Tuesday, May 15, 2018

AGE OF DRAGON - Game World Based Blockchain Technology

Hello everybody, this new dipostingan I want to introduce about the Age Of Dragon project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Age of Dragons, the first large-scale open game world based on blockchain technology to be released soon. The game has a very interesting dragon breeding system, an abundance of content, an exciting combat mode, the potential for great national warfare and endless opportunities for adventure.

NGT (NEO Genesis Token) is an ERC20 token used by the game, Players can use NGT to trade assets, payments and consumption of tasks, etc.

Vision and Goals of GameGene

The strength of decentralized blockchain, combined with intelligent contract mechanisms will generate tremendous encouragement to enable dramatic increases in the allocation and efficiency of social resources in the near future. In this booming wave, based on the huge potential that blockchain can bring to game making, it is possible to create games that are completely different from before. A true gaming world community that gives users new experiences. This is the happiness and mission of the game designers.
The vision of the GameGene Foundation is to create a new generation of blockchain based game platforms, through the strength and knowledge of our team.

With over 55 years of combined experience in the development and operation of original high-quality gaming products, a global partner network, a deep understanding of the philosophy of blockchain and the accumulated skills of developing games.
Our goal is to change the profit-driven game design mechanism, to provide an innovative and revolutionary experience that traditional game designs can not achieve, we will restore the basic value of game play - have fun!
Age of Dragons will be our first blockchain game to launch, with a large-scale theme gaming world. This is an unprecedented, self-developed, only experienced, non-repetitive, never-ending game world.

Our goal is to become the first million user-level blockchain game product that became the cornerstone of GameGene's GameGene game platform ecology.

How to play it

Age of Dragons, a free and open new world, an integrated game element of collections, breeding, battles, adventure, strategy, and socialization, to bring a truly new playing experience. Game assets acquired by players in the game can be traded in the real world to realize true value.

Market Scale and Opportunity

Blockchain-based games will be an annoying revolution in the original gaming market.

The global game market in 2017 is close to $ 110 billion, but market size is based solely on game sales and revenue from game publishers.

Based on the privacy and added value of game assets, the ecology of the gaming industry can evolve into unlimited games. Game developers, developers and players, players and players are a win-win situation, which makes the value of the game market can not be counted from the past view, but to re-evaluate it from the Internet Value display.

Main Function of GameGene Foundation
  • Supports teams that develop game and blockchain applications
  • Support and invest in other teams to join the development platform to promote ecological development
  • Openly manage resources with partners in other ecosystems
  • Support and advance the development of technologies related to the GameGene blockchain network

Dealing with all matters relating to members of the ecosystem
The mission of the GameGene Foundation is to develop an open Internet service ecosystem that enables world participants to easily explore and discover value while also providing developers with an open and sustainable platform to develop, deliver and enhance these services Attract users. To achieve its mission, the GameGene Foundation will devote resources to three specific objectives related to research, development and management.

  • Milestone Stages Release Version
  • May 2018 World Starts Online beta version
  • June 2018 World Started Official launch
  • October 2018 Civilizations Launch the beta
  • November 2018 Civilization Official launch
  • December 2018 Civilizations Open ecosystems and invite multiple developers to participate in content development tests.
  • February, 2019 Civilization Fully releases developer content development.
  • April 2019 War and peace Unlock the online beta version
  • June 2019 War and peace Unleash the official version
  • September 2019 Creation Remove the test, open the ecosystem, and invite developers to participate in content development tests.
  • December 2019 Dragon Creation Launched Officially; Official model theme released; platform launched, content development platform is fully open to developers.

For more information and join the Age of dragon social media please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80