Thursday, May 3, 2018

DIRO - Decentralized Identity and Access Platform

Foto Diro.

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Diro Decentralized Identity, based on some of the following criteria:

Decentralized Identity and Access Platforms are supported by crowdsourcing contacts directory for Network, Web, Application, IoT, Smart Contract, AR / VR, and all other domains using people resources.

How it works


Contacts are organized & updated perfectly
Intelligent Crowdsourcing makes a stalled effort of over 90%.

Your contacts are automatically set up in the mini phonebook
Diro uses the power of the crowd's intelligence to automatically tag people to the phone book for everyone.
These efforts continue to crash up to 50%, 66%, 75% and so on when people join the phone book.

Diro is a super productivity tool for implementing any Team size phone book for all members to view & manage. And you can also create a Contact List of clients or vendors and share with certain people.

Missing contacts appear automatically

A team of 20 co-workers can create a mini phonebook team that is shared with all members.
When new people join the team, each existing member adds new people to the team & all 20 coworkers will automatically get new contacts. New coworkers download apps & find minicomputers co-workers.

Similarly, add new clients to the Client's phonebook & sync contacts across the Sales Team.

Existing contacts are fixed automatically

From Diro's network, we provide information about you that is not included in your profile.
If you discard this info (it could be outdated or incorrect info), it will be automatically fixed on the phone of everyone who has your contacts.

Automatically manage what others see about you
We created 4 Card Profiles automatically for you.
When you set your "work profile card" into your Employee or Client's phonebook, all contacts there instantly get your new info.

For the first time, you can automatically manage what others see about you.

Linking Identity Silos

Uncontested Identity System Converged directory services

Diro Unified service diectory
Experience sharing contacts directory with integrated access management using LDAP. Integrate multiple identity silos across 1000 platforms with simple contact applications.

IAM without a password

Passwordless Diro IAM
Eliminate the need for open hardware or key tokens such as SSO Combined with SAML, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect etc. With apps across multiple domains.

Universal Identity

Universal Identity Diro
Self Soverign Identities with seamless Global PGP and digital signing infrastructure using SPKI and key retrieval of Mandiri Services (DPKI)

Eliminate synthetic identities

Diro Eliminates Synthetic Identity
With the world's largest passive social graph with SPKI. Furthermore, Sybil holds the identity of the Proof of life. Use KYC cryptographic patent pending to remove Identity fraud.

Automated privacy

Diro Automatic Privacy
Find and use a profile card to automate privacy across an eco-identity system. Prevent external correlation using contact ID. Unlock private contextual data from inside contacts with cryptography and IAM nimbly.

Strong network effect

Diro Strong Network Effect
Create large scale value through mass mining and virus buildup. With the case of using the top Identity and being the default caller application diro, map the entire identity network with only 1% of users.


Contact directories offer a rapid method to validate digital identities using SPKI to do social KYC. It further offers a possibility of strong identity authentication through live interactions with human confirmations over voice and video calls. Voice and video conversations offer a continuous stream of strong authentication to digital identities.

Further, a decentralized identity platform requires a safe public & private key management and recovery process to make owning identities possible. The DPKI and uPort based architectures also require social proof for key management and recovery.

Therefore, social KYC is a critical factor for the authenticity of identity structures, including key management, identification and generating proof-of-life authentication from other devices.

Contact directories based on MSDINs open up a new real estate of domains like web, apps, blockchain, AR / VR & all other industries as directories for context and security (LDAP). Crowd sourced contact data containing MSDINs offers a rapid source of building a universal decentralized identity system that is a holy grail for delivering public benefits.

Scaling trust with block chain

Identity and security for establishing trust and blocking blocks. Contact directories or social graphs are a central component in decentralizing the identity and access management. Without using social confirmation building a reliable decentralized identity and security architecture is not possible.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80