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Thursday, May 31, 2018

ACUTECOIN - Changing The Way Of People Trading And Investing

Foto AcuteCoin.

Welcome my friends to the exciting new ICO today and let's take a look at their great idea:


Trading is a major aspect of human life. It is a necessity of everyday human life to exchange goods and services. A lot of transactions are carried out in different parts of the world every day. People all over the world engage in interactions, transactions as well as investments in businesses. Basically, trading is an essential part of modern life.

Over time, there has been adjustments and advancements in the methods of trading. One of such advancements is the introduction of cryptocurrencies. The idea for digital money started with the revolutionary Bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The cryptocurrency industry has now grown with numerous cryptocurrencies in the market and more people investing in the market.

AcuteCoin uses exceptional blockchain technology to transform the way people trade and invest. Contributing to the AcuteCoin’s ICO is a smart way to benefit from the initial offering and establish a lasting profitable return. AcuteCoin is constructed on a highly secure peerto-peer network and operated under the blockchain system. There is a guaranteed safety and anonymity for users who engage in any transaction. If you seek an innovative solution that will offer you a safer, simpler and swifter method for trading in the cryptocurrency market, AcuteCoin is definitely what you need.


Every day, the number of cryptocurrencies increases.

As a result, it is often challenging for participants, most especially the ones with little knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry, to decide on the cryptocurrency, in which they will consider the best opportunity. Sometimes, participants contribute a lot of money in a cryptocurrency, and they end up gaining very little later on.

Participants often find it challenging to find professional trading platforms which are reliable. The fear of losing their contribution has made a number of participants to have panic attacks. One good way to help participants and assure them of the safety of their contribution is to provide them with a platform where they can interact easily with reliable a professional support team.


Participants stand to benefit greatly using AcuteCoin. It uses a complex algorithm to assess a trader’s performance and then creates a portfolio for each assessed trader. The participants can use this portfolio to make smart decisions.



The AcuteCoin platform offers its members the opportunity to earn daily income. For the first 60 days after launch, AcuteCoin members will receive up to 2% daily payouts, this being designed as a ‘buy back' for our supporters. During these 60 days, our service platform will be undergoing full-scale development in preparations for the implementation of our social trading features which in future will be the primary income driver for platform members. In addition, our mining operations will be at 90% operational and members will begin receiving payouts of mined coins after the 60 days.


AcuteCoin users support the platform and the overall ecosystem by granting coins in return for earned interest on those grants. These opportunities are strategically selected by the AcuteCoin team and are designed to be timely implemented as the platform and users numbers grow and make up a realistic roadmap considering the number of opportunities in the Crypto and Blockchain Technology Ecosystem.

  • AcuteCoin Staking
  • Crypto Currency Portfolio
  • Trading, Buy and Sell
  • Coin Lending 

  • Crypto Currency Mining
  • Mobile Crypto Currency Exchange and Debit Card service provider
Affiliate Program - AcuteCoin's appealing referral/affiliate program allows you to earn additional coins whenever you tell other users about this opportunity and refer them to the AcuteCoin community. For every new user linked to AcuteCoin platform by means of your affiliate link, our bonus program facilitates your prospect to earn more. Under AcuteCoin affiliate program, there are 3 rewarding ranks for every registered partner to earn additional commissions. Any time a referral buys services on our platform with your affiliate link, you will automatically earn a commission. The amount your partner spends determines the commission you get. Selected YouTube and top promoters will be rewarded from our Top tier for their efforts.

Bounty Program – These types of platforms would be nothing without the users that create web pages, blog and forum posts and YouTube videos. We are adding an extra bonus for the first of these such posts. A total of 10,000 AcuteCoin will be distributed pre-platform launch during or after the ICO.


All coins that are not sold out before the deadline will be immediately transferred to the next round. Unsold coins after the ICO will be placed into the community staking fund.



In the cryptocurrency market, it is a common thing to buy a cryptocurrency at a lower price and sell it later at a fairly high price. This is how some people generate profits. If you are looking for a good opportunity to purchase AcuteCoin at the lowest price, then you have to take advantage of the AcuteCoin ICO. So if you hoping to have a good asset in AcuteCoin, it is advisable you join the ICO. Our target is 10,000,000 ICO coins.


We believe in growth. Any business not growing is a business dying. We have made plans to ensure AcuteCoin continues to grow and everyone involved will benefits greatly.

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
ETH Address :


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