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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

CSC - Crypto Space Commander

Foto Crypto Space Commander.

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called CSC, based on some of the following criteria:

Battle, Trade, Craft, & Mine

A Rich Etherverse

Tired of shallow dApp games? So are we! That's why CSC – designed and developed by game industry veterans – is built from the best parts of traditional and blockchain gaming.

Gaming Reimagined

CSC provides a canvas where the developers and community will be working hand-in-hand to create the economic engine of the universe – and profit from it.

Blockchain Economy

Game items in the Etherverse are created utilizing an enhanced NFT (ERC-721) or FT (ERC-20) standard. This provides independent ownership and trading of all assets in the game world.

Crafting 2.0

Grind, craft, and profit! Our next-gen crafting system built on the Ethereum blockchain allows creators to convert the grinding of resources and crafting in-game assets into ETH & residual payments.

No New Blockchain. No ICO.

CSC is being developed by an established AAA game studio with experience in top gaming IP and blockchain technology. The CSC economy is built on Ethereum with a responsive, real-time gameplay achieved through our custom oracle. Our Oracle dApp provides two way synchronization with Ethereum blockchain and modern game servers. Play on the web with Metamask or a mobile device / PC with our native app. No new technology to build, no token currency - we use the ETH as the universal currency of CSC.

The Environment of Our Own Galaxy - the Milky Way

The CSC universe will be launched with a 900+ star system located within a 50-ly radius around our Solar home system, Sol. FTL drives will be available for all types of vessels with an average speed of 1 LPH (light per hour). Feeling adventurous? Set paths for known periphery spaces to risk everything and potentially return with unlimited riches!

Entrepreneur, Trader, Crafter, Miner, or Tactician

Specialization is the key to growth and prosperity in Etherverse - focus your time, develop skills, and master Verse! Become an entrepreneur and create, buy, and build contracts for other commanders to fulfill. Find the best trade routes and ferry goods to keep the commander provided in the dangerous Outer Rim. Look for minerals, equip mining vessels, and harvest the resources of the planet remotely. Subdue pirates, alien races, and other players in a real-time or asynchronous PvP / PvE battle.

Accept Updates & Free Ship

Calling all commanders! The Galactic Federation lacks members, and calls out to recruit new members! Join the Galactic Federation and get sweet and sweet loot.

Collect Resources & Get Knowledge at MEA

The first CSC mini-game expedition started on May 10th @ 6pm PST! Mining Expedition Alpha (MEA) is a mini-game experience that provides our initial commander with the ability to use their vessels / vouchers to collect resources. Along with favorable transport, wise commanders will gather knowledge of ore locations in the game realm. This knowledge can generate great wealth and ability to create powerful technology when CSC is launched later this year.
You can learn more about MEA in our Official Blog.

Watch pre-release video footage for MEA on YouTube

For more information and join CSC social media please follow some sources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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