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Sunday, April 15, 2018

YAYPROTO - Crowd Based Banking System Solutions

Foto YayProto.

Hello Everyone,

We are a Crowd based banking system solution.
The security of your funds will be supported and secured by our platform in blockchain.


The encryption technology, from the beginning, has continued to evolve, and by this time is YayProto is a multi-purpose binary protocol in the world built with decentralized technology in mind. The beta SDK version for building mobile apps (iOS / Android) is ready to be distributed on request. The Desktop SDK will be announced shortly. Minor imperfections may occur. Bug report received.

Well coupled:
  • Awesome Messenger (chat, audio, and video calls, conferences)
  • P2P-Money transfer platform (Hawala Banking)
  • Market place for local businesses / services (hotels, insurance, markets, all types of physical businesses that want to be online).
  • Privacy and Security Main with encryption keys stored in blockchain.

Our goal is to create messaging systems that are resistant to decentralized cryptographic messages for private transactions.

YayFon Messenger has all standard functions like text, image, sound, video, file, sticker, group, all protected with end-to-end encryption using Eliptic Curve Cryptography algorithm. More features coming soon.
  • Bot
  • Public groups
  • Market stickers combined with SDK Stickers for developers in order to develop and produce YPT. Yayproto Whitepaper Yayproto.ico
  • All data will be securely transferred using YayProto, proprietary protocol, designed specifically for mobile networks

P2P money transfer
  • Money transaction platform real time 
  • Real time mass lending platform
  • The ranking system will be executed for P2P transfers and lending.


With YayProto Loan we aim to provide a decentralized lending solution alternative to individuals and businesses using innovative blockchain technology. Once on the YayProto backend, a platform will be developed that will use cryptocurrency along fiat currencies for peer to peer lending purposes.
The YayProto Loan Platform allows people around the world to borrow or borrow Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Fiat currencies and thus become part of a decentralized global financial service. Our team strongly believes in the huge potential of peer-to-peer loans. Through ICO we aim to make this service more affordable, transparent and reliable.

Decentralization / Data / Content
  • Give your network computing power and speed to support the system and get YPT.
  • Share and receive rare and unique content and benefit us.


Billions of dollars are not involved in the global economy
Billions of money transfers every day, as well as cost and time efficiency are dramatically bad.

No transparency
Lack of transparency and accountability in the system.
Lack of access to global financial markets
More than 3.5 billion people still do not have a bank account.


A crowded banking system. The security of your funds will be supported and guaranteed by our technology in blockchain.
Alice wants to send money to Bob in another city or country.
  • Alice opens the app and sees a list of people living with Bob in the same city / country and wants to give you money at an additional cost.
  • Along with money, Alice generates a QR-code / password and sends it to Bob via messenger (this will lead to the money paid).
  • Bob, with the QR-code / password provided by Alice, contacts the nearest person (Dan) and, after giving her the code-QR / Password, receives her money minus the cost.
  • For Alice, to start this operation the minimum number * of YPT in its balance is required, which, after generating QR-code / Password will be blocked.

Participant status:
Alice: money sent, YPT blocked.
Bob: money is received immediately.
And: Give money to Bob, get paid.


Token YPT is not a stock, stock or securities. They should be treated as utilities, which will allow contributors to obtain goods and / or services within the platform.


[February 12, 2018 - March 26, 2018] Starts PRE-ICO
[April 23, 2018 - May 28, 2018] Starts ICO
[May, 2018] Release Beta (v1) iOS / Android SDK
[June 1, 2018] signed a contract with a legal counsel
[July 1, 2018] Building an Office in Tallinn
[July 2018] Releases beta (v2) from SDK for iOS / Android app July
[August 1, 2018] Starting staff hire
[August 2018] Telco Partner List Release
[September 1st, 2018] Release node app
[31 November, 2018] Release MarketPlace Platform / API Beta
[End of 2018] Office at SV
[End of 2018] Office in Singapore.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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