Tuesday, May 15, 2018

BOX2TABLE - Startup Technology, Which Provides Food & Beverage Company

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Hello everybody, this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Box2Table project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:



Box2table Inc. is a technology startup, which provides food & beverage companies with comprehensive cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) with Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals; an automated inventory management system supported by artificial intelligence and a decentralized blockchain trading platform between small and large business owners as well as manufacturers and distributors of products worldwide.

Trading Platform
Box2Table will be a decentralized food market where restaurants and suppliers interact and conduct their business. The main idea is the possibility of ordering and paying for any product in any country with the help of our Box2Table Dollar cryptocurrency (B2D) currency. In this case, new technology becomes an irreplaceable tool.

Low Cost
Commission commission per transaction is the most popular way to bill clients. Currently the commission may make the goods unprofitable for the buyer. Our platform offers conditions where costs are minimal, which will allow us to beat our competitors.

Hardware POS
The cash register is a key component of any retail business. The ability to process transactions effectively is essential for any modern company. If the business has a lot of sales, replacing the cash register to the Point-of-Sale (POS) system will save you a lot of money. The POS system is computer software and hardware equipment integrated into the network to track and manage sales and inventory. The POS system helps solve many problems for modern food & beverage companies.

Inventory Management
The current inventory management platform makes it impossible to precisely specify the number of items in the inventory. We are solving all the flaws of similar systems that exist with AI technology, Cloud & blockchain.


The majority of people see cryptocurrency as an investment tool or, in the best scenario, as a decentralized instrument for money transfers. Such an approach holds the masses to utilize blockchain technology.

We believe that blockchain and crypto-technologies should be used for the benefit of simple customers who have not even heard of blockchain and not just as speculation or fundraising tools.

Box2Table's mission is to provide entrepreneurs around the world with easier business management, improved client and user experience and facilitation of food items ordering directly from suppliers - all on a single platform.

  • Hard & Soft Cap
  • Hard cap set at USD 41 M.
  • Soft seal for USD 5M.
  • If our ICO does not reach soft cup on September 2nd, all contributors will be fully refunded.
  • Token Publishing
  • A total of 500 000 000 coins will be issued.
  • 6 250 000B2C of total supply will be sold during our pre-ICO
  • Price Token
  • The Box2Coin price will be set like that: $ 0.12 and will be fixed to the ETH price near the end of the ICO.


SEPT 26, 2017 Development begins
MAR 15, 2018 Alpha version
MAY 15, 2018 Launch pre-ICO campaign
AUGUST 8, 2018 Start ICO
NOV 7, 2018 Development of exchange and AI engine
FEB 15, 2019 Hardware development
OCT 15, 2019 Box2Table public Beta test
DEC 1, 2019 Launching Box2Table platform
MARCH 1, 2020 Geographical aquistion

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