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UCHIT - Allowing Users To Communicate And Collaborate At Will

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Hello Everyone, In this new post you want to introduce about Uchit Hub Communications and Collaboration project based on Blockchain Technology, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

What is Uchit?

Uchit is a peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed collaboration and communication platform designed at its core to enhance the way people communicate with each other/ to their audience and collaborate with team members. Uchit completely removes the middleman and allows users to directly exchange information via the blockchain network. Uchit utilizes the Ethereum ecosystem as its primary platform for transaction-processing. By encrypting communications on the blockchain and allowing nodes to communicate directly, Uchit can function as a fully-decentralized exchange for transfer of data and value transactions - allowing users to communicate and collaborate at will. 

Distributed networks are able to collaborate in a trustless manner without a single point of failure. This paper seeks to provide an overview of the Uchit protocol and explain its underlying technology and functionality in detail. We will break down the application’s key components, compare it to existing non blockchain P2P communication applications & collaboration applications, and explain how Uchit’s unique approach to decentralized, contract-driven incentivization seeks to transform the blockchain communication & collaboration space.

Uchit’s P2P Network

Basics - First The Peers are connected to perform the first application i.e. Communication (text chat / voice chat / video chat). After the peers are connected and can communicate, they can easily Collaborate (Share Files / Use same programming project folders and editors / share screen, etc).

A New Way to Envision Communication
What if you bring everyday communication to the worldwide free market and allow users to freely find people, text chat, voice chat, video chat, share files, share screen, host meetings, host webinars ?
This was the idea that set Uchit into action in early 2016.
The communications industry has long been a victim of shutdowns, government interference, and strict regulations stemming from decentralization.

By removing the central server and allowing nodes in the network to communicate directly without outside interference, Uchit aims to revolutionize the way the world thinks about communication. Disrupting this market is a multibillion-dollar venture. In the long-term, Uchit aims to become the leading file-sharing platform for users around the world.

Uchit Tokens - A Brief Overview

Uchit (UCHT) tokens are the core of Uchit’s incentivization protocol. Users can “spend” UCHT in exchange for hiring people to get into teams, requesting communication with people, requesting files from people, buying templates from Teams (freelancing) - like a marketplace for new projects, etc. To accumulate UCHT, users can sell templates and assets, respond to communication/team joining requests, etc with the network (seeding) and be rewarded with UCHT each time they communicate or Collaborate. UCHT can also be acquired on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges on the web, and will be directly exchangeable for Ethereum.

Uses Cases

Early versions of Uchit will support the communication part - text chat, voice chat, video chat, hiring. We plan to expand support for other tools over time. Some use case examples include having a marketplace to buy and sell pre-made templates of projects, Having Live programming editors, live TO-Do boards, and much more. In each of these cases, users will proactively accumulate UCHT tokens as a reward for using the network. Because the community is in full control of the platform, the possibilities for growth are endless.

We will keep adding features as per community demands. We are developing this platform for users so our it's our mission to solve your problems, listen to your suggestions and fulfil your needs. It's all about us ( the community, the users).

Decentralization as core-component of communication and collaboration 

It is our strong belief that communication should be decentralized and utilize blockchain technology for maximum security. Traditional communication protocols are vulnerable to breaches of security and shutdowns that will be non-issues for Uchit users.

The Application and Features

Uchit is a Communication and Collaboration Hub based on Blockchain Technology.
Uchit introduces a hub of communication and collaborative tools for both Individuals, Professionals and Business Entities which isn't available with existing tools.


The development of Uchit is the ultimate end-to-end solution for -
  • Personal use such as communication with friends and families.
  • Professional use such as collaboration for programmers, musicians, artists, etc.
  • Professional use such as communication between Investors, Projects, Freelancers, etc.
  • Enterprise use for corporates.
  • and much more.
We want to build the ultimate collaboration and communication platform.
Helping these people -
  • Friends and Family looking for fast end-end text/voice/video Chat and File Sharing.
  • Teams want to work on projects together (programmers, musicians,etc)
  • Business want to hire professionals from overseas and want to collaborate
  • People who want to host Webinar Events
  • Business Meetings
  • And many more (basically every person, let it be personal use or professional use, in any industry).
Special features

Well firstly its based on blockchain technology, and the second thing is - it will contain all the tools at one place.
You need text/voice/video chat/file sharing, programming collaboration, team based chat/file sharing, webinars etc.
Live editor for programmers
Marketplace to find professionals, hire them, form a team
Marketplace to find pre-made templates/assets to start your project.
NOTE - Many more applications will be made , for example music maker and much more, we will keep making apps used in every industry.
More and more features will be added time-to-time.

UCHT ICO Crowdsale Objectives

The purpose of the UCHT ICO crowdsale is to distribute UCHT tokens to the market. We seek to obtain the necessary funding to drive the continuous development of the application as well as maintain standard business functions. By contributing to the crowdsale, contributors are procuring coins that can be used on our network and should not be doing so with an expectation of profit. Coin value may change at any time based on naturally assessed market value and has no intrinsic worth besides its use on the Uchit network and platform.

Contribution Period
  • Soft Cap - $ 5,000,000
  • Amount to be raised - $ 50,000,000 / 60,000 ETH
  • Exchange Rate - 4500 UCHT = 1 ETH
  • ICO Period - 1st May 2018 to 31st May 2018
  • Number of Stages - 3
  • Stage 1 - Expression of Interest , 50% Bonus
  • Stage 2 - Pre ICO , 20% Bonus
  • Stage 3 - Public Sale , 5 % Bonus
  • Total Supply - 712,350,000
  • For Community - 65 %
  • Reserve fund - 8 %
  • Founders and project team - 10 %
  • Advisory Board - 8 %
  • Partners of the project - 6 %
  • Promotion - 2%
  • Bounty Campaign - 1 %


To find more relevant details and join Uchit's social media, please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80
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