Monday, May 14, 2018

BOLTTCOIN - Digital Digital Currency For the Mass

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce about Boltt project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Boltt Coin is designed as digital digital currency for the masses.
BolltCoin tokens can be mined exclusively through physical activity that is the number of steps taken by users, acting as a means of mining to increase their double investment? in their health and wealth.

Token BolltCoin will interfere with cryptocurrency scenes, targeting to be the largest digital token of commerce in the internal ecosystem, right after Bitcoin and Ethereum as it aims to take the mainstream crypto currency.

Boltt's coin health ecosystem includes challenges, tournaments, markets; mobile wallet; personalized payment solutions, and personalized health IDs, issued for each user. The company has created a complete network of partners, counting more than 25,000 merchants and more than 1 million products affiliated with the platform.

We Are Boltt
We are an evolution in wearable technology and smart health and fitness.

Our Mission
We're here to empower people to improve their health, fitness, and lifestyle.

Our Products And Solutions
Our products around connected fitness help today's teenagers to build better lifestyle habits while solving problems for the next generation.

Advancing the Field of Connected Technology
Because we realize that data alone is not enough; we develop AIs that include data into actionable insights, recommendations, and expert guides that will help unlock the true potential.

We are passionate about health, data, sports, and technology. Our team consists of innovative young leaders from sports, fitness, and data sciences. All gather together to build something for the future.

Health & Fitness Apps Boltt
The Boltt Mobile App brings together the most important fundamentals that affect your health and fitness. It analyzes your data and provides real time AI based coaching.

Boltt Health
Track your all day Activity, Sleep, Nutrition

Boltt Fitness
Smash your fitness goals with a library of fun workouts.

Weight Loss Programmes
Daily and weekly plans of custom diets and exercises

AI Voice Coaching
Realtime Audio feedback during workouts

Personalized Health Feedback
Dynamic chat based insights

Shoes With Intelligence

Watch Video

Shoes With Personalized Fitness Coaching

The Embedded Intelligence
The vision at Boltt, is not only to help you run better, but also to help you run SMARTER. Boltt running shoes are embedded with sensors that track bio-mechanical data, as one runs. We call them Connected Shoes as they connect most intuitively to all your movements. They analyze your stride and gait and give corrective feedback.

A Blend Of Fashion & Technology
A pair that is breathable, lightWeight, flexible and minimalistic, with embedded technology at its core.

Track - Analyze - Improve

Connect To The Boltt APP Your Personal AI Fitness Coach
We are now live on the App Store.

Train With Us
Break all barriers and push yourself to the limit . A library of 200+ workouts and training plans designed by global fitness experts.

A Coach In Your Ear
Our inbuilt personal trainer will ensure you don’t fall before the finish line. Enjoy live audio instructions on workout performance , speed and technique.

Beat Your Personal Best
It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up. See post workout reports and analysis that tell you how to improve.

Personalised For You
Create your own workouts. Set your own goals. Train with custom workouts designed by you, for you.

Custom Training Programmes
Your go to place, for fitness motivation & guidance. A series of weekly, monthly & daily recommendations on exercises & diets, designed to fit your schedule and weight goals.

Challenge Yourself
When you've got something to prove, there’s nothing greater than a challenge. Enjoy Boltt community challenges that are fun and inspiring!

How It Works

By concluding this, we would like to say, if you have set a fitness device that meets all your needs, then the next step is to use it regularly and maximize the use of all the features to ensure you get the most out of it!

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