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Friday, May 11, 2018

C2LEGACY - Securely and Accurately Validates Legacy Holders Death

Foto C2Legacy LOC.

Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called C2Legacy, based on some of the following criteria:

Build a Digital Heritage That Never Died
Powered by Blockchain

The C2Legacy platform brings confidence to crypto succession by offering security, privacy and immutability to the digital asset asset planning industry.

Serious crypto investors do not abandon the succession of crypto real estate.

You Make Crypto Legacy, We Convince That Being On Your Heirs.

The Digital Property Asset Management Platform

C2Legacy is the first Digital Will platform on blockchain that will safely and accurately validate the deaths of legacy holders using Global Death, Death, Digital or Digital digital Death Certificates. C2Legacy will enable the first Blockchain-based death when our first legacy holder passes by. In addition, the unchanging C2Legacy platform lets you secure your crypto and digital assets by embedding the heirs and after a smart contract die will personally transfer your digital heritage. C2Legacy brings you peace of mind knowing that your cryptocurrency will not die with you and you can take care of your loved ones after you leave.

Do not let your cryptocurrency die with you, reduce your burden of death with C2Legacy.

C2Legacy Service


C2Legacy is a utility service designed to verify the death and efficient posthumous transfer of a crypto's fortune in a crypto estate. C2Legacy will provide clear, professional and personal services, eliminating the need to understand technical details of the technology. With C2Legacy, non-technical heirs can still inherit the legacy of their loved ones.


C2Legacy's partnership with Estate Planning Attorney's to offer soft services will allow users to meet with someone who can help setting and taking cryptocurrency assets. Also, users of intelligent technology and cryptocurrency, will be able to integrate their wallets with decentralized C2Legacy applications.


C2Legacy is the first Will-based platform that will safely and accurately validate the deaths of legacy holders using Global Death, Deaths Digital, or a Decentralized Digital Death Certificate. The C2Legacy Death Verification Service assists the protection of Credit, Loan Protection and Loan Insurance company reimbursement.

What is C2Legacy?

C2Legacy is the first Digital Will platform to manage digital assets in blockchain that will safely and accurately validate the deaths of legacy holders.

Who is C2Legacy for?

Cryptocurrency holders, Blockchain companies, Hedgefund companies, Plantation Planning industries, online based companies and social media or anyone who wants to reduce the burden of giving digital assets to their loved ones.

Digital Asset Properties Validation

C2Legacy will create a Blockchain Based Certificate of Death that can be globally validated and not controlled by one country but with validation and acceptance by the Autonomous Communities and DBVN.

C2Legacy C2L Token

The C2Legacy software service will allow users to assist with setting and taking cryptocurrency assets. Smart savvy / cryptocurrency technology users will also be able to integrate their wallets with C2Legacy decentralized applications and use proof of work through mining for C2Legacy, C2L tokens.

C2Legacy Sustainability Plan

One of C2Legacy's long-term plans is to help preserve the eco-cryptocurrency system. By 2021, the LEMON project hopes to make a breakthrough introducing Clean Eco-Mining and GPU Centers to less technological countries.

How to Get C2L Token

C2L Token facilitates transactions on C2Legacy Digital Assets Estate Management Platform. The C2L Token will enable the full development of the DAE C2Legacy Management Platform to provide a reliable, efficient, secure, and transparent transparent contract platform to facilitate data exchange across the network. C2Legacy C2L Token will be available to US participants only through SAFT 1st Quarter 2018.

Sign up with Civic 
  • Option logo C2 5 PNG
  • C2L Token Annoucement 1 Quarter 2018
  • Participate through SAFT
  • Must buy from US account
  • Must be an accredited quality investor
  • Must have assets of at least $ 200k

Milestones & Timeline Roadmap

Q3-2017 Team Development, Platform Dashboard Platform, Draft Whitepaper
Q4-2017 Development of the Outline of Whitepaper and Starting a Marketing Campaign
Q4-2017 Development of Prototype Platform Outline Alpha Personal, Site Development UI / UX

Q1-2018 Alpha Personal Platform Development, Nasdaq C2Legacy Official Announcement, Whitepaper Feedback
Q2-2018 Smooth Token and Smart Agreement. Private Alpha Digital Assets Estate Planning Complete Click-through Platform and Prototype Feedback
Q4-2018 Development of Mobile Application Development Line Framework, External Partnership with EstatePass.com

Q1-Q4 2019 Build Partnerships and Alliances

Q3 2020 A fully functional web platform with decentralized blockchain integration.


To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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