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BITPACTION - Building a Global Digital Asset Trading Platform Which Is More Simple, Smarter, And Diversified

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Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Bitpaction, based on some of the following criteria:

Platform Bitpaction

Bitpaction is devoted to building the first intelligent exchange in the world, aimed to establish a simpler, more intelligent and diversified global digital assets trading platform, depending on a stable and smooth ecological system, which is user centered and highlights experience, to support technical development of block chain, open the era 2.0 for digital currency trading and promote block chain applications adaptive to social progress.

The 24h trading mode is applied for the digital assets, without the price limiting mechanism, just like the domestic stocks and securities. Digital asset market may rapidly change, bringing make great loss to investors while they are enjoying holidays and staying with their families. Therefore, it is essential to build a stable and smooth trading system with profit-stop and loss-stop for investors. This is just our intention when we were established, namely building a global comprehensive assets trading platform which is more humanized and innovative. Designing a better investment plan for investors and making benefits for investors constitute our core value in establishing Bitpaction. 

Value Outlook

Upholding the value outlook of “freedom, fairness, integrity and contribution” and sticking to the Internet spirit, we offer the greatest freedom to the investors, so that they can make investment freely and truly enjoy investment; we ensure investors’ pay proportional to harvest, so that each pay gets a return; we keep faith with customers, investors and teams, matching word to deed; we focus on user experience, to support block chain development and adapt to social progress.


As the first intelligent digital asset exchange in the world, Bitpaction will overturn the conventional trading mode, taking advantage of block chain technology, and accelerate upgrading of the conventional trading platform into the era 2.0. Our mission is not only building a digital asset trading platform, but also giving investors the greatest experience and helping every investor to earn profits that are our core objectives. We will not only help investors to participate in investment and earn profits in a simple and convenient manner, but also help investors to make bonus and grow with investors. 

Technical Architecture and Advantages

Data security

Relational database service (RDS) with multiple protective measures is used in the platform for real-time monitoring of database performance. Data load balancing technology for databases and disaster tolerance solution for machine rooms and multiple lines ensure stable operation of the database.

Fund security

Wallet management is allocated with the security plan far superior to that of ordinary banks and financial organizations. Encryption by 64-bit double special keys and decryption by unique dynamic decryption algorithm are adopted. Trading cools off as long as it is completed, and fund is stored in off-line cold wallet. Key of off-line wallet is subject to multi-signature management and is kept by a special person in a special room. All operations to wallet documents need to be checked by strict internal control process. With both measures taken, internal and external risks can be effectively prevented. Real-time monitoring to trading accounts ensures account and fund security of investors. 

Stable system

The trading platform is built in strict accordance with financial standards, and with the transmission encryption protocol in line with the industrial standard. We have researched and eveloped trading matching engine BPngs independently, with a peak matching speed up to 1,800,000 / s, ensuring that overall process of core orders
suffers from no delay and jamming. Meanwhile, Bitpaction is equipped with the distributed denial of service defense server DDoSD+WAF+Nginx, which ensures stable operation of service on the premise of guaranteeing user security.

Stable network

The trading platform achieves intelligent analysis on network traffic and load conditions, avoids the bottleneck that affects data transmission speed and stability and improves network resource distribution by applying the content delivery network (CDN) technology, providing rapid access to investors’ demand. 

Core Advantages of Platform
  1. Simple and convenien
  2. Smart and intelligent
  3. Profit-stop and loss-stop
  4. Service charge feedback

Bitpaction Token System

Release Planning and Position Locking Time
The total issue amount of Bitpaction tokens (BPS) is 300 million, without additional issue.

  1. Angel investors hold BPS (20%).
  2. Strategic Partners hold BPS (10%).
  3. Community funds hold BPS (25%)
  4. Individual investors hold BPS (30%).
  5. Start-up team hold BPS (10%).

To ensure interests of all investors and healthy operation of the exchange in the early stage, BPS is released in three months, i.e. 30% in the first month and the second month respectively, and 30% in the third month. 

Bonus and Value of BPS

The investors who invest in BPS get 5%-10% of his transaction fees deducted permanently. The investors who hold BPS and participating in trade in the Bitpaction exchange may exchange USDT accounting for 50% of total service charge at the current market price of BPS at any time. (If the current market price of BPS is lower than 0.76USDT, exchange may also be allowed at 0.76 USDT.)
It is a commitment that 50% profit that generated by the service fee would be provided for allocate to all BPS holders as the bonus, calculate with the current circulate volume of the market. The form of bonus will be allocate as BTC & ETH .

Repurchase and Destruction Mechanism

Desterilization Plan of Token for Teams Members of core team hold 10% of BPS, and technical locking of the 10% will begin upon completion of token offering.

  • 10% will be desterilized after 6 months;
  • 30% will be desterilized after one year;
  • 30% will be desterilized after two years;
  • 30% will be desterilized after three years;

Funds Use Planning


Q1, 2018
Promote brand recognition in industry. Complete CPM sales, on-line exchange. Upgrade C2C trading module. Conduce a series of promoting platform activities.

Q2, 2018
Launch one to three more varied types of CPM fund products to give users more choice.

Q3, 2018
The average daily transaction amount exceeds 100 million, and the total number of digital currency products exceeds 70.

Q4, 2018
Connect online store, develop residential mode of CPM + US dollars and other currencies, and open closed loop in trading.

Q2, 2019
The platform is transformed into global, diverse and comprehensive, and we will work with governments, funds and futures.

Q4, 2019
Get a qualification license for future trading and offer futures trading.


To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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