Tuesday, April 10, 2018

XSEARCH - Decentralized Services For Detecting Forgery And Intellectual Property Violations

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What is X SEARCH?

Xsearch is a decentralized service to detect forgery and infringement of intellectual property rights.

XSEARCH can be used not only by students when looking for educational programs, but also for job seekers. It can be used as a decentralized search platform to find employers. In turn, employers will be able to find potential employees who meet certain requirements. XSEARCH also offers a "job search" option when job seekers can anonymously disclose their business interests and preferences and skills, and employers can focus on specific job seekers who meet their requirements. XSEARCH does not look like traditional job search and resume.

XSEARCH Token for use by parties involved in the XSEARCH ecosystem. The XSE Token will be used to simplify the payment of remuneration in the system for services available on XSEARCH. The market on the basis of XSE makes business and consumers.

How it works
  1. User register and enter his personal data he deems necessary.
  2. Users search for goods or services using our search engine.
  3. Seller automatically sends personalized offers to users who are interested in the goods or services in question.
  4. Seller pays the user to view personalized offers.


Sellers pay less for advertising and receive higher returns.

Users earn money to provide their personal data and spend less time looking for personalized offers.



April 2017: Xsearch idea creation
May 2017: Service concept formation
June 2017: ICO team making and XSE blockchain technology development
August 2017: Xsearch first prototype
September - December 2017
Potential service users negotiation
December 2017: Official website development for ERC-20 tokensale
1-2 quarter 2018: Live ICO! Tokensale
3 quarter 2018: HitBtc and Bancor trade launch
4 quarter 2018: Main project development
4 quarter 2018: iOS and Android applications development
1 quarter 2019: Token price growth and new exchanges launch
1 quarter 2019: Firefox and chrome extensions ready
2 quarter 2019: Security audit, vulnerabilities analysis
3 quarter 2019: Marketing, customers count growth

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The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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