Wednesday, May 23, 2018

EXPERCOIN - Building One of The Largest Decentralized Market Networks In The World

Hello everybody, this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Expercoin project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Protocol for AI-powered learning economies and marketplacers. Powered by Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab.

Expercoin intends to build one of the world’s largest decentralized networks of marketplaces called Republics, with a charter to advance learning and create jobs for the digital economy. By leveraging Experfy’s infrastructure trusted by Fortune 500s and powered by AI and Blockchain, anyone can create a specialized community with marketplaces for training, assessments, mentorship and jobs.

Mission and Vision

Harvard-incubated Experfy runs an AI-focused community of 30,000 data scientists to help Fortune 500s mentor and upskill their employees and also hire expert freelancers on-demand. Witnessing a growth in demand for its platform, Experfy seeks to exponentially expand the impact of its business vision. However, rather than add new specializations to its existing platform, Experfy plans on decentralizing its technology by and through Expercoin, Inc with the goal of allowing anyone to launch a new community with its own marketplace instantly. Expercoin consists of a protocol layer and front-end applications for users to build highly flexible autonomous organizations known as Republics. These new decentralized marketplaces empower communities and institutions with an out of the box solution that doesn’t require software development skills. A non-technical person or any organization can now launch a highly customized Republic and start generating revenue.

Anyone can launch a Republic. For instance, there can be a “Republic of Smart Manufacturing,” “Republic of Nanotechnology,” “Republic of Blockchain in Finance,” “Republic of Architectural Design,” “Republic of French Learning,” etc. Blockchain provides the backbone for the governance of Republics, while they are operationalized using smart contracts, open protocols, APIs, front-end libraries, learning content, and subject matter experts.

Which Republic do you want to start? Express your interest below and we will be in touch!

With ready-made front-ends and open source frameworks that are extensible with the aid of ancillary modules, each Republic can be formed quickly and can create a virtual economy with the potential to make a material impact on the phenomenal world.

Use of Funds

HARD CAP $26.5 million
PRESALE PRICE $0.020 per EXPR token
ICO PRICE $0.025 per EXPR token

The above price reflects a 20% discount to presale investors over the ICO price.

Total Number of generated Expercoins: 2.75 billion

  • 45% allocation to purchasers (presale and crowd sale)
  • 20% allocation for company with 12-month lock-up and 24-month vesting.
  • 10% allocation to reserves with 12-month lockup and 36-month vesting.
  • 20% allocation for incentive pool to support bounties, strategic partnerships and network bootstrapping
  • 5% allocation for advisors with 12-month lockup and other restrictions.


MAR 2014 Experfy launches. News stories in Techcrunch, Forbes, Mashable and others.
JUN 2015 Experfy raises $1.5 million in seed round. News stories in Wall Street Journal, Xconomy and others
OCT 2015 Keurig Green Mountain joins Experfy Project Marketplace as a client
MAR 2016 Gulf Oil joins Experfy Project Marketplace as a client
JUN 2016 Macy's joins Experfy Project Marketplace
JUL 2016 Experfy launches Training Marketplace
SEP 2016 Experfy works with TATA as it's first training customer
NOV 2016 Deloitte joins Experfy Project Marketplace

JAN 2017 More interest generated from corporate clients and training delivered for organizations like Duracell and Federal Reserve
JUL 2017 Experfy selected by Massachusetts state to provide “white-label” training platform
OCT 2017 Launch of Corporate Training with assessment and dashboards to track employee progress. Cigna signs contract to deploy Experfy Training Marketplace for corporate education in emerging technologies
MAR 2018 Expercoin announces plans for a token sale.
JUL 2018 Launch of a Mentorship Platform as a Minimum Viable Product
NOV 2018 Launch of the first Expercoin Republic
FEB 2019 Launch of protocol and APIs to automate creation of Republics
MAY 2019 Launch of App Store to extend the Republic functionality.

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