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Monday, May 7, 2018


Foto EHOTex.

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Ehotex, based on some of the following criteria:

EHO is the 1st SMART TEXTILE for horses

EHO mobile app displays real-2me data about rider’s posi2on and pressure on the horse back. Enhance horse health and performance. Track and improve your riding skills!

EHO Technologies

EHO Technologies is a spin-off from Riga Technical University, in Latvia. It started around scientific elaborations related to smart textiles and data
processing and interpretation. Currently EHO develops an innovative proprietary technology to produce pressure sensitive and stretching sensitive textile sensor systems. Combining textile sensor data with data interpretation algorithms, EHO solutions provide meaningful motion analysis to end-users. 

EHO develops algorithms for data interpretation, thus providing valuable information for monitoring horse and rider performance.
The team that involves both – R&D capacity and business development skills, has worked in bootstrapping mode and achieved significant results - proof of concept, in-depth understanding about end user needs, regional network, prototype, and pilot customers.

Problem & Solution

EHO initial product application is dedicated to horse riders. About 45% of horses experience problems with saddle fit. A poor fitted saddle will cause the horse pain and eventually back problems and even lameness.
A saddle with good fit on the other hand enhances the performance of the rider and horse. Saddle pad with EHO sensor technology provides following benefits:
  • Saving on saddle change – choosing the right saddle for the horse;
  • Reducing horse injury costs – right saddle fit;
  • Improved riding performance – monitoring rider insaddle position, benchmarking possibilities.

The advantage of EHO is the acquisition of unique data

The first and only source of data on horse saddle fit metrics.
The first and only source of data on the pressure distribution of riders. First and only source on horseback riding performance and riders Free mobile app with PREMIUM PREPARED features for accessing large data options Direct marketing opportunities, targeted data-driven marketing insights.

How does it work?

Imagine the EHO product along with the applications offered on the E-commerce EHO website. This product will have a price in the conventional fiat of EUR / USD / CNY, but at the same time will be denominated in the EHO token as an exchange unit, perhaps at a discount.

EHO Token - personal money sales from EHO smart products
EHO tokens are personal money that generates EHO product sales, technology, data, and feature access. All values that will be generated EHO will be exchanged with tokens.

Token Type: ERC20
Token price during ICO: $ 0.01 per EHO token
ICO hard hat: $ 1.75 million
ICO soft cap: $ 950,000
Symbol: EHO
Purchase method accepted: ETH, BTC, ShapeShift widget
Minimum contribution: n / a
Pre-sale start date and time: April 17 6:00 AM PST
Pre-sale end date and time: May 1 6:00 AM PST
Start date and time of token sale: May 1 6:00 AM PST
Date and time of sale end of token: June 15 6:00 am PST


The team meets in Green Technology Incubator, Latvia.
Various technology applications are assessed.
Team decides to focus primarily on equestrian industry as the market potential is huge and customers have unsolved problem.

Team is bootstrapping the business concept and creates laboratory level prototypes.
Numerous client interviews and prototype tests are done to understand the job that product has to do for customers.
Team invests 20k EUR and attracts additional 15k EUR form Riga Technical University for product development.
EHO achieves significant progress with prototyping and attracts coverage by Latvian media, thus creating interest in horse riding community.
Team participates in highly competitive business idea contest held by Riga City Municipality and ranks as #1 among all inventions, thus also raising 12k EUR as a grant.

• Creation of MVP
• ICO launch

• Finishing MVP, testing with early adopters
• Product development
• Production set-up & tests with customers
• Presales for product start ICO finish
• Roadshow in Royal Windsor Horse Show, UK

• First batch of products shipped
• Development of mobile application & server connections for data services
• Roadshow in European Horse Fair, Germany

• Development of deep machine learning algorithms (i.e., AI functionality)
• Roadshow in International Equine Trade Exhibition, UAE
• Launch of data services to ensure recurring revenue from customers(includes mobile apps, usage of data servers and deep machine learning to provide customers with valuable data about horse riding patterns and possible improvements)

Launch of data services to ensure recurring revenue from customers, that includes mobile apps, usage of data servers and deep machine learning to provide customers with valuable data about horse riding patterns and possible improvements.
Further development of data services, introductions of self-couching service for smart saddle pad users.
Development of other technology applications & smart fabric products.

Meet Ehotex team

The team met in Green Technology Incubator in Latvia where two scientists Aleksandrs and Aleksejs from Riga Technical University who are now in EHO team introduced the technology.

Don’t just read it, save the preferred launch date and act on it right now.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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