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Thursday, May 24, 2018

ATLASPLATFORM - Strong and Flexible Blockchain Development Platform

Hello everybody, this new dipostingan I want to introduce about AtlasPlatform project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is ATLAS?

Atlas is a powerful and flexible blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of individuals that require access to simple, decentralized and accessible tools. Tools that facilitate interaction with real-world financial services, businesses and other organizations. Atlas is build on top of STRATIS, a C# and .NET framework implementation of Bitcoin.

Simple · Fast · Secure

Three Decentralised tools that will allow everyone to make their way in to the cryptospace.

Atlas mail Assistant

@las is your personal Crypto Email assistant
Email is accessed by ~54% of the global population, an astonishing number that combined with the resources of decentralized cryptocurrency offers limitless possibilities. Non-tech users, #Nocoiners, people from developing countries and conflict zones, as any other, can reap the benefits of an intuitive tool such as @las - your crypto-assistant. With @tlas you can:

  • Send/Receive Transactions directly from your Email;
  • Check your Balances as easy as reading an email;
  • Check your latest transactions and act accordingly;

Side Chain

Atlas key feature: Side Chains
Atlas allows the creation of dinstict side blockchains with custom modifications taylored to particular usecases but secured to the main Atlas chain. Side Chains are an important element of the ATLAS ecosystem, that offer the following advantages:
  • Customisation freedom;
  • Task-specific orientation;
  • Independent structure;
  • Main Chain Immunity to side faults;

We make SmartContracting Easy

Smart contracts are the key to unlocking a world where any computer oriented task can be executed completely autonomously and correctly, without fear of external manipulation or tampering. Atlas addresses this matter by creating a Smart Contract builder with a simple non-technical user interface, preloaded with basic smart contract templates that can be one-click deployed.
  • Pre-filled Templates;
  • One click deployment;
  • Non-technical user interface;

DecentraX Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized Social-Driven Exchange
Cryptocurrency traders agree that decentralized exchanges are the future of cryptocurrency and digital assets trading, these are transparent, trustles and independet compared to their centralized counterparts. Although decentralized a compromise is made on speed, user experience, trading, etc.
Atlas's response is DecentraX, a decentralized exchange run on a optimized sidechain and powered by dedicated Masternodes, that will assure a high troughput of transctions and with second layer solutions offer a posibility to engage in leveraged trading. Running a dedicated Masternode will be incentivised by collecting exchange fees. Learn more.

$ATPL Token Growth

The Atlas Platform Token (ATPL) is the fuel for the entire platform's ecosystem. Thus, demand for ATPL correlates with the discovery and use of provided services and possibilities.

Fuel for the network
$ATPL token fuels and secures the ATLAS blockchain. It is used to pay transaction fees and as an instrument for transfer of value among participants in the Atlas marketplace. The Atlas blockchain is based on the STRATIS algorithm making it one of the most reliable and secure cryptographic tokens today.

POS Supply
Atlas is officially a Proof-of-Stake PoS Token. The Atlas consensus model, instead of mining, which requires a massive amount of resources, PoS lets users stake some of their existing funds towards solving a block, much like placing a bet.

DecentraX Base
The $ATPL token is the default base for the DecetraX. All listed pairs will be traided agains $ATPL and fee will be deducted in token value by default.

Dappstore offcial
Developers and Digital content creators will benefit from the Atlas Decentralized Store, where decentralized digital goods will be met by supply and demand. All transactions will be cleared in $ATPL tokens.


By continuously adding features, building a strong community and aggregating interest, Atlas is about to become a leading blockchain development platform providing a curated set of decentralized tools, to accommodate the vast interest towards cryptocurrencies. Thus a need to set time denominated goals was created.   

‘17 Q3 - ’18 Q1
Idea was born!
Blockchain Development and Protocol Outline;
Atlas Demo and Use Case;

Whitepaper and ICO campaign launch;
Awareness, Bounty and Referral Campaign;
Token Distribution and Exchange Listing;

Post-ICO Re-evaluation;
Atlas private TestNet Beta launch;
@las web private beta launch with p2p protocol on TestNet;

TestNet public Beta access and PoS Beta Stacking invitation access;
@las web public Beta access;
More partnerships, Collaborations at key events in other parts of the world;

2019 Q1
Token Switch at 1:1 Ration to Atlas MaiNet;
@las MaiNet launch;
Gmail and ProtonMail add-on; 
Atlas D@app and Blockchain Conference;

Extensive outreach to popular remittances operators;
Atlas DecentraX hackathon;
Mainstream marketing and branding of Atlas;

Decentrax private Beta invite;
DecentraX MasterNode promotion and awareness campaign;
Chrome web-app integration to @las;
Public PoS Beta stacking wallet launch;

Decentrax open public Beta;
Atlas Platform Event + DecentraX initial revenue;
First stage of partnership lock in with remittances operators and first steps in BaaS market.


ATPL Token Sale starts May 12th @ 00:01 UTC
ATLAS provides an unique opportunity to take part in the Token Sale and benefit from the platform growth by participating in the Initial Coin Offering with a bonus up to 30% for Early Bakers.

$ATPL is an ERC20 token.
Token swtitch from ERC20 to ATLAS MAINet will be at 1 to 1 ratio.
All supply will be distributed proportionally to the bonus coefficient.
Multi-Coin ICO - Invest with ETH, BTC, LTC and other coins/tokens on request.
atlas coin distribution
Below is a table representing the Bonus distribution depending on the day of participation.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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