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XTRADE - Bringing Proven Financial Technology To The Cryptocurrency Market

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Hello Everyone, in this post I would like to introduce about the Xtrade project that Brings Adult Financial Technology to Market, for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

XTRD brings proven financial technology to the cryptocurrency market. This means higher liquidity, lower costs, and a combined platform.

Our product
Bringing financial tools and best practices into the crypto trade


The FIX API is a proven, decades old method for connecting markets. We have made our own connecting all major cryptocurrency exchange. Whether you are part of an institution, a hedge fund, or if you are an algorithmic trader - this will change the way you look at crypto forever.


In this case, we mean Single Point of Access. Redeem all exchanges with one account. XTRD will combine inter-exchange liquidity by launching an integrated Single Point of Access. We will form a partnership together with the exchange of crypto to bring a broader horizon to the market.


XTRD Pro is a downloadable solution to a fragmented market. You will have access to all cryptocurrency exchanges and all your accounts from one app.

XTRD Pro is an independent trading platform that will not suffer outages. Make more profitable choices with hotkeys, special purchase orders, and consolidated orders


Cut the middleman. We match salespeople with institutional buyers to big crypto for fiat trading. Decentralized dark pools can not take the fiat or complement the KYC. Through our banking partners in the US, UK, and in Hong Kong, we do KYC and enable the fiat for crypto. Instead of paying a standard 12% commission, you will pay less than 1% when working through XTRD Dark. You will save millions.

"I am positive about the future changes in the crypto industry. I am also excited about the opportunities XTRD can bring to institutional trading "
(Oleksandr Lutskevych - CEO of CEX.IO).

Key Benefits

Trade Faster
The XTRD database connection processes commands as quickly as any on Wall Street. We've built an optimized database across the United States that provides low-order execution of latency in milliseconds.

Reduce your Risk
You've heard horror stories about users who can not recover their currency after a site has been hacked or deleted. All you need to do is use the XTRD balance in your transaction.

Increase your Liquidity
When you buy or sell through XTRD Pro, orders are placed through multiple exchanges so everything you buy or sell will be taken. This is especially valuable when you place a large order or when there is a high price variability of cryptocurrency across the board.

Less Cost
Make large and high volume purchases is a pain using the method current cryptocurrency trading. Our FIX APIs divide orders across the bursa, reducing your costs.

More Exchange
We form Joint Ventures with all the top cryptocurrency exchanges. If you can think about it, it may be on the exchange list that you can buy and sell using XTRD Pro.

Complete Privacy
Rest easily because your order is completely safe. We have used strong encryption protocols to ensure your order flows safely through our proprietary system.



Instead of generating a sum of XTRD tokens in a pool prior to the TGE, XTRD will generate tokens only as funds arrive.

For example, if 10 ETH ($10,000 @ $1000/ETH) arrives and generates 100,000 XTRD @ $.10/XTRD during the public sale, XTRD will generate another 50% of XTRD on that transaction for internal use, or 100,000 XTRD, for a total generation of 200,000 XTRD resulting from the 10 ETH received.
Timeline – Q1 2018:
Institutional Private Sale SAFT Platform Accredited Presale Public Pre-Sale
TGE/Public Sale
Institutional Private sales, SAFT Platform sales, and Public Presale will take place at discounts, tokens will be generated and sent to whitelisted participants at preagreed
discounts as the TGE occurs.
As funds arrive during the TGE, tokens will be generated continuously until either 1) the hard cap is reached (hard cap amount TBA) or 2) the final sale date is reached (final sale date TBA) No additional XTRD tokens will ever be created after the final sale date.
Token Par Value: $0.10 per token, pegged to USD.

Token Allocation

50% - Token Generation Event

Token Generation Event Token Generation
Event tokens will be sold via SAFT, followed by a crowd sale if necessary. This will be the primary liquidity pool for XTRD tokens.

29% - XTRD Reserve

These tokens will be held in reserve by XTRD. Reserve tokens will be allocated to
incentivize partnerships between XTRD and cryptocurrency exchanges, and to provide an additional pool of liquidity for tokens to be purchased by users in the XTRD ecosystem.

10% - Team

Team tokens will be issued to XTRD’s founding team, and will also be subject to a
180-day vesting period from the date of the Token Generation Event.

10% - Advisor Pool

Advisor pool tokens will be issued to current and future advisors. XTRD advisors will
consult on all facets of the XTRD project, such as market structure, cryptocurrency
space developments, execution systems, regulations, business development, legal,
and other vital matters.

1% - Bounty

Bounty tokens held in reserve to incentivize bug bounties for the XTRD smart contract to find potential bugs related to stealing or locking user funds, stealing the bounty, causing the “buy” function to be uncallable, and other smaller bugs. Bug bounties will also apply to public Github repositories and coding projects/challenges XTRD will publicly release to the algo trading and crypto community. 

Use of Funds


For more information and joining Xtrade social media, please follow some resources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
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