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Thursday, May 31, 2018

ATLAS - Introducing The Most Complete Infrastructure For Crypto-Beginners, Developers, Investors, And Traders

Hello everyone, If you're interested in joining the Atlas project, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:

Atlas Platform

Atlas is platform for those who take the first steps in the cryptocurrency-world, for enthusiasts and simplicity seekers who are looking to utilize decentralized, intuitive tools and technology, as well as the combined wisdom of the community in order achieve maximum results in cryptocurrency markets.

  • The platform’s long term success relies on two core strategies:
  • Becoming an One-stop solution: By providing a curated spectre of dece- ntralized tools that will serve all the necessary crypto-needs. Tools that can be used anywhere and by anyone, starting from Silicon Valley to refugee camps and conflict zones, such as:
  • @las - Email Assistant your crypto-wallet from the comfort of your email;
  • Pre-filled smartContracts intuitive templ- ates available at click distance;
  • D@pp Store - sell decentralized digital goods and services;
  • DecentraX - Decentralized exchange, that will list all Atlas denominated tokens, and incentivise users from fees to expand the network;

The tool set will motivate beginners to start, launch, deploy and monetize their projects, and with our support and combined wisdom from the community minimize the steep learning curve and initiation.  

BasS service provider: After gathering a critical mass of users and passing the proof of concept stage, Atlas can follow an alternative course and launch itself into the service industry and offer Blockchain as a Service solutions to private and institutional entities.

ATLAS is about to disrupt the way users interact with crypto-platforms and become one of the leading players on the cryptocurrency market by introducing the most complete infrastructure for crypto- beginners, developers, investors and traders.

ICO Overview


The root of the problem is that cryptocurrency technology is progressing at a rapid pace, and with every new improvement, the differences with the prospective users are made. The protocols that facilitate transaction speed and cost, block and size structures, second layer solutions, etc. prioritizing on chain upgrades, keeping the user experience at the second level.

User experience is very important in terms of mass adoption and active use. To convince the average consumer that decentralized financial solutions are at the same level as their centralized counterparts, or even better in certain use cases, we must create tools that work at the same time as a playground for developers and innovators and as a playground for others. A simple and intuitive user interface is designed with one goal in mind, that we all grow together.

Another aspect to this problem is the educational dilemma. Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of appeal but the quality publication on the subject is not much, and certainly has no methodological objectives. Students should screen all available disconnected sources for general ideas, and how to apply the technology. Although information is open source and widely available, the quality depends on the creator, and the desire to maintain it is relevant.

Uninitiated users do not switch to cryptocurrency as a better alternative, even if they are aware of the benefits. There are several reasons, which hinder mainstream adoption.

  • Age;
  • Design that is not intuitive;
  • Technology literacy;
  • Lack of merchant usage;
  • Association with fraud;
  • Methodological approach, etc.;


ATLAS takes advantage of simplicity to drive mainstream adoption through familiar technology, which we grow together, like email. Email is a different technology, since it was created in 1965 as an imperfect Mailbox, continues to deliver to this day. A great piece of software that some people have embedded in our day-to-day activities. 5 generations have applied technology, beginning with "Baby Boomers" who witnessed the creation and adoption of the mainstream, and the current "iGeneration" which regards it as being given. Email makes paradigm changes happen, and UI from gmail, yahoo, a / o. known worldwide. This is @las login.

According to Radicati Group almost ~ 54% of all planets currently use email. Means that ~ 3.7 billion people by the way or the other is familiar with the email interface. ATLAS is exploring opportunities, to incorporate decentralized solutions with a world-recognized UI.

ICO Details

The public ICO will be held on the atlasplatform.org website starting on May 12th 00:01 UTC, for a duration of 36 days ending on June 15th 23.59 UTC.
In order to stand out in a crowd of competitors we decided to organize the ICO on the principle of “value transfer” so all-coins that have proven significant value over time can be accepted. By default  ETH, LTC, BTC deposit wallets will be generated upon registration, other coins/tokens could be accepted by submitting a request. 

Accepted cryptocurrencies will be denominated in ETH as base for the smart contract. Coinmarketcap.com will be used to determine the best exchange prices for accepted coins. The exchange price will be selected based on the best performing exchange pair and updated daily. If a ETH pair doesn’t exist, a COIN>BTC>ETH conversion will be applied. Conversions will be always executed in the best interest of the Token Buyer. 

Bonus Details 

Atlas provides an unique opportunity to take part in the Token Sale and benefit from the platform growth by participating in the Initial Coin Offering with a bonus up to 30% for Early Bakers. 

During our crowdsale bonus is calculated by day of participation, starting May 12th 00:001 UTC, updated every 24h. To reward early discovery and early adopters we've set a two tier investment possibility for the maximum bonus of 30% on the first day:

  • Whitelisted Investment ≥ 0.1 ETH in crypto-value.
  • Any whitelisted token buyer with an investment ≥ 0.1 ETH in crypto-value will be qualified for a 30% bonus on the first day, all day. 
  • First 60 minutes of the ICO
  • 30% Bonus available for everyone within the timeframe with an investment ≥ 0.1 ETH in crypto-value, to kickstart the ICO.
  • After the first 60 minutes expire, the bonus will be downgraded to 25% for the first day, 20% for the second day and by 1% the following days. This will create an organic distribution of tokens that will motivate early participation. 

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
ETH Address :


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