just because we don’t start with tons of resources it doesn’t mean we are unable to compete against bigger competitors, HAI provides a cheap research and decision making helper platform for you and your ideas.


The HAI Project was born thinking about solving issues that nobody was able to solve in years and are more urgent to solve as these problems are becoming bigger and bigger. Artificial Intelligence is the solution, creating a system capable of outrunning thousands of humans in just a fraction of an hour, saving thousands of hours and more important, saving money, a lot.

A HAI token is meant to represent a percentage of the actual network power, allowing an user to use the AI for purposes within the scope of the project, this will be done using a web application developed by the HAI Project’s team which will lock up tokens for a given amount of time also the users will be able to upload data to the AI (a guide will be provided) and receive reports for that data.

At the very beginning the HAI tokens will be issued using the Ethereum Platform, creating 70,000,000 HAI. Once the ICO is over and the main block chain is launched a token swap is planned, migrating to an independent network with no congestions, big fees or scalability problems.

Many AI systems are owned by big companies; HAI Project is meant to be owned by the people and aims to become the first public AI service at anyone’s disposal using tokens as computing power as described above.

Token Supply & Sale
The implementation of the tokens will be through a Smart Contract which is going to generate tokens according to Pre-ICO and ICO orders at the rates specified below.

There is a tokens hard cap of 100MILLION HAI tokens

In order to make HAI Project a reality a Soft-Cap of 3,500 ETH is set and the maximum amount required is 25,000 ETH; thus providing a stable economical foundation for research and development with a full funds disclosure.

The whole token sale will be divided into 3 phases: Pre-ICO, ICO Phase 1 & ICO Phase 2. The Pre-ICO will help us to measure the attention acquired by the project and mostly for funding the ICO, including: Promo Ads, Strategic Recruitment and Meet-Up costs to increase the potential investors. The start date of the Pre-ICO is April 30th lasting 14 days in order to allow investors to read about the project and determine if they want to participate in this journey.

Once the Pre-ICO phase is over, strategic ads will be issued and the ICO Phase 1 will start at a higher price (25% increase from the previous phase), possible meetups will occur in several places around the world, this stage will last 15 days or until it is sold out starting at May 14th. The last stage of the ICO is the Phase 2 from May 28th until June 11th, at the same price as the Phase 1, it is needed in order to allow investors to buy their tokens as massive support from crowds is expected therefore a high volume in transactions too.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80